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411 Games Top 5 01.19.12: Top 5 Most Hated Fighting Game Characters
Posted by Todd Vote on 01.19.2012

Welcome to the Top 5. Let's take a look at some feedback and see what you guys are looking forward to in 2012, shall we?

Comment Time with Toddo!

Halo 4.
The end.
Posted By: SHADE (Guest)

Halo 4.
That is all.
Posted By: DOOM (Guest)

Halo 4 Borderlands 2 Jade Empire 2
Posted By: Guest#4876 (Guest)

You know what? The lack of Halo 4 on the lists really sort of surprised me too. Then I realized that other than the fact that it is coming, we know very little about this game. We know Master Chief and Cortana will be back, but what do we know beyond that? I can't help but think that as the hype machine for Halo 4 rolls out the excitement for the game will grow. As of right now, there isn't much to be excited about other than the game may land in 2012. Hell, is that even a guarantee at this point? As for Jade Empire 2, isn't that one pretty much dead now?

no love for GTA V?!!
Posted By: papichulokeith (Guest)

The only one i am remotely interested in is The Last of Us and GTA V. The Last of Us sounds like a north american reboot of the japan-exclusive Disaster Report. I hope they are able to do the concept justice.
Posted By: Guest#4900 (Guest)

I fully do not expect GTA V to happen in 2012. I think we will see some info on it and we will get the game in early 2013. We do not have a solid release date for the game. The Last of Us is one that I am very very intrigued by. I hadn't really heard anything about it till the VGA's, but it is definitely on my radar now.

God of War 4
Posted By: Guest#3162 (Guest)

Yeah, this one hasn't even been officially announced yet. It appeared on some composers resume. That is far from a game announcement. The chances of God of War IV happening in 2012 are slimmer than the chances of GTA V actually releasing this year. Don't get me wrong, I am all for the continued adventures of Kratos, but we won't see it in 2012.

Are Lee Jones and Donald Stewart really still 'reader' voices? They've been part of the column for months. I call for a new title like Todd's Toadies or just lose the READERS VOICE tag. Or give someone else a voice, its been months.
Posted By: Guest#8293 (Guest)

You make a good point. They were alternating back and forth, but they are both pretty well permanent fixtures now. No more Reader Voice for them. As far as someone else getting a shot, the offer is continually on the table. Shoot me an email if you are interested in being a Reader Voice. It is open to anybody who is interested. And no, they will not be referred to as Todd's Toadies, even if it did make me laugh.


5.Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City
4.Bioshock Infinite
3.Final Fantasy 13-2
2.Borderlands 2
1.Halo 4
Posted By: goodolsscutup (Guest)

5) HD collections (Jak, DMC, SH)
4) Twisted Metal
3) Sly 4
2) Bioshock Infinite
1) MGS Rising
Posted By: Guest#5443 (Guest)

Honorable mention for NFL Blitz, since it's already out.

5. Starhawk
4. Twisted Metal
3. Starhawk
2. GTA V
Posted By: G-Walla (Guest)

Thanks everyone, and our comment of the week, after reading G-Walla's list:

10. Arm Bar
9. Halo 4
8. Arm Bar
7. Wii U
6. Arm Bar
Couldn't help it...that's the first thing I thought of when I read your post.
Posted By: RC (Guest)

Jericho was awesome in WCW. That made me laugh when I was reading it. I appreciate a good laugh. Arm Bar! Thanks everyone for all the great comments. Keep them coming.

Soul Calibur comes out here in a couple of weeks, so why not talk about some fighting games? This week the staff is taking a look at our most hated fighting game characters. From the boss that delivers cheap hit after cheap hit to the joke characters. That is what we are getting at this week. Away we go.

Lee Jones
5.Yoshimitsu - I'm hopeless with him. He looks cool, he has a sword that somehow doesn't give him an edge in Tekken. I want to get good with him but I suck. (sigh) maybe next time.

4.Kilik - Soul Calibur 4 was the last beat em up I put effort into being good at, probably because a group of us met up twice a week to play so I didn't want to get humped. Kilik is my achilles heel, his easy moves and range often frustrated me and it was only really with my fav Voldo that I had any luck.

3.Shao Kahn - I'd forgotten how insanely hard this guy was back in the early game. Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection is kicking my ass right now cause I just can't beat him. On Easy. How on earth did I regularly beat him in my youth? Reading my button inputs and countering them before my move connects is the height of unfair AI.

2.Eddy Gordo - Talk about cheap. A.I. Eddy I don't mind but human Eddy can go suck a Kuma shit. There was no skill involved, button bash whilst moving towards your opponent would see you beat them. Now I'm sure Tekken experts could whoop Eddy players repeatedly but I was a casual dormroom player so he sucked.

1.Seth - Urghh this guy stopped me playing Street Fighter 4. After beating storymode twice I no longer gave a crap about the game. Kicks that hits you multiple times, multiple teleports that lead into an instant throw, uppercut combo and ultimate special that suck you towards Seth. Capcom tell me why?

