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Working Title 04.28.12: Working List: E3 Predictions (Part 1)
Posted by Jordan Williams on 04.28.2012

No, I'm not becoming a crab fishermen.

Welcome to the #1 Column to come to all the way from ALASKA, WORKING TITLE. I had a family emergency last week and had to hop on a flight from Florida to Alaska and everything isn't quite sorted out yet…
Either way due to the limited internet and the fact that nothing really much has gone on in the world of gaming that I feel like reporting about this week's column is going to be a short one or it's mostly going to focus the big daddy that is looming over all of our heads.


So with E3 quickly approaching everyone is starting to slowly trickle out E3 plans and E3 news and the Big Names are talking about what they aren't going to show and what they are going to show and you know what?

I am just going to pretty much not pay attention to all of that and make up my own predictions ranging from Realistic to Not Gonna Happen. Why? Because it's fun to get my own hopes up and watched them get fucking dragged over the coals.

I suppose though I should start all of this off with...

Working Backlog


Yep, pretty much haven't played anything that I feel like talking at length about. I finally got around to playing The Darkness II and while it was fun it was pretty mediocre and forgettable. I will admire the balls they have hoping that they are going to get a sequel to tie-in that ending though. While up here in Alaska my brother recently got me into playing Fat Princess a lot...and I can honestly say that game is pretty goddammned fun once you learn how it works. I am actually still surprised that it has as many players as it does online. Also replayed Army of Two: The 40th Day for no other reason than I am with my brother and that is one of the best Bro Games Ever.

Oh yeah, I have The Witcher 2. Hm. I think I need to give that game some more time. I really haven't had time to dig in and play it for more than an hour or so at a time but it's not grabbing me like everyone says it should be. For reference I am a little bit after the start of Chapter 1 and the Tentacle Monster just attacked the docks.

So yeah, hopefully it grabs me because I really want a good RPG to play.

But let's fuck all of that stuff to the side and get into some E3 Predictions!

Working Predictions - E3 2012

Now it might just seem like it's a little too early for E3 Predictions but with it being a little over a month away I might as well get this one out ahead of the pack. Every year everyone predicts the mundane and boring shit that everyone can see coming from a mile away. So we are instead going to predict some of the more outlandish stuff along with the stuff we KNOW is going to happen. I'll break it down by category because categories are all the rage.

Most Likely Going to Happen

Obviously, these are the things that we can see coming from a mile away. Either they have been hinted at or leaked already or all we are waiting for is pretty much just the official confirmation so we can move on with our lives. If these things don't happen I am honestly going to be slightly surprised.

Epic and Microsoft will announce that there will be a new installment in the Gears of War franchise.

I think that the next BIG Gears of War game is going to be held over until the new Xbox so I imagine the first hint of it will be here. Yes, I know that Gears of War 3 was "The End" but Microsoft has proved that 'The End' means doo-diddly when there is an established universe and there is a lot more that can be done in the Gears Universe outside of those first 3 games. There's tons of stuff in the comics and the entire Pendulum Wars they can mine for stuff. Perhaps this one could even be 'better' with Kinect?

Sony will announce a release date for The Last Guardian

It mean...this HAS to happen, right? Sony got the collective vaginas of the internet moist with this almost half a decade ago and has said JACK SHIT since. This is either the time to announce it and say it's coming out or just go ahead and stop stringing us along and say it's been cancelled.

Nintendo will show the first ever fully playable footage of Mario Wii U

Pikmin 3 has been confirmed to make an appearance, and while Pikmin is cool and all I do not think that it alone will be able to hold up the Wii U as a killer app and steal the show. Those honors belong to anything with the name "Mario", "Zelda", or "Metroid" in the title. And everyone loves Mario...so it's a given that NSMB 2 (for 3DS) and Mario Wii U will be debuted.

Microsoft will announce another price drop for the Xbox 360/Kinect

Seeing as this is probably Microsoft's last E3 with the Xbox 360 as the full focus, I'd imagine that either at the conference or shortly after they will announce that Kinect is getting a drop to put it in more homes. I fully think they are going to go full bore ahead with Kinect on the Next Xbox and they are going to do everything they can to get one of those in every home before they launch.

