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Working Title 12.16.11: The 2011 Working Title Awards Nominees (Part 2)
Posted by Jordan Williams on 12.16.2011

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Welcome to the #1 Column to not say ANYTHING regarding the Spike TV VGAs, WORKING TITLE. You want an overly long intro this week? You want to know what games I have been playing? OF COURSE YOU DON'T. Which is why we are skipping all of that pre-column banter and hopping right back into the nominees for the 2011 Working Title Awards.

Last week we saw the first group which included Best Male Character and Disappointment of the Year, this week is finishing up the list with Working Title's version of Best Female Character, Best Moment of the Year and the largest Game of the Year ballot we've ever had. The rules from The Halftime Awards still apply; the winner from earlier in the year is automatically nominated again at the end of the year but besides that all bets are off.

Let's get into it.

The 2011 Working Title Award Nominees (Part 2)

Oh laaaadiiiiiess…

The Isabella Baddest Bitch Award for Womanhood

Much like the Manliest Character Award, we here at Working Title believe in giving women their fair share which is why we have the Baddest Bitch Award for the best and most badass female character of the year. Earlier we saw an admittedly small list do battle and Isabella come out on top (Haaa. Whore joke) but now at the end of the year she has stiffer (More whore jokes!) competition. Including a female who

Halftime Winner Isabella (Dragon Age II)

I'm just going to be blunt here. Isabella is not going to win the second time around. Why? Not because I hate her or anything it's just that given the limited amount of female characters we got at the beginning of the year she just stood out as a better choice overall. But that doesn't change the fact that everyone loves a whore and there isn't really a bigger whore (in the truest sense of the word) than Isabella on this list.

Chell (Portal 2)

Yeah, Chell was nominated earlier this year but she is back for another round because she came so close to winning the first time. While I naturally hate the fuck out of silent protagonists there is just something I like about Chell. Maybe she is not silent because she is a boring character like Gordon Freeman (Yeah, I said it) maybe she just simply doesn't talk because everyone else around her is too busy talking to let her get a word in edge ise. That and if everyone loves a whore everyone should love the shit out of a smart girl who has a gun that can bend matter itself to do its bidding.

Shaundi (Saints Row the Third)

Full disclosure? I did NOT like Shaundi in Saints Row 3. I didn't particularly care for her much in Saints Row 2 because I think the stoner stereotype is old and busted but I would gladly take her over the whiny and overemotional wench we got this time around. But with my personal gripes aside I will not deny that Shaundi became decidedly more badass this time around. Whereas in SR2 her only usefulness was to get kidnapped and have sex with guys for information in SR3 she more than carries her own in a gunfight and gladly fulfills the role of the resident badass of the group during Johnny Gat's absence in Steelport. For essentially becoming a female Johnny Gat she gets nominated for the award this year.

Katherine Marlowe (Uncharted 3)

Man, this woman is a bitch in the truest sense of the word. She might not be some action-esque badass or some whore…but she's just a manipulative bastard who just gets the best of Drake at every turn and the only female villain on the list. That and she is easily the oldest woman on the list makes her stand out a little bit more because with age comes wisdom…and with someone that old she has now figured out more ways to be an evil shrew. Her most evil being on the dev team and setting a camera in front of you for chase sequences. That bitch.

Catwoman (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

Speaking of bitch, let's talk about Catwoman. Not talking about the shitstorm regarded by a bunch of convicts calling her a bitch repeatedly (because we know that convicts shouldn't be using such harsh language) but instead talking about her badassery in Arkham City. This also marks the first time a male and a female character have been nominated for Best Male and Female. Essentially Catwoman is just a female Batman just with less gadgets. The same stuff that makes him badass in turn makes her badass. That and she is directly responsible for the only scenes involving Poison Ivy in the entire game so that alone gives her some points. If only she had something actually useful instead of her pathetic ass "Thief Vision".

The "Shit Just Got Real" Award
There is that moment in pretty much every video game where SHIT GETS REAL. Basically it's either the moment where the action has cranked up to an unfathomable point or something has just happened that has changed EVERYTHING. These might be minor moments in the grand scheme of thing or giant endings that just make you really think about what is going on in the game and in once case in particular the games industry. This is where SHIT GOT REAL…but what shit got the realest?

Halftime Winner PS Vita - 250.00 USD. Nintendo gonna GET GOT.

This year's E3 wasn't too exciting but one of the more exciting pieces of news to come out of it was the fact that Sony is pricing the PS Vita to be directly competitive with the 3DS. Now of course since then the 3DS has dropped dramatically in price and Sony has introduced super expensive proprietary formats for the Vita's memory card…but at the time at least it really looked like Sony wasn't fucking around when it came to the handheld market anymore and was going straight for Nintendo's ass by giving a more impressive piece of tech, more impressive games, more impressive features…for the same price as the glorified DS with 3D. Since changes have taken place it remains to be seen how well this tactic paid off. But at the moment this announcement was relevant it definitely put a crosshair on Nintendo.