Donald Stewart

Dhalsim - Street Fighter 2 - My main problem with the 'Brawler from Bombay', was that in my opinion is that he doesn't fit in with the rest of the classic SF 2 Cast(apart from Blanka but we'll get onto that) from his stretch attacks to his peaceful life, nothing about Dhalsim floats my boat. Hate playing as the character and hate playing against. No good times

5.Blanka - Street Fighter 2 - And this brings me to Blanka. The Brazilian brawler was a complete pain to fight against back in the arcades circa 1992 as most players who played as the Canine Conqueror would tend to try and get you stuck in corner and constantly spam the electric attack. Maybe I'm just rotten at the game but I thought that this was a shady tactic. Also its the character i cant defeat when playing Hyper Fighting on Xbox live arcade. Grrr

4.Star Wars Characters - Soul Caliber 4 - Not sure if this is just me but I thought that this reeked of a cash-in. Although Vader/Yoda/Starkiller are awesome in their own games, I just don't think that they fit into the 'tale of souls and swords, eternally retold'. A lot of things annoyed me about this. I felt that Starkiller and Vader where over powered, Yoda under powered and the Box art for both PS and Xbox prominently featured Yoda/Vader on the front of the box as opposed to the real Soul Caliber characters!

3.Jack 2 - Tekken 2 - When Tekken 2 first came out on the PSone, it was a quality game and I remember about 1997 my friends and I would be sitting playing winner stays on and one guy would pick Jack - 2. His tactics with him didn't consist of 18 hit combos like myself with Baek or chaining grapples with King/Armour King, no it was High punch, low punch. That was it. Constantly. High punch, low punch. Yeah you could counter some of the hits if you got it in time but then it would be back to High punch, low punch. Not even his sweet power bomb grapple!! Bad times.

2.Guy - Street Fighter Alpha 2  - A similar like hatred for Guy as jack - 2 here. Again the same friend would use a similar tactic with the Final Fight alumni. High elbow, low kick. High elbow low kick. Again and again. and again. It was like it was a VHS tape stuck on the worst part of the movie. High Elbow low kick. Like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill, it never changed. Yeah I could have countered it but I always found the countering in the Alpha games to be a bit hard to accomplish. Damn you Guy!

1.Eddy Gordo - Tekken 3 - My main problem with Gordo was that you could spend ages learning a Tekken Character, all their nuances, combos, counter etc and finally be a master with them, Yet someone playing as Gordo would still look better than you at the game by simply button mashing. And sometimes still win!!! No skill with Baek needed as Gordo would trounce you with mad skills all the time and bystanders would wonder how they got so good at the game! Its just button mashing people, your mother could do it! Maybe I was just crap at the game....

Dan Watson
5. Smoke (Mortal Kombat) The most current installment of Mortal Kombat had plenty of characters that had cheap attacks that were hard to block. In the end, Smoke was one that was used almost more than any other character in games our circle was playing and I hated every moment of it. This may have been one of the cheapest characters in the game.

4. Any character from a different genre in a fighter Remember the Halo character in Dead or Alive? Or any of the other countless characters like Yoda, Darth Vader, etc in so many other fighting games. Guess what, all of them are pointless and take away from the game. This is one of the reasons I hate fighters now. Why ruin the story in the game by adding some stupid ass other character from a different game.

3. The Kangaroo and Raptor in Tekken Series This is worst than adding character that people know, adding stupid animals or other creatures to fight in the game without explaining the story or how they even can fight. Where did the Raptor come from? Why is he fighting humans instead of eating them?

2. MOKAP Ah one of Mortal Kombat's biggest mistakes. This is annoying because at least Kangaroo had a move list of some kind. MOKAP was the worst character and pointless in all points of view. This guy was a joke of a character and ended up showing why hidden characters aren't needed in games unless there is a major purpose to them or they are related to the story somehow.

1. Liu Kang Alright, hear me about before jumping all over me. This guy in the movies and games is really just a whiny bitch. Nothing annoys me more than a character that is supposed to be a leader and ends up just bitching about it. Then he goes and dies right, not the case they bring him back as a zombie trying to make him cool and trendy. It just made the story worst.

And now, R. Lee Ermey

Adam Larck

Shaq - Like his game, he's just a fighter that should be avoided.

5.Dan - Dan's a character of a different color. Why Capcom put in a character with half the power of everyone else is beyond me. Joke or not, he's a waste of space that needs to be gotten rid of. There has to be better characters they can think of, right?

4.Mokap - The MK character that should never have existed. Mokap is what it sounds like, a guy in a motion capture suit. He has no memorable attacks, and probably only made it in because they were scrambling for hidden characters when they saw a guy in a suit.

3.M.O.D.O.K. - There's been plenty of good and bad characters in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, but two really stand out to me. The first, M.O.D.O.K, really has no good range attacks, or good attacks in general. He's a pretty slow character, and seems thrown in just to fill out the Marvel side. There's plenty of better characters in the universe that could have been thrown in.

2.Roll -Speaking of thrown in, why did Roll ever make the cut? We already had her stronger brother and he played a lot better. Her moves are basically identical, yet she's a lot weaker and easier to kill. Leave her out and start exploring other Capcom licenses for characters.

1.Seth - My hate for Seth is on two levels. One, because of his boss fights. This has been one of the most broken boss fights I've ever seen, and one of the most annoying ones to ever fight. On another level, the extremely overpowered boss becomes a purely average character. Capcom should have made it one extreme or another, not the worst of both worlds.

What Toddo Plays

Honestly, other than wrapping up the review for Amy, I didn't get a chance to do much of anything gaming wise. Been a long week. This shall return next week.

411 on Twitter!

That's it. There's nothing left. Get out of here, leave your comments at the door below. What fighting game characters are just the worst of the worst for you? Let us know and we'll see ya back here in seven.

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