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GAME POW 06.11.09: Unreal Tournament 3 Blowout
Posted by Sam Pow on 07.11.2009

GAME POW---July 2nd, 2009

Welcome to a very special edition of GAME POW! This week we're keeping things fresh with an Unreal Tournament 3 blowout! This week will feature a map guide and mini guides for 3 weapons. Now that makes for an exiting GAME POW!

This week in Sam's gaming: I spent most of the week playing Battlestations: Pacific and PES 2009 Wii so I could finish up reviews. I also played a little Sneak King. I don't really have any purchases planned out any time soon, but I can say that I'm doing the Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires review for the site. I'm actually really looking forward to that. Most people don't think much of DW, but I think they're pretty fun, and other reviews say that of all the DW, this is one of the best.

Ok, now the first article!

UT3 Blowout: Deimos Map Guide

Deimos is a huge orbital installment hovering through the depths of space. It sets the stage for one of Unreal's most unique team deathmatch experiences, from low gravity zones to giant space turrets and beautiful scenery, Deimos has lots of special features. And with long open space sniping ranges, and tight, frenzied combat in the narrow halls, it offers a bit of everything. Although the complex layout and multiple levels may be confusing, it's nothing a guide can't fix, so here we go.

On the lower floor of Deimos you'll find a few interesting things. One is the Redeemer. Now, while you might usually be jumping at a weapon like this, it isn't the best idea on this map. Lots of big open spaces make for terrible places to shoot it, and kills inside the halls are pretty useless, as the Redeemer would probably only snag one kill. More interesting, however, is the jump boots. These are useful, and provide a better reason to go to the lower floor. You're going to have to take the gravity chute to get to and from this floor, though, which can be good and bad. The good would be that it's filled with health vials, making it easy to get over 100 health if you hang around for long enough. The problem, however, is that it dramatically slows you down, and makes you a huge target.

Next are the interior floors, that is, the area actually inside the space station. On the lowest of the interior floors you will find a Flak Cannon and some Flak shells. This is an EXCELLENT place to stay in deathmatch. It has lots of good corners to hide in, replenishing Flak shells (a great weapon for the inside area), and direct, easy access to three escape routes. If you get low on health, there are two connected gravity chutes that lead to the lower floor (which has health vials if you remember), and one chute that leads to a keg o' health. Most people don't know about this, and it would be all too easy to rack up you Flak Cannon kills and grab the keg when necessary. A door leads to the outside, and a short walkway there will take you to another room containing a Link Gun and ammo. There are also two health containers. This is where the teleport is, and that can take you to the room with the turret. If you do use the turret, don't ever stay for long, as it is very vulnerable to attack from intruders. This also makes a good sniping area.

Here you see the lower interior floor, with the Flak Cannon

The second interior floor contains two health containers. A doorway will take you to an area with the Shock Rifle, and a staircase that leads down to the room with the Link Gun. In this area, you can use the jump boots (if you still have them) to access the third floor. Otherwise just take the elevator.

The third floor is arguably the richest (and most popular) area. It contains a Stinger Minigun in its main room, as well as assorted ammo. If you follow into the hallways, you will find tons of health vials, health containers, and an armor vest. The shield belt is also here, so battles on this floor tend to be longer because of all the regenerating health and protection.

If you go outside of these hallways, you'll find several ways to access the top area, which is in open space, meaning you can float around as you please. The main area is fairly open, containing a Rocket Launcher in a tunnel, plus a Bio-Rifle and lots of ammo for all kinds of guns. Two gravity chutes lead to an area with a sniper rifle. Around the back of the open area you'll find a walkway on top of the third interior level. There is a damage amp in the back. Combine this with the Shock Rifle in the open areas, and you can become very deadly.

The top area

To finish up, I'd like to comment on weapon importance, too. The Sniper Rifle is fairly useful in this map, but don't bother aiming, just shoot freestyle. The Bio-Rifle can be used to push enemies off ledges, and is also great for rigging up traps in the interior levels. The Stinger Minigun remains an excellent weapon to use no matter where you are in the level. The Rocket Launcher is much less useful than it is in most levels, only use it inside.

Ok, now I'm going to go a little more in-depth on some of those weapons, in this UT3 weapons mini-guide. Enjoy.

UT3 Blowout: Weapon Set 2

To help you conquer every weapon in Unreal Tournament, I've written these mini-guides on how to properly use them. Hopefully you can benefit, and soon enough become a master. Here we go.

Let's start with the Flak Cannon. The Flak Cannon is one of the more powerful weapons in the game. It works like a super-powerful shotgun. It is mainly for close range, and is devastating indoors. Bounce it off of walls to hit people behind you, around corners, or in other rooms. If you can get it to fire into a small room with someone it, it really makes short work of them. The secondary fire is a single, more powerful blast that travels in a heavy arc. If you are aiming at someone close, you may wish to aim a bit below them. This is an effective attack, but the main fire is ultimately much more worth the ammo in almost all situations.

Next we have the Stinger Minigun. The Stinger is at the top of my weapon priority list, just because I find it so useful. It has an extremely high rate of fire, good damage, fairly good accuracy, and it can pretty much go as far as the Sniper Rifle. Enemies are helpless from this weapon when you use it from a distance, and close ranges are even worse for them, where you can pulverize them with standard fire, or use the more powerful but slower secondary fire. This one is best for use on foes you are chasing. Overall, I prefer the standard fire.

Last we have the Sniper Rifle. While it remains the premier long-ranges weapon in the game, in a pinch it converts into a crude, but effective, short range gun. Firing from the hip, you can easily use it to take out enemies close by. Keep in mind when firing freestyle that you probably should not aim for the head, instead just go for the torso. When you do have the long range advantage, though, utilize it properly. The Sniper Rifle does feature a zoom, but don't overdo it. It's much easier to be more zoomed out than in, allowing you greater range of vision, whereas too zoomed in will leave you barely keeping up with a running enemy. The last thing to remember when using a Sniper Rifle is that you have to find the best sniping points. Set up an instant action match with you as the only player, and explore the map to get a feel for it (or read my guides). Find the most protected points from which you can see either a popular point (one with ammo or health), or an open area where it would be easy to pick off opponents.

Well there it is! All the Unreal goodness you could possibly want this week. I encourage everybody to comment please! Tell me what you want to see from the column, I'll listen to what you have to say. What did you like and not like? What should I improve? Help me out. Also, if you're itching to read more about games, go find my reviews of Battlestations: Pacific and PES 2009 on the 411mania games home page. Until next time, POW!

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