Nintendo will announce another 1st Party Revival Title for the 3DS (Donkey Kong, F-Zero, Kirby)

There's pretty much three steps to Nintendo's E3 Press Conferences. They show a new game involving a new feature that no one cares about, then they to reassure every one of its fanbases that they haven't given up on it while simultaneously touting its sales figures, and then they reveal a long lost and/or dead title that they are bringing back to send the core fans home happy. My guess is that it's F-Zero but I wouldn't be too surprised if they wanted to go straight for the hardcore heart and turn this Mother out.

May or May Not Happen

Now these are some of the things that are just a bit iffy. They could happen because they have been hinted at but they might not happen because they might be a little too farfetched for some. But hey, it's good to dream, right?

No. It's not okay to dream. Stop that this instant.

Sony will announce that the next recently announced God of War: Ascension and Dead Space 3 will both have Move Support and will be 3D Enabled

Man, it is me or did the Move just sort of...go? I know I don't own a PS3 so I don't follow Sony news as much but I swear I haven't seen much in regards to Move support. Kinect might be a bust but at least I see them actively trying to put that into stuff. I think if there was ever a chance to experiment with the Move and try to use it on a title that has some recognition (and isn't named Killzone) it would be the offshoot God of War game. And seeing as EA and specifically the Dead Space team seems to be real buddy-buddy with Sony I could see them trying to somehow put Move Support into Dead Space 3.

Nintendo will reveal a new SKU/Design of the 3DS

I mean...this IS Nintendo we are talking about. New even a full year after release they were already rumbling about price drop and it happened. Then they added on the second stick dongle. If it was a bit more certain this would obviously be in the above category, but I would not be surprised at all if Nintendo pulls a 3DS Lite out of its ass just in time for E3. Again...this IS Nintendo.

Microsoft will announce a slew of games that will be "Better with Kinect", the most surprising being Halo 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and the next "Fight Night" title from EA.

Again, this could easily be one of the ones that's a sure thing. Microsoft will ONCE AGAIN try to convince everyone that the Kinect is worth it by throwing it in as many games as it can. What puts it down here is the fact that I have utterly NO idea what games it would throw it on. I would assume if they wanted to make a splash (good or bad) they would toss it onto Halo 4 and CoD...the Fight Night suggestion is simply because I think that would be an awesome mode because boxing is one thing that the Kinect COULD do right. Keyword: COULD.

Capcom will (finally) announce that development has begun on the next Darkstalkers game.

The fighting game fans normally don't pay attention to E3 as much because it really doesn't cater much to them. But for the love of hell Capcom has been shitting the bed a lot of this year and if there was the time to make an announcement that might get some people to like them again E3 would be a pretty good time to do it. Of course, it probably won't happen because while the FGC sure does one some new Darkstalker in its life, I don't think the rest of the world does. Plus that also means Capcom will have released yet another fighting game into the wild in a time where we are DANGEROUSLY close to fighting game oversaturation.

Ubisoft will reveal the first footage of Beyond Good and Evil 2

This one is sort of iffy because I am sure Ubisoft will be all behind showing AC3 and probably some other strange shit that will never see the light of day. Could they finally throw everyone the bone they have been waiting for and give everyone a look at Beyond Good and Evil 2? Who knows. Since it was (supposedly) being made for current gen hardware if there is a time to show it it's probably now.

Now normally following logic this would be where I get into the "Not Gonna Happen" and "TOTALLY not gonna happen" but you know what? I am cutting it HELLA close with the deadline and the internet in Alaska is spotty enough…so I am going to save that for next week. I'll also post the list of the categories for the Working Title Halftime Awards.

But that doesn't mean I don't have enough time for a…

Working Question

So they announce the Sony-based Smash Brothers-like game.

What say you? Rip-off or just another entry into the Party Fighter genre? For me…I'll have to see how it plays but you can't deny that they were lifting A LOT from Smash Bros…even the HUD looks strangely familiar.

No crazy YouTube this week because Alaskan Internet, again. Until next time, I'm Jordan Williams…and this is my first list column in like three years GIMMIE A BREAK.


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