Party Time (Saints Row the Third)

Picking one moment out of Saints Row the Third might be hard…but I am going to pick the one that to me was the most badass. It's one of the early missions in the game where you take your first stronghold away from The Syndicate. You dive from the helicopter onto the party and proceed to fuck shit up in epic ways. But what makes this moment so great? The fucking music now while I am not the biggest fan of hip hop I must say that if you want to add badass to ANYTHING you just fucking play Kanye West's Power over it. That is exactly what happens here. What makes the moment even better is that they actually edit the song and extend certain parts of it so that certain parts of the song only trigger at certain parts of the mission so it feels like one long continuous stream of action that just synchs up perfectly. It might be one of the tamest levels of the entire game but it was one of the first big moments that didn't involve something extremely over the top.

Your first Random Encounter Dragon (Skyrim)

Picture this, you just fast traveled because Skyrim is TOO GODDAMN BIG to walk around. You hear the battle music and you figure that it's a wolf or a mud crab (terrible creatures) but you see nothing and then…WHAM. MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON. Of course they are easy to fight if you really think about it but the first time one just comes out of NOWHERE is a pretty cool moment. What isn't so cool is when you actually see the dragons just flying around and you spend a few seconds waiting for it to land and shooting arrows at it…only to realize that it has no intention of fighting you once again proving that dragons are assholes.

NO, NOT MY BABES (Duke Nukem Forever)

There is not much that was good about DNF, but as I try to find something in my quest to nominate DNF for as many categories as possible I managed to find a moment where SHIT GOT REAL. After the aliens invade they begin taking all of the females babes from Duke. Duke doesn't stand for this. So Duke goes onto the mothership only to find that his twin girlfriends whores have not only been taken but have been impregnated by the aliens! This leads to one of the most well-acted and voiced lines of our generation. The raw emotion and seething rage emanating from him is just palpable. Superb scene all around.

What the fuck…this WORKS? (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)

This one is actually short and simple and has nothing to really do with the game itself…it's more so the fact that after YEARS of waiting and after YEARS of promises we finally got the Wii game everyone wanted. We got the hardcore title that the hardcore wanted but it had the Nintendo motion controls that they have been promising since DAY ONE. You swing the sword and it WORKS, you shoot the bow and it WORKS. Finally with Wii Motion + and all of these other things came together and it actually felt good and showed us what the Wii could do. It's a shame it's literally the last goddamn Wii game to come out. Let's hope Wii U STARTS where the Wii left off.

The Left Field Hit Award

Now this award is almost the exact opposite of the Whimper Award, this award is for games that both came out of NOWHERE and were good or we thought were going to be terrible and defied all expectations. Usually this category is full of casual games and mobile games but this year it's all consoles and downloadable.

Halftime Winner Shadows of the Damned

Despite the horrible name, Shadows of the Damned was one of the better games of the year and no one played it. It mixed the good controls of Resident Evil 5 with the humor and style of No More Heroes to craft a pretty fun(ny) game about Garcia FUCKING Hotspur and his quest to save his girlfriend from hell. Plus it has a gun called The Big Boner.



Another obscure ass Japanese game was Catherine. While Atlus games do have a very vocal and devoted fan base they usually tend to fly under the radar for the most part. Catherine somehow managed to buck that trend and become one of Atlus' biggest crossover successes of the year. It's witty and slick puzzles made for some good fun and it is even being picked up as a dedicated tournament game as some fighting game tournaments around the world.

Sonic Generations

It's a Sonic game that didn't completely suck. That alone gets it a nomination.

Dark Souls

Here's the thing about Dark Souls, despite me talking it up when it was nominated for Dormroom Dominator there is one thing about Dark Souls…I've never played it. This is one of the few time I am going to nominate a game I haven't played simply because given how well received this game was all year (especially by the gaming press and the internet crowd) there HAS to be something good with it. While I can't in good conscious nominate it for GOTY, I can give a nod for Left Field Hit.

Workaholic's Choice Game of the Year So Far

And here it is. The big one. The one that matters the most. Working Title Game of the Year. This is the largest nomination ballot we've ever had but there are simply too many games on her that I personally could be considered GOTY as well as gaming press considers GOTY. And much like how I USUALLY do with the "Shit Got Real" award where the moment speaks for itself…there are just too many good things said about the games nominated this year that anything else I could say would just add to the top. So it's better to just nominate them and let them speak for themselves.

Batman: Arkham City

Saints Row the Third

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

The Witcher 2

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Portal 2

Gears of War 3

Duke Nukem Forever
Note: Always bet on Duke

Halftime Winner Mortal Kombat

Yeah, looking back on the year it seems REALLY hard to believe that 6 months ago MORTAL KOMBAT was considered Game of the Year. It almost seems unfair throwing it in with the rest of these now…but oh well! Assuming I don't take next week off due to the holidays, we will see the awards start to be doled out. That also goes for the site as a whole so be on the lookout for "Best of the Year" posts from all of the writers in every zone of the site. Why? Because you all REALLY like lists.

Until next time, I'm Jordan Williams...and I don't have a witty sign off this week so YOUTUBE VIDEO GO!


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