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Working Title 05.12.12: Working List: E3 Predictions (Part 2)
Posted by Jordan Williams on 05.12.2012

I knew about Shawarma before last weekend!

Welcome to the #1 Column to be back from Alaska and back in HOT WET FLORIDA, WORKING TITLE! My family emergency is now over in Alaska so now I am back in the land of stable internet, hot food, actual day/night cycles and bars that unfortunately close at thier normal times.

So now that I am back in America I celebrated last week by watching The Avengers. I will just have Mr. Brock Lesnar explain my views on the film.

Now that that is out of the way, let me go ahead and get The Working Backlog out of the way in an equally short fashion before I get on with a short column/list this week.

Working Backlog

The Witcher 2: Wasn't feeling it. Will try again later. Sent back to GameFly.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Trying to get back into this in time for Evo. Man, I got rusty as fuck. Running Deadpool/Taskmaster/Shuma for those who care.

Resident Evi: ORC Sigh. Remember when I devoted a whole column to how this game might just be good and decent? I was wrong. So very very wrong.

Saints Row the Third Working Title Co-Game of the Year returns. Not because Enter the Dominatrix got me in the mood or anything. It was just that Saints Row the Third has been on my "Get every achievement" list for a long time so I decided to finally go ahead and work on that.

Working Predictions - E3 2012 (Part 2)

So we've already gotten the stuff that is most likely going to happen out of the way. Now we are going at the things that are just not likely to happen one bit. …Really not much else to explain there.


*NOT* Going to Happen

Outside of stuff that these people have already confirmed is *NOT* going to happen, these are the others that I would be surpised to see if any of these actually happen. But we have been suprised before by announcements so maybe we have a surprise that is on the list? Who knows?

Microsoft will not hint at the next Xbox at all

Microsoft has said they would not debut the new Xbox this year. I believe them. But if you think for one hot second that they are not going to hint at the next Xbox and show some footage from something running on it then you are a goddamned FOOL.


Microsoft will hint at the NeXt Box (dumb name) because at this point they pretty much HAVE to. Microsoft's last couple of E3's have shown just how much they are lacking when it comes to exclusive and console specific content not only from a consumer standpoint but also a business standpooint. And seeing as E3 is more Business than Consumer they are going to have to assure the big wigs to keep truckign with Microsoft and looks at a new console will definitely help.

Sony WILL hint at the PS4

Now on the flipside, I think that Sony is still in a position where it can sit for at least another year without even mentioning the PS4. The PS3 hit it's stride about a year and a half ago and outside of the PSN Outtage they have pretty much been sailing fine. They have a large catalog of exclusive stuff they can trot out to keep everyone happy and they actually DO have the console that is actually built to last a decade, a benchmark previously held by the PS2 whichw as still selling strong and getting content developed for it well into the PS3's life cycle. Sony can afford another year without bringing up the PS4.

EA will announce development on the successor to Mass Effect (the rumored Mass Shift)

Since the whole "Take Back Mass Effect" thing everyone is expecting that EA BioWare is going to bend over backwards to try to stave off the wave of hate that is being lumped onto them by bringing out hints of the successor to Mass Effect.

Not going to happen.

Even if Mass Shift is real I don't see that thing being shown before the next generation. Wasting such a big announcement (good or bad) on the end of the console cycle is just bad business. Which also rolls into the fact that I don't think we are going to see a lot of New IPs this year simply because if anyone is going to take a chance on a new IP they are going to wait for the launch of the next consoles so they can capitalize on launch windows and word of mouth. This is going to be one of those cases. Even if Mass Shift IS real we are not going to see it until the Next Xbox and/or the PS4 are a reality.

Nintendo will showcase/announce a new Metroid title for 3DS.

Man, the last few years have not been good for Metroid huh? Both of it's Wii games were mediocre-to-bad and it seems like Samus has once against faded away into obscurity. Some people think she will be saved by a sudden 3DS game...and while I think that is cool I just don't see it happening. Metroid seems like something they will use the Wii Utube (Copyright pending) to exploit in some new Metroid Prime-y way. I seriously think if we are going to get a "Blast from the past" 3DS title out of Nintendo that it's going to be the long awaited F-Zero game.

Microsoft and Sony will announce that Diablo III will be heading to consoles

Seeing as Blizzard never. Ever.



EVER announces shit at E3, I'd assume this is not going to happen and could probably be a better bet that it's going to happen during Blizzcon.

NO WAY IN HELL this is happening

Now we are in the realm of "If this happens I will shit my heart out". These are the things that are just not going to happen in a million years. You don't take these with a grain of salt, you need to take these with a whole goddamn salt lick. However, if any of these things actually do happen it'll be sure to be the biggest news item of the show and probably the one thing that ervetyone will remember for the show all week.

Half Life Episode 3 will be announced...and will Be Better With Kinect

HL3 has offically taken the thrown of Duke Nukem Forever as the game that will never ever come out and when it does we might not like it. So every year we are going to have people like me who think that HL3 will come out and it will be the big fanfest affair and this is actually the year where I just give up. If HL3 is ever going to get a big announcement it is simply not going to happen at E3. It's going to happen at one of the PAX events and even then I don't think it's going to happen before the next generation. But imagine if it was announced only to be saddled with some throwaway Kinect features? Man, the community will absolute shit themselves a river of tears.

Nintendo will showcase a 1st Party game that is Rated M

Wii U is going to have M-Rated games, perhaps more so than the Wii ever had. But not a single goddamn one of those is going to be a first-party title from Nintendo. Nintendo knows where it's money is and it's not in the M-rated titles. Plus Nintendo would have to pretty much turn a current IP into something obscenely mature (and the closest they have is Metroid) or create a new IP. And when exactly was the last time Nintendo created a NEW IP?


Or you know…they could bring back one of the only first party Rated M game Nintendo has ever had (that I know of).


I somehow forgot that Eternal Darkness has also defaulted to a First Party title by Nintendo. So actually it is SOMEWHAT likely that Nintendo could bring out a rated M title. But even then Eternal Darkness has been left alone for a decade now and Silicon Knights hasn't done jack shit since. Who knows?

The Last Guardian's release date will be impossibly soon. Like the Friday of E3.


Nintendo's New 3DS SKU/Design will pull a Dreamcast
Seeing how they fouled up the actual 3DS launch so bad with the sudden pricedrop, I don't think they are going to further spurn the "3DS Ambassadors" without a new 3DS model so soon. Even then Id on't think they are going to drop it the week of because outside of Sony Nintendo has to be the absolute worst when keeping secrets in-regards to it's handhelds. It's kept most of the big details behind the Wii U silent but just about everything that is to be known about the 3DS is revealed by a Japanese magazine weeks before it's happened.

Now don't get me wrong, there is going to be a new 3DS SKU and it might even come out this year. It's just not going to be at E3.

Oh man. What is with all of this short column shit going on? Well. Seeing as this as just the ‘part 2' to the last issue it is actually understandably short. Next issue isn't going to be short through. You know why? Because next issue I am going to rant. I am going to rant hard.
What am I going to rant about?

I have no fucking idea

Until next time, I'm Jordan Williams…and Believe in Mike Ross. I dunno why. Just do.


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