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Average Gamer 09.07.2012: Most Wanted Edition
Posted by Dan Watson on 09.07.2012

Welcome back to the Average Gamer. Summer is over now that Labor Day has passed and it is time to focus on the Fall/Holiday Seasons. We are just a few weeks away from Borderlands 2 which is something I am very anxious for.

This past week has flown by. I really do not care for work weeks that start on a Tuesday because I am one week behind at that point. So, it has been very hectic. Wednesday I was in work meetings all day and Thursday I was on conference calls all day basically repeating everything from Wednesday. Have to love corporate USA and the awesome use of my time.

In the gaming world, it has been kind of lonely. With the holiday my normal gaming group was out running around with families and what not. Then the next few nights other things were coming up like birthdays, social life, and work life. So I have just managed to play a ton of Madden to pass time and build aimlessly in Minecraft. I have grown pretty upset towards those groups of gamers that continue to quit games when they are losing. Did anyone see the Giants quit on Wednesday night? Well, maybe but still stop quitting games when you are losing.

This week's top five comes by request. I noticed a few comments disappeared so I believe the request was NFL vs. NCAA and I am assuming this person meant real life. In the digital world, I prefer NCAA to Madden any day of the week. The series is always further ahead it seems and plays a lot smoother. Let's hit our top five this week for why the NCAA is better than the NFL though.

Top 5

Before I jump into this, I would like to say even though I feel the NCAA is better than NFL for the following reasons, I still prefer NFL to college games. Just personal preference.

5. Everyone Has a Chance to Win Can anyone tell me why NFL teams like the Cardinals, Vikings, Rams, Jaguars, and Colts are projected so low this year? It is because no one wanted to go out to these teams and play for a rebuilding team. In the NCAA, everyone has an opportunity to play in a bowl game at least and if you are good enough, you will get National Coverage. When was the last time we saw the Rams in a Nationally televised game that mattered?

4. Loyalty One issue I have with the NFL is how frequently players move. In college sports this is discouraged unless there is some major issue (Penn State, USC, Ohio State to name a few). Even in those circumstances, the NCAA has to approve the move and provide reasoning for it. In the NFL, players move all the time it seems.

3. Better Overtime Rules Just when you think the NFL can't screw up their overtime anymore they add this stupid rule where if you get the ball first and kick a field goal your opponent gets a chance to score. NCAA has one of the smartest overtimes if you want to give a completely fair playing ground.

2. Players Actually Are Trying One of my biggest issues with Pro Sports is that the players seem to not care or give one hundred percent. A wide receiver won't reach for the ball on a route across the middle because of fear of injury. Not in college sports though, these kids will take a beating and keep jumping up for the ball.

1. Fans are entirely in the game Even in the smaller stadiums, fans pack in with their teams colors overtaking the stadium. I've been to several University of Illinois games and it is amazing to see how many people are wearing Orange. Go to a Pro Football team game and you notice people are wearing normal clothing with a few jerseys or t-shirts thrown in and some costumes. It is amazing how over powering this is in college sports.

Time To Look Ahead

Last week we took a look at the most anticipated games of the next few months. As many of you pointed out there are a lot of sequels out there and not too many new series or titles out there. Well, that changes somewhat next year. Let's take a look at some of the titles I am excited about for the next year.

Watch Dogs

The whole idea of a modern assassin is amazing to me. Being able to use technology to find your target seems so realistic. I hope they don't screw this game up. How many of us hear about the dangers of technology on a daily basis? I hear about it probably two or three times a day with worries of identity theft, concern over big brother watching, etc. This game takes all of that and makes it real.

Last of Us

This is probably the biggest question mark on my list. I have been fool many times previously by post-apocalyptic titles that promise to have me questioning everyone's motives and working for a common good. Dead Island was the most recent I can think of that really let me down. It isn't that the game isn't good, just not what they showed in the trailer. So, I am hoping that this game doesn't turn out to be like that. I want a game that makes me question what is good and bad in this new world and how to protect myself and my allies. So far, it looks like this one will deliver but time will tell.

Tomb Raider

Not quite a sequel but a remake basically. This time we get a darker version of the title we are all so familiar with. I look forwards to seeing how they pull this off. The series was great, but lost its luster after the second or third title. Some of my favorite video game memories came from this series and I hope they can return it to its former glory.

Wii U

The only console on my list that has all of us wondering what is the big deal. I am not sold on this console at all. In fact, I am almost certainly a no. It seems like it is Wii, with tablet support. We don't have all the details yet and we need more. Hopefully, within the coming weeks and months we are given enough information to make an educated decision on purchasing this console. After the last few consoles from Nintendo, I am wondering if maybe they should go the way of Sega and get out of the console battle and focus on software instead. Imagine Nintendo teaming up with Rare again for Microsoft.

Bioshock Infinite

Another title that comes from a series of good games. I am not quite sure what to make of this new game and the delays it has faced. Normally when a game gets delayed enough, it is almost guaranteed not to live up to the expectations it has set for itself (see Duke Nukem: Forever and Alan Wake). With that said, the story here is creative enough where I do believe it can live up to the expectations we have set for it.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Anytime a sandbox title comes out I get excited. Crackdown, Saints Row, Red Dead Redemption, and of course Grand Theft Auto all have kept me very entertained over the years. Now we have a new Grand Theft Auto coming out and I can only hope it keeps with its previous titles and provides me with enough violence and chaos to hold me over until the next sandbox title comes out. The stories are all almost the same in this series but it has been entertaining none the less. I am just hoping they bring some really new features to the series and toss in a bit of the over-the-top humor that Saints Row has provided us with.

That is all I have for you this week. Let's all hope for a Vikings win on Sunday against Jacksonville. Have a great week everyone.


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