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411 Games Top 5 03.22.12: Top 5 Characters That Need Comebacks
Posted by Sean Garmer on 03.22.2012

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there. As LL Cool J once said "Don´t call it a comeback, I´ve been here for years."

Many gamers have their favorite games. Don't you wish some of those old characters you loved could get a new game on one of these next generation systems? Well the 411 staff put together a few lists to talk about some characters or series they would like to see make comebacks. These games have been around for years, and they need some love.

* Any series or character that has had a game made for the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube or the current generation of consoles was not allowed to be included on a list. Remakes of the same game do not count as "new games." Characters such as: Ness, Ice Climbers, and other Super Smash Bros alumni were allowed to be included. These characters still haven't had recent new games made for them in a singular fashion. *

Adam Larck (Games Zone Editor)

5. Ilusion of Gaia: Will/Freedan/Shadow - More power to you if you know who this is. I loved Illusion of Gaia. While I didn't get to play much of the other games in the series I'd love to see more of this character, even if it's a re-release on the 3DS Shop. I doubt we'll ever see it, but one can hope.

4. Geno - There were a few new characters that we saw in Super Mario RPG. However, Geno is always the one I wanted to see more of.: Geno. The character always intrigued me, and with his weaponry it would be easy enough to put him in a game of its own. However, it seems like Nintendo would like to forget this game than try and expand it or any of the character's out.

3. Gex - Remember this gecko? The worlds were varied and I always had a good time with the gameplay. However, after his days on the PSX nothing really has come of the Gecko. With Square Enix now owning Crystal Dynamics, who has more interest in Tomb Raider right now, I doubt the gecko will make a return anytime soon.

2.Chrono Trigger: Crono - So far, this is the character that has the best chance of making a comeback on my list. Square has shown interest in this before, and we even have a spiritual successor with Chrono Cross. However, I still want to see what happened to Crono after defeating Lavos. It would be a great game today, but I'm not holding my breath for an announcement.

1.Earthbound: Ness - I know we have Mother 3, but I don't care about those new characters. I care about Ness and the kids. There are a lot of ways this can be done. Follow them as kids still, teens or even adults. Like Super Mario RPG, though, Nintendo has no want to explore this series more. Disappointing.

Gavin Napier (Writer of This is The End(ing)

5. Marble Hours of my life were devoted to Marble Madness. Simple, challenging, and addictive, it's a difficult game to walk away from. Tweak it like developers did with Pac Man, add some techno music, and make it available on Steam, Playstation store, XBox marketplace, and iPhone.

4. Battletoads It's been nearly 20 years since we've had any version of the Toads. This game was maddeningly difficult, and the coddled gamers of the current generation need to know the soul crushing frustration of this game. Update the graphics, give it 4 player multiplayer, and leave everything else the same.

3. Pro-Wrestling (NES): Giant Panther Really the entire crew from Pro Wrestling would work. Third party wrestling games don't have the greatest track record but I know a way to make this work. Use the customization system of Fire Pro, the story mode of the Smackdown series, add online play, and USE THE AKI SYSTEM, DAMMIT!

2. Pokemon While Pokemon has been a constant presence in handheld gaming, the franchise could use a revival on consoles. Don't think it could be successful? I defy you with the Skylanders model. Think about that. Hundreds of collectible maquettes of every Pokemon character ever with special Team Rocket and Professor Oak chase figures, each one offering a different gaming experience. Gotta catch em all, indeed.

1. Adventure Island (NES): Master Higgins I loved Adventure Island. I understand that it wasn't Mario, but despite breaking up the levels and the search for a damsel in distress, I don't feel like it tried to be. The dynamic of Adventure Island felt a little more tongue in cheek, but retained some pretty intense platforming. Franchises like Uncharted and God of War have proven that platforming games can be successful of handled correctly, and games like Katamari Damacy and Little Big Planet have shown that light hearted games can be successful. Give me a not too serious PS3 version of Master Higgins and I'll be a happy camper.

Dan Watson (Writer of the Average Gamer)

5. Rampage I would love to see a Rampage game brought back with current gen graphics. They could even make it Kinect and Move playable in order to make a point about the game being great for all ages. Maybe throw in a few new characters other than the Godzilla and Gorilla.

4. Blast Corps Ever since I sold my library of N64 games this one has haunted me. It was such an awesome game that easily deserves a real sequel. I would love this on XBLA with some darker issues in it. This game could have some potential.

3. Wipeout I am not talking about that television show on ABC. I am talking about that futuristic racer on Nintnedo 64. We haven't had a good futuristic racer in a long time probably since this game was released. I would love another futuristic racer that allows for like sixteen gamers to race against each other.

2. Pilot Wings I Love the fun games that challenge you to get better but are simple to play. Pilot Wings 64 was that type of game and was one of my favorite games. I would love to see this game use Kinect and take full advantage of motion gaming generation.

1. Conker I know we had the remake on Xbox but isn't it time for gamers to get a new story of our fool mouthed fuzzy friend? Shooters are in and there are enough out there for them to take shots at. Please Rarecreate a new Conker... I guess I should say please Microsoft.

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