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411 Games Top 5 06.10.10: Week 66 - Top E3 Predictions
Posted by Armando Rodriguez on 06.10.2010

Hello loyal readers and welcome to the second week of my temporary takeover of the 411 Games Top 5. With E3 just around the corner, the 411 faithful have decided to toss in their hat into the prediction ring and try to guess what the most memorable moments of this year's gaming Superbowl will be. Without further ado, let's start with the lists!

READER VOICE Dominic Holley

Microsoft will reveal an official name and release date for Project Natal-Look, I know it's a copout, o.k.? It's just that I only have a 360 now so Microsoft news is the only news I keep up with (hopefully I'll get a PS3 sooner than I expect to...which is not soon at all). But it could have been worse, I could have made it my number 1, but I decided to include because even though it's obvious it's pretty damn big news.

5. Rare will proceed to "WOW" the entire E3 audience with an underwhelming announcement-First off, let me just start off by saying that Rare has an incredible library of games that seem to be good at the very least and awesome at the very most, and most of the time they fall into the latter column. With that being said, I've been waiting for a long time, and though I admit that whatever they do come with will more than likely be lovely, I really need Killer Instinct 3. Hell, I will even take KI and/or KI 2 HD remakes but please, Rare, give a brother some Killer Instinct, I'm just sayin'.

4. Fallout: New Vegas will look absolutely insane-If you've seen the gameplay footage (which I'm sure most of us have) then you probably realize why I am saying this. Now I'm reading first look previews and seeing that they have also upgraded the melee combat system and I am definitely in. The only complant I did have with Fallout 3 is that it didn't feel satisfying to melee attack anything, but the rest of the game was crazy, I loved it. Now you can actually shoot by looking through the sights AND the melee combat seems to be lovely, I heard something about decapitating with golf clubs so that sounds pretty good to me. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention...Machine gun grenade launcher...what the fuck, that is gravy!

3. I will actually like what I see from Halo this time around- I'm not the biggest fan of first-person shooters, hell, I'll even go a step further and say the only reason I rented Modern Warfare 2 is because it was a HUGE release and it just seems like a game that should be experienced by every gamer, whether it's their genre of choice or not. But none of that could push me to ever have the desire to buy or rent a Halo game. As ridiculous as it comes off at times, the Halo story is pretty good to me, but I have never been into the games at all. Sure, I've played multiplayer with friends many times on it, but I just can't get into it unless someone else is playing and I just jump in with them. But I have been pretty intrigued with Halo: Reach so far, and for once, I am actually anticipating what they have in store for E3.

2. Sony will make an announcement that will make me further hate myself for not owning PS3-I just know they will bring out one of those console-sellers that will break my heart just like MGS 4 did, just like Uncharted 1 & 2, and God of War 3. They have actually already announced that November is the release month for DC Universe online, so we already know they are going to have an awesome showing for it at the actual Expo. Yep, Sony will push me one step closer to thievery, because I have to get a PS3 by all means.

1. Capcom will actually have a worthwhile surprise-Hear me out, peeps. With E3 not being that far away to begin with combined with the minimal news and info on the game, I don't think Capcom would have announced MvC 3 without having something big saved for E3, otherwise they probably would have waited to announce MvC at E3. Wishful thinking aside, I am really hoping for a new Onimusha or Devil May Cry...but in a perfect world, my worthwhile surprise will be...GOD HAND! Ok, it would realistically be the two I mentioned above, but I would settle for Gene in Mvc 3.

Justin Weinblatt

5.Nintendo's Second Tier Franchises Will Finally Get Wii Games - They've already done three Marios, two Metroids, Smash, Mario Kart, and are working on a second Zelda. Therefore, it seems like Star Fox, Pikmin, and Kirby will finally get a chance to shine. In particular, I think a Kirby game (which may or may not have been in development for the past 6 years) can be huge, if marketed as a casual game.

4.Natal Will Flop Hard - The Natal tech is interesting, but based on what they've shown so far it just doesn't seem like it's a lot of fun. The games they've shown look a lot like the Wii's, only instead of waggling your wrist, you flail your whole body wildly. While the games won't be fun, it will be fun to watch people bash into each other while playing.

