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Working Title 02.04.12: Working Outlook: Street Fighter x Tekken
Posted by Jordan Williams on 02.04.2012

Miss the old banner? Well it's dead. Making a new one but this one can fit for now because it's on topic

Welcome to the #1 Column to think that if you somehow believe this "New Xbox won't play used games" rumor than you are probably the same person who thinks that if you use "Push" on the S.S Anne than you can get Mew. While the industry really really hates Used Games, there is no way they are going to cannibalize their user base by doing something like locking each and every copy of a game to a single console.

Why? Because while it would effectively kill the Used Games market it will also kill the Rental Market like GameFly, Blockbuster, and others – Although they sell used games and in the long run the industry is losing money…places like GameFly are still buying those games in bulk to keep them in stock. Also this just ensures that less eyes will play the game because no one can go to a buddy and just borrow a game to try it out. No more taking the copy of Halo over to a friends house or taking fighting games to a tournament (more on that later). If they wanna combat used games they are on the right track with the Online Codes (as much as you all hate them) but that's where it stops.
Speaking of ‘stopping' today we are kicking a game officially off of the Working Backlog! Now with status updates!

Working Backlog

Dead Island - Well, it's been a long and boring journey but if any game has finally broke the camels back with me and zombie it's Dead Island. Usually having zombies is enough for me to ignore shit and just like it…I mean I liked Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising: Off the Record. …But it just baffles me how they turned what is essentially the bastard child of Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising into probably the most boring game I have played in a long time. This is now AFTER getting a decent posse of people online and its STILL boring. Now I've just dragged three more people in to the boring party with me. So this marks the last time this game will be on the Working Backlog. Status: Returned to GameFly

Skyrim - God damn you, Skyrim. Why can't you just let me play you? I mean…I put you in my console. I turn it on. I play…but after five hours I realize all I have done is barely make a DENT in my quest log. I just want to finish the main questline so then I won't feel so…weird narratively. I mean if you think about it it sort of makes no sense. If I am the Dragonborn and Dragons are fucking up the world left and right…should I really have so much time to go become grandmaster of The Companion's and The Dark Brotherhood…then go back to stopping the impending doom of the world. So from now on I will do NOTHING in Skyrim until the main quest line is finished. NOTHING. That dungeon that I see in the distance that I know I haven't cleared? NOPE. If I see a Courier running towards me I will MURDER HIM. Status:Continuing with EXTREME PREJUDICE

SSX3 - After last week's column I was really feeling SSX HARD so I hooked up the old GameCube and gave it a whirl. That game has actually aged pretty damn well if you ask me. Although I now realize how odd the control scheme was for that game. Seeing as this is Team Skate doing the game perhaps they might try to rely heavily on the right stick for tricks (although they confirmed that face buttons will still do tricks). All in all it's a good trip back to see the peak of SSX…and it just makes me hope SSX 6 is good. Status: It's still good!

So now that that is out of the way, we can go ahead and continue Working Outlook with what is probably the most controversial game to come out this year…for one community. What happens when you take the #1 selling 2D game of all time and the #1 selling 3D game of all time and take those franchises and pit them against eachother?

At first thought you would think greatness…but then a lot of executive meddling begins to happen and the waters get muddy and no one is quite sure if the ball is going to be dropped or is it going to be a homerun. That is EXACTLY the sentiment going on in the Fighting Game Community (FGC from now on) regarding Street Fighter x(cross) Tekken (SFxT). When the game was first announce two years ago it throw the FGC into a frothy mix of nerdgasm and HYPE because they have been asking for this for awhile…but as more details trickeld out that hype began to be replaced with doubt…and now that doubt is replaced with anger.

So is SFxT doomed? Let's take a look.

Working Outlook: Street Fighter x Tekken

Depending on who you talk to SFxT is either going to be one of the best fighting games ever or the thing that destroys the fighting game genre forever and will bring upon the second Fighting Game Dark Ages.

But who is right? Fuck if I know. I think both sides of the argument have some merits but I'm not here to argue the hell out of it. I'll leave that too literally *any* news story regarding this game that's posted at SRK. I am just going to point out what could go right in this game and what could go wrong.

What Could Go Right

Successful Merging of Styles

While the game is called Street Fighter [cross] Tekken it's a well known fact that in nearly all of the Capcom Crossover game its always Capcom that takes the helm and controls the fighting mechanics and style. This is no different this time around because for SFxT Capcom is modeling it after a revamped Street Fighter engine. So how does this cater to it possibly being a successful merger of styles? The fact that they are putting the Tekken characters into the game and fitting them INTO the Street Fighter style. While Harada announced that SF characters will be dropped into Tekken's style (in Tekken [cross] Street Fighter) as is with no changes…even using a six button layout versus the traditional four button one. The weird way that Capcom is SORT of doing it with the Tekken guys yet still keeping them…Tekkeny enough is sort of cool. Not everyone is getting a hadoken or some sort of projectile…yet the Tekken characters still rely heavily on juggling and combos and hit strings where as the SF characters are still about footsies, meter usage and spacing. The styles clash…but in a good way.

Balance between Casual and Hardcore


Man, fuck that shit. I am not the harbinger of doom that thinks that every game needs to be casualized a bit to bring in new players….except when it comes to fighting games. Now before you go into a frothy and foamy rage let me ask you a question.

Name THREE fighting games that have a good, fleshed out, decent and informative tutorial.

Okay…now out of those three (if you could even name them) how much of them actually got decent tournament and online play?


