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GAME POW 07.25.09: Crackdown
Posted by Sam Pow on 07.25.2009

GAME POW---July 25th, 2009

It's that time of week again, time for another awesome edition of GAME POW! I've been really busy lately, so this week's column is going to be shortened to one article. That article will be a breakdown on skill development for Crackdown, everyone's favorite roided up shooter. I'll show you some essential tips on how to level. And remember to keeps tabs on GAME POW, as we'll be having a guest writer next week. Guess you'll just have to check back next week to find out.

Crackdown: Leveling Tips

You are a specially trained, genetically enhanced soldier fighting for the agency, a peace keeping association in Pacific City. You goal: to find and eliminate the three most prominent gangs in the city. It's going to take cunning, bravery, and some badass superpowers to wipe the area of all its criminals. Over the course of your adventure, you'll collect skill in five areas: agility, strength, firearms, vehicles, and explosives. In this guide, I'll give out the basic breakdown of what each skill does, what it's useful for, and how to level it up.


Agility is your ability to jump and run about the city. The higher your agility is, the higher you'll jump and the faster you'll run, making maneuvering around Pacific City all the easier.

Agility has many uses, the first and most obvious of which being simply getting around easier. The game world is much easier to fly around when you can painlessly leap from building to building and run like the flash. This skill is also very useful for escaping from fights to heal. Also notable is that in many general attacks you can take out the general easier by taking a secret route that is "accessible to only the most athletic agents". Plus once your agility is maxed out you can climb to the top of the agency tower and get two achievements.

Agility is one of the hardest skills to level in the game, despite many possible ways to do so. The most prominent leveling tactic is collecting green orbs. You'll find them scattered across the map in high places. The higher the orb, the more points it's worth. Completing rooftop races will also increase your agility skill. But arguably the most fun way is sniping. The higher you are when you kill some one, the more agility points you get. This leads to crazy fun-ness as you snipe unsuspecting gangsters from the top of a sky scraper.


Strength is a measure of your raw physical power, and affects the power of your melee and throwing attacks. The higher your strength, the better your kicks and punches will be, and the more you will be able to lift.

When you start the game you will be fairly weak, but higher levels will eventually bring brutal one-hit kills from and kick you use. The more important aspect, however, is your lifting ability. You start the game being able to lift a body or park bench, and slowly work you way up to hurling big rigs all over the place. While most players over look this, a well placed car can easily take out a large group of enemies, and other items (such as car doors) can be used as shields to protect yourself from hostile fire, a great way to keep safe on the walk over to punch some faces in. Just make sure you aren't holding anything explosive. That could be bad.

Strength is most likely the first skill you will max out, as it is very easy to level as long as you use it regularly. When you are in the earlier parts of the game with Los Muertos, use it as often as you can. It's generally a better idea to only throw large things, too.


This is your skill with the myriad of guns you will acquire throughout the game. Higher firearms skills mean better accuracy and more powerful weapons. This is a very important skill to put up, as firearms are generally your main method of attack in the game.

As I already said, you'll be using guns a lot, so why not have a high skill in them? Especially in the later areas of the game, you'll be doing a lot of hiding behind walls and popping out to shoot people.

Firearms is about in the middle as far as leveling difficulty goes. If you use it a lot, it will slowly build up. The most important thing you can do to get it up easily is to get your hands on some premium weaponry. Since you get skill based on kills, the faster you can kill people the better. So go out and salvage some gang weapons to bring back to a safehouse. The best choice is probably the HMG 90. It is a high powered machine gun with great damage, the biggest ammo capacity in the game, a fast rate of fire, and a ridiculously long range. Don't underestimate the thing; it can almost shoot as far as a sniper. Add that to the 900 bullets, and you've got a lot of kills and a lot of experience. I also usually carry a shotgun for close up kills.


This affects your driving skills, making it easier to drive. An upgraded vehicle skill makes handling and effectively driving cars simple.

Use this to make your various cars, trucks, and other wheeled machines handle better. This skill isn't very useful, but it can make getting around the city easier. Level this one last.

I have to admit, this is one of those skills I never really tried to level for long. Maybe it's because running over agile gangsters isn't very fun, or because my skills always went down after I found time and time again that running down pedestrians is really, really fun. Either way, even after it is up it isn't very useful, but here are some ways to get it higher. The two main ways you'll level driving is to mow down enemies in your car and to win road races. You can also fly through the little vehicle hoops, but that really isn't worth the effort. The easiest way to accomplish all these tasks is with an agency vehicle, and I recommend the SUV because of its great handling in addition to tough build and good accel. Using civilian cars is much harder.


Make things go BOOM! Explosives handle the skill of using grenades and blowy-uppy guns. The higher your explosives skill, the wider your explosive range will be, and the more powerful your bombs become.

This is my favorite skill, and one that is extremely powerful in tight situations. Using grenades to take out vehicles and groups is a must for assaults on generals, and can come in handy in road battles, too. Once your skill is higher, your grenade radius gets bigger, and eventually you'll be blowing up giant sections of city that will take down large amounts of enemies. Adding to this even more is the fact that explosives skills also affect your proficiency with the rocket and grenade launchers. The rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon in the game, quickly flying to any target and blowing them to pieces. It's counterpart, the grenade launcher, doesn't have as great a range, but has much more ammo.

Like firearms, as long as you use grenades and explosive weapons at a reasonable pace, this will slowly level. Because you run out of ammo so quickly, you may wish to hang around a supply point so you can restock when required. Aim for vehicles, as the resulting explosions have huge blasts, and can take out even more vehicles and cause wonderful chain reactions that will test the games framerate.

Well, there it is, your complete Crackdown skills mini-guide. I hope you enjoyed this bite sized edition of GAME POW, and I hope you'll check in next week to see who the guest writer is and read his material. Keep reading, keep commenting, and until next time, POW!


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