3.3-DS Will Be Underwhelming - I'm not saying the system itself will suck, but judging by Nintendo's recent debuts, it's a safe assumption. When the DS debuted, people were sure the PSP would kick its ass up one street and down another. When the Wii debuted people said "Oh... that's kinda neat". The console will be very successful with the mass market, but I don't think E3 attendees will be blown away.

2.Exclusivity Is Dead for PS3 and X-Box - We've reached the point where it just doesn't make good business sense to develop for just one of the HD consoles. They cater to the same market, and have nearly the same install base. With the expenses involved in game development it's downright foolish to make an exclusive title, unless Microsoft or Sony is footing the bill. Expect a lot of timed exclusives, and console exclusive DLC to replace true exclusives.

1.The Next Nintendo Console Will Be Teased - I'll go way more in depth with this in my column for next Friday. As I pointed out earlier, Nintendo has done all their big franchises on the Wii. The 3DS will likely be close to the Wii in power. It stands to reason that Nintendo will hint at their next big thing, which will probably be out next holiday.

Adam Larck

Plenty of new games will be announced - This is a given, but companies will all have multiple new games being announced to try and top the other. Look for some great titles to be revealed.

5.EA won't repeat the bad PR of Dante's Inferno - Remember last year's protesters of Dante's Inferno, which were later revealed to be hired by EA. That turned into a long PR fiasco of over the top PR for each layer. Instead of doing that, look for EA to keep it simple with PR and focus mainly on games.

4.Valve will announce something Half-Life related - We can dream, can't we? With the cancelation of the Portal 2 party, I'm thinking something big will be out alongside discussion of Portal 2. I'm hoping that something big will be Half-Life 3, and will tie in with Portal 2. Either that, or the team hit a snag with Portal 2 and will be delaying it. Let's all hope for the first one.

3.3DS will be briefly spoke about, brushed aside - Ever since announcing the 3DS, Nintendo has been silent about the system. I look for Nintendo to talk about the handheld for a while, announce a few of the titles that will be out whenever it launches and then focus more on the Wii and DSi. Nintendo just seems to not care enough about the system to spend a huge amount of time on it this year.

2.The Big 3 will focus on motion control - With Natal and Move getting ready to come out, and Nintendo still focusing on the Wii, I look for all the conferences to spend a decent amount of time talking about their individual motion control. This includes games for them, prices and release dates. I also look for the companies to compare their benefits against the weaknesses of each company.

1.I will love experiencing my first E3 - This is the first E3 I'll actually be at covering in person, and can't wait to finally get out to Los Angeles. I'm lined up for a lot of conferences already, and look forward to reporting all the game related news to the readers. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun with the staff and finally seeing the event firsthand.

Lee Price

SEGA Announce Shenmue 3 - I can dream dammit!

5.Half Life: Episode 3 - This has to be Valve's big surprise. They have kept Half Life fans waiting for so long that to tease a surprise and have it not be the fabled third episode would be a massive cock tease. This is what I reckon the Valve surprise will be at least, but who knows.

4.Nintendo Announce a New Zelda - I really want a new Zelda game on the Wii. Twilight Princess was awesome, but it felt like a compromise between the Wii and Gamecube version at times, probably thanks to them being developed pretty much side by side and the game starting out as a GC project. A new Zelda game fully dedicated to the Wii would get my panties in a twist.

3.Natal and Move Will Cancel Each Other Out - It seems that the potential big innovations coming from each company are all treading a fine line between gimmick and legitimate steps forward. Just look at the mixed reception motion controls still get with the Wii. Part of me can't help but shake the feeling that, despite all the hype, both of these technologies will disappear fairly quickly, or will at least fail to live up the its promise.

2.Sonic 4 Will Show Signs of Living Up to its Promise - I so desperately want this to happen, I really do. I love Sonic despite all of the crap 3D games that have been fed us. For the record I enjoyed the Adventure games too, but I've had to make do with Rush and the Advance series on top of the old school Sonic for too long. I want this to be as good as it promises and for once I'm optimistic it will be.

1.3DS Will Tank - I love my DS, I dearly do. I just don't see how 3D can work in a handheld. Hell I don't see how it can properly work for games in general right now, outside of fancy visual effects for which I don't generally care about. Of course Nintendo have proven doubters wrong plenty of times before, but I just don't see this catching on.

Trace Aber

A New Console Will be Announced - I don't have any evidence to support this, but I feel like some random company will come and announce their new revolutionary console that will ultimately flop and we'll all forget about.