A trend with fighting game in this current big boom period (ESPECIALLY with Capcom games) is that they give you these games with these deep mechanics and teach you SHIT about them. While I understand not every single person who picks up the controller wants to head to Evo or Gods Garden but I am sure there are some people that want to be competitive online without having to do hours of research on YouTube to find out how to correctly use game mechanics that the game doesn't tell you how to use. So the idea that this game has a bit more of a neutral zone and less of a learning curve is something I am totally open to.

Look at this way. The people who are GREAT at fighting games don't suddenly become LESS GREAT at them if they are made more accessible. It's just that the pond gets more fish in it. If you are really as good as you say you are than the fact that a whole bunch of ‘casual babies' will all of the sudden start playing shouldn't phase you.


It's like the tournament players that play Smash Brothers. While I agree they are fucking terrible and ruin all that Smash Brothers is about with their "No Items/Banned Stages" bullshit…it doesn't mean they can't kick the shit out of you with items ON.

Capcom could redeem itself

Now this one is more about Capcom as a whole not necessarily about SFxT…but if SFxT is good…could it save Capcom? It seems like Capcom is already taking the steps with flat out saying that there will be no "AE/Super" style disc that comes out later and if there IS a revamp/expansion like that then it will be DLC-Only. They have seemed to make sure that they have every goddamn type of online mode you would ever want to play on top of 4 player online simultaneous play. Hell, they even listened to the fans and put Megama-HAHAHAHAHA. I can't even say that last one with a straight face.

credit: vg247.com

Either way, it seems that Capcom is trying to honestly do right by the community they have been fucking over for the last five or so years. Perhaps this goes hand in hand with this being the first NEW game out of Capcom in awhile? Or maybe the amount of shit they ate because of the Dead Rising 2, Street Fighter AE, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Megaman Legends 3 finally gave them some stomach problems and they feel like they have to prove themselves. Who knows? But maybe…juuuuuuust maybe Capcom is using SFxT to prove that it still has SOME idea of what it's doing.

What Could Go Wrong

But of course knowing current-day Capcom they might just be flying from the seat of their pants and not know what the fuck they are doing and they might fuck this up in a profitable way like they have been doing for years. Basically…there is a lot that could go wrong and this is just a closer look at some of the things that COULD go wrong.

Gem System (DUN DUN DUN)

Oh man. This fucking Gem System has been the bane of the FGC since it was announced. For those of you that don't know I will go ahead and explain it a bit. SFxT will have a Gem System in place that sort of work like perks for your characters in combat. You can equip 3 for your characters and they augment your stats accordingly. The catch of this is that they all have specific things you have to do to activate them and the effect is only active for a short time. For example to use the a gem you might have to land three attacks in a row or something.

The reason why this has the FGC up in a tizzy is simply because on the surface it looks like it's going to give players an unfair advantage and also make it near impossible to develop any sort game plan. Plus there is the problem of someone finding that one broken character (there's always one) and making him into a GOD via Gems. There is also the small problem that some of these gems are pre-order bonuses/paid DLC. So right there you have mentioned the death word of gaming in DLC…and for the FGC in general this could seriously take away from precious tournament time.

Look at your average fighting game tournament and look at how long it takes to get a match done. Hell, I'll run it down.

-Players sit in seats

-Hook up controllers

- Character Select

-JUST KIDDING, Button Check

-Button CHANGE

-Pick Real Characters

- Fight

So as you can see there are all of these steps you have to go through before you even GET to the match itself…and that's if everyone is running on time. Couple this with the fact that up until about a week or two agoSo the Gem System could go REALLY BAD…or it could be ignored.

Tekken in Name Only

Now where I just gushed earlier about Capcom possibly merging the two games into one blend of style…you can't help but look at this and see more and more Street Fighter and less Tekken. Whereas all of the other Capcom Crossover games still kept a distinctive style to the artwork and look to the naked eye this really does just look like Street Fighter IV with some new people in. This might end up working against it. Seeing as Capcom and Namco are both taking their own stabs at the games, it might behoove the Tekken side of the fan base that doesn't like traditional 2D fighters to just skip this one and wait until Tekken x Street Fighter. Of course Capcom fans might want to wait as well…

Capcom's Fighting Game Legacy

It's become pretty much a running gag in the fighting game world. When Capcom releases a fighting game you just know that in a years' time there will be some sort of update to it. Hell, with Capcom's last fighting game they didn't even bother waiting a full year before they re-released it. It's gotten to the point where they have actually conditioned consumers to pretty much ignore the initial release of a Capcom fighting game because they just KNOW a new one is coming.

Now seeing the uproar that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom saw (and how bad it sold because of it) you would THINK Capcom would avoid making this mistake again.

But this is Capcom we're talking about. Not only have they done it EVERY SINGLE TIME we've said "Maybe they've learned!" but they went on to do it with non –fighting games. It doesn't exactly instill confidence, does it?

With all of that being said I am personally still looking forward to Street Fighter x Tekken because as someone who both plays fighting games and watches them a lot it's always good to see something new roll out and what new players appear from it. But unlike the SSX Outlook this is one I can definitely see going tits up and ass down if it isn't handled correctly.


Working Question

Just like last issue, this one is going to tie in.

What is your outlook on SFxT?

Also non videogame related…PATS OR G-MEN. Since my poor little team (Goddamn Tampa Bay Bucs…would it kill you to be good two seasons in a row?) has long been out I am siding with NFC this time.

Plus I like watching Tom Brady cry.

As for next issue…I don't know. I could continue this Outlook thing but there isn't another game that is coming out soon that I am iffy about. We'll see. Until next time, I'm Jordan Williams and…Soul Caliber 5 is pretty goddamn good so far. I'm shocked!


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