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Average Gamer 12.23.11: End of the Year Awards III Edition
Posted by Dan Watson on 12.23.2011

Welcome back to the Average Gamer. Finally the Holidays are upon us. Surprisingly though, we are twenty three days into December and in Illinois only have had less than an inch of snow fall. Temperatures are still in the low forties and high thirties. Thank you global warming because I could really get used to this weather in late December. Christmas shopping is done and the work week is coming to an end, with a nice three day weekend ahead so good times for all.

In the gaming world, I have been busy trying to get one hundred percent complete with Saints Row 3. I am getting close. Additionally, I beat WWE ‘12's Road to Wrestlemania stories. My goal for the weekend is finish up Skyrim and jump into a set of new games come Sunday.

One final off video game note while I have a second. Being a Vikings fan I have had some really great seasons and some really bad seasons. This has been the worst season I have had to endure in quite some time. I would like to thank the Colts though for coming through and winning putting the Vikings one game closer to the first overall spot in the draft.

Award Time

Last week we hit a few awards and this week we are going to hammer out best game per console and then overall best game. The console games have to be exclusive titles while the overall can be exclusive or cross-platform. For the Wii and PS3, I didn't manage to get a ton of game time with either console (this may be the last year I can say that for the PS3) but some of the games stood out too much to not win the award. Let's get to it.

Microsoft Game of the Year

One issue with Microsoft is the lack of exclusive titles that company has. With the other two major hitters having enough exclusives that they can create arcade style fighters with their characters and still piss enough people off because an exclusive character was left off. Try doing that with Microsoft. You get Master Chief, Gears Crew, and then what? Not much would be the answer. With that said, let's get to Microsoft's Game of the Year. Nominees are…

Gears of War 3
Forza 4
Halo Anniversary

And the winner is…

Gears of War 3

This really should have been a default award. I cannot think of any other exclusive titles that Microsoft announced this year and sadly even their best game may not stack up against some of these other companies' best games. Gears was a very solid game with great DLC still rolling out, the sad part really is the fact that now that this series is over, other than Halo what does Microsoft have left in the tank?

Nintendo released quite a few games this year even though the Wii is being replaced in the next six months. With that said, a few games come to mind when thinking of their game of the year but instead of wasting time, we are just going to announce a winner and get to the fun about talking about the game.

Winner… Skyward Sword

To consider any other game as Nintendo's game of the year would be crazy. The game has been given high reviews by almost all companies and gamers. The visuals are solid and controls are great, especially for being on the Wii. This series has survived better than almost any other original Nintendo series out there and has really recaptured a new age group of gamers. I can only imagine what more can come from this series that has released so many amazing games.

Sony Game of the Year

Of the three consoles, Sony released the most solid list of exclusives this year. Each game came out well timed and seemed to sell very well. Some of the games came out late last year but really picked up steam this year. Thinking through all of their exclusives it really is tough to think of an award winner without feeling like you cheated a different game. Let's take a look at the nominees…

Resistance 3
UnCharted 3
InFamous 2
Killzone 3
The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection (I know they are remakes but they deserve to be listed)

Winner … UnCharted 3

If any game has gained more publicity than Call of Duty or Halo from the average gamers in the world, this would be it. This game has such a following just for a single player story game. There is no multiplayer, no team death match, or anything of the sort. This game just has a very solid story that people love to play and really get behind. It would be extremely hard to justify not making this Sony's Game of the Year.

Game of the Year

This year we had many top caliber games come out. Some games failed to meet our expectations, while others surpassed them. There is one game in particular that I am leaving off this list because it honestly should be show companies what not to do, while instead it generated more money than any other game in history has off of sales. That game is Call of Duty:MW3. The game was identical to the second just with a few minor tweaks. So please do not bitch, moan, or complain that it is not nominated. Let's get to the games deserving of this title…

Batman: Arkham City
UnCharted 3
Gears of War 3

The winner is…


This game is exactly what we have come to expect and more. I know some felt the glitches were a bit tough on the game, but what Bethasda game doesn't have a few minor issues. Not one game this year came out without issues to start out with. This game was solid and the story is amazing. The idea of endless amount of quests really helps justify the sixty dollar price tag.

Well guys and gals, thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments below. Have a great holiday weekend and enjoy the day off on Monday (if you get it).


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