5. More Exclusives Will Become Non-Exclusive - While I don't think any big franchise will make the switch, we are seeing less and less exclusives and there's no reason to think that there will be even fewer by the time E3 is over with.

4. 3DS Will Not Have the Power of the PS3 or 360, but Still be Pretty Cool - While I think it's possible, there's no way I believe that a handheld with that kind of power is feasible in today's market. That being said, it'll probably be closer to the Gamecube and turn out pretty awesome. When was the last time Nintendo made a bad handheld?

3. Valve Will Announce Half Life 3 - If the big surprise isn't the newest episode of Half Life 2, then it has to be Half Life 3. Left 4 Dead 3 isn't that big of a surprise - everyone was calling that the day Left 4 Dead 2 was announced. So, that leaves their biggest franchise, and thus their biggest possible surprise - Half Life. While I don't know if Portal 2 and Half Life 3 will be connected in any way (no matter how cool that sounds, Adam), I do expect to see some early footage of it.

2. A New Franchise Will Emerge as the Next Big Thing - There always has to be that one game that everyone will be talking about after the show is over, and this year I hope it's an entirely new franchise that takes everyone by surprise.

1. New Technology Will Take Over - Every company seems to be on board with motion technology, and even though I'm not a big fan, it's hard to ignore. More focus will be put on motion games and 3D games, have some playable demos, show everyone how great it is, and when it's released it'll be half-assed and everyone will be disappointed. Yay.

Armando The Lord of the Rings

Every sequel we have ever wanted will be announced!: Ok, this is wishful thinking, but how awesome it would be if we finally got Killer Instinct 3, Shenmue 3, Beyond Good & Evil 2 and yes, even Target Terror 2. E3 is always the time of the year when we, as hopeful gamers, pray that we finally get that killer sequel we have always wanted. God knows I have been begging for a decent Shining Force game for the last 10 years.

5. Nintendo Will Have Some Killer Games for 3DS: I think this is a no brainer. You are launching a new version of the DS, supposedly the real successor this time. Also it is the first console to be made with 3D in mind and you have to convince one-hundred million people that it is worth moving away from their current portables. How do you do it? By showing some killer games that everyone wants to play. I expect Mario, Zelda, Metroid and maybe even Donkey Kong to show up. Yes, some of them might be early tech demos, but they are going to show up nonetheless.

4. Sony Will Debut The PSP2: Once again, this is almost a no brainer. Rumors that the PSP2 is in the works have been running for months and with Nintendo showing their new portable to the world, Sony needs to steal their thunder or at least minimize the hype. To do that they will debut the PSP2, although to be honest I don't know what features it will have. I know what features it SHOULD NOT have: download games only. We know how well that worked out for the PSP-Go and Sony can't afford another console that sells poorly.

3. Every Major Console-Maker Will Show One "Surprise" Exclusive : But it won't be a third party game. Sony will likely showcase Resistance 3 (which is not officially announced yet) and the new David Jaffe game that will be Twisted Metal or something close to it (like a new car combat game with a different name). Motorstorm 3 will also show up. Microsoft will debut a new Rare game, maybe a sequel to Perfect Dark or Grabbed by the Ghoulies (joking). Nintendo will show a new killer game, like a sequel to New Super Mario Bros. Wii or the return of the Donkey Kong franchise.

2. A New Game Will Steal The Show: By that I mean that the game that everyone will be talking about when the show is over is a game that we don't know it exists as of yet, or maybe we have heard about it but it has never been publicly shown before. This is a common trend at the E3 events and it is something that is a bit hard to predict this year since so many big games have already been announced. However, I firmly believe that even with so many big games that we have already seen and heard about, there is at least a handful of killer titles that will be surprises. One of them will steal the show.

1. It's All About The Tech…But Games Win In The End: Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to rumble! Between motion controls, 3D and touch screens, I expect E3 to be all about the new tech and how it will be implemented in consoles and portables. Sony and Microsoft will try to outjerk the other in the motion control department, Sony and Nintendo will discuss 3D and of course, the implementation of touch screens and motion sensors in their portables and we will hear about some new gadget/controller/accessory for the Wii. But when the dust settles and E3 is over, we will be talking about the killer games and the tech will be forgotten.

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