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Four Player Co-op 11.21.12: Wii U Launch, Final Fantasy XIV, Black Ops 2, More
Posted by Stephen Randle on 11.21.2012

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Greetings, and welcome to another edition of Four Player Co-op, the game where we make sarcastic, over-emotional, and occasionally well-researched answers to some of the most fiendish gaming-related questions that I can come up with in my spare time. Sometimes we bake cookies. But not this week.

Start the game!

QUESTION ONE: Well, he we are, where the rubber meets the road. Or more accurately, the release of the Wii U, the opening salvo of the next generation of consoles. Call it what you will, the fact of the matter is that 1.2 million people pre-ordered the system at GameStop, more than double those who pre-ordered the Wii. Which pretty much means that if you didn't pre-order, you're probably out of luck until after Christmas. With that said, did anyone here pick one up for release weekend? How long are you planning to wait? I mean, everyone's going to buy one eventually, so what are you waiting for?

Adam Larck
I didn't pick one up, and probably won't for a while. As a quick side note, though, there are still some consoles around here up for grabs after release. So, even with the pre-order numbers, don't be surprised if you find a Wii U or two at a store before they get picked up. As for the waiting, I can't justify spending that much with a bigger system probably coming out next year and some big spending coming up in my personal life. Not only that, but if sales end up like the 3DS, we could see a price drop next year, so I'll just sit back and see what happens and go from there.

Todd Vote
I'm waiting to see what the other two do. I made the mistake of going with Microsoft mostly for financial reasons. I think anyone who reads the 4PC knows how I feel about that decision. No, this time I am going to wait until all three companies have announced systems and price points. I'm not going to rush into anything. The fact is I still get a lot of use out of my Xbox 360, whether it be gaming, watching movies or TV shows, or finally, searching the web. I see no reason to rush into the next generation.

Dan Watson
Eh, Quizmaster, this doesn't happen often but it happened this time, you are wrong. I do not plan on picking up one of these consoles ever. I made the mistake of the Wii and won't do that again. How can you have a console that you are planning on turning into a home entertainment system and not include a DVD or Blu-Ray reader in it for movies? Other than the "GamePad" and the HDMI port, can anyone tell me what is different between this and the Wii? I won't be picking this cash grab up.

Robert Cooper
No, I didn't even think about picking it up on the release weekend. I don't find that many of the titles to be all THAT appealing, plus, I find the gimmicks that Nintendo are trying to run to wear kind of thin. Is it kind of cool that it's a tablet that is playable on your computer?, yeah, but that doesn't mean I want to buy a system that has games that are already going to be available on the 360. I plan on waiting for one of my friends to buy it (do it, Randy, piss Josh off), and then I might play one. The only way I will get one is if a bus full of models from Hawaiian Tropic roll up to my house and out flies a bus full of models and a free Wii U. That is what I'm waiting for.

I suspect if I had kids I'd have one in the bag for Christmas, but I'm holding off until they put out some games I want to play. Although this whole "TVii" thing really interested me, as long as it actually works. Anyway, Dan makes a good argument for the "anti-Wii" camp, and since he's going to be in a hard-pressed minority, we'll give him 321 points.

QUESTION TWO: Over in MMO country, much-maligned Final Fantasy XIV went out in a blaze of glory this past week, with this trailer highlighting the death of the MMO that never, ever managed to work properly for its entire existence. But don't worry, FFXIV will be back in 2013 as "A Realm Reborn", which is apparently a ground-up restoration of the entire game. Given how there is exactly one MMORPG out there thriving on a subscription model and all the bad press associated with FFXIV, is it a good idea for Square Enix to continue trying to make this damaged brand succeed, or would it have been better for them to turf the project, eat the losses, and wait a few years before trying to venture back into the wilderness that is the MMO arena, or possibly just never go back in?

Adam Larck
They actually have a fairly dedicated fanbase on FFXI, so I'm definitely not surprised that Square Enix is still trying to find success with XIV. What I am surprised about is that the subscription model is still being used. I really figured "A Realm Reborn" would be free-to-play with plenty of micro-transactions. Hopefully, the company can still do decent with the game. However, if the new version is just as glitchy and bad as the last version, look for the company to sit back and do a big evaluation on if they should leave MMOs alone.

Todd Vote
I just don't see why so many companies keep trying to make a go at this market that seems to be nearly impossible to stay relevant in. Is there that much money in an MMO that it is worth failed attempt after failed attempt to crack the market? I just don't get it.

Dan Watson
I like the last option QM. Why stick in a market that doesn't seem to be holding much right now. Look at Star Wars KOTOR, a huge title with a good sized fan base couldn't survive in the pay to play game so they go free to play. Even WoW has a free to play aspect just in case someone wants to level up to a certain level and see if they like it enough. Square needs to take Blizzard's "Nice Drug Dealer" approach. You give someone something that is highly addictive for free and then charge a ton when they come back. Works every time, I mean it would work every time if this was happening.

Robert Cooper
I don't think anyone is really all that interested in the Final Fantasy MMO experience anymore. If I'm not mistaken, this was attempt number 2 by Square Enix to do a Final Fantasy MMO, and this is the second time that it has turned out to be a sack of donkey dung. I personally think that they should just scrap whatever they have, and stick with what brought them to the party, straight up RPGs. I don't think there is any money to be made by them in the MMO market, considering that they're already back to the drawing board, which means that is even more money that they're losing money right now, and it's quite a sizable amount, I'd guess. FFXIII was apparently not the most amazing game ever, I wouldn't know, because I haven't played it, but that's what the internets have told me. But I think that Square Enix might be able to make another winner of an RPG if they turned their attention to doing as such.

Just an addendum to this story: apparently FFXIV is staying subscription based because, and I'm paraphrasing and also totally not kidding, Square Enix promised its fanbase that it would be, and they keep their promises. So, clearly, Todd actually was right: Final Fantasy fans are idiots. I guess that means he gets 1542 points.

QUESTION THREE: Here's an interesting legal case tangentially involving a video game. Amazing how many of those exist, isn't it? Anyway, a tattoo artist is suing THQ for including a tattoo he designed on the model for UFC fighter Carlos Condit in UFC Undisputed 2010 and UFC Undisputed 3. Apparently he's claiming that since he owns the design for the tattoo, by using it in their game, THQ owes him a chunk of change. Now, I'm no big city lawyer, but it seems to me like that might be a bit of stretch, right? Wait, you're not big city lawyers either. Well, give me your opinions anyway.

Adam Larck
Surprisingly, there's already a bit of a precedent for this in another entertainment form. Mike Tyson's tattoo by Ed Helms was not cleared before using an identical likeness in the Hangover 2, and a lawsuit was made over it, with a deal being made with Helms, where I'm guessing he was paid a sum. I look for THQ to have to do the same thing regarding this tattoo. If they didn't get the permission to use it or sign a contract, he does have fairly good legal ground to stand on regarding the artist's rights on the tattoo used.

Todd Vote
Seriously? Carlos just lost the biggest fight of his career, and now they have to deal with this shit? The sad thing here is this guy will probably win something out of this. Remember the whole Mike Tyson Tattoo thing in The Hangover 2? These types of lawsuits are going to keep popping up as long as it pays for these idiots to file these types of lawsuits. It's ridiculous, but the precedence has been set.

Dan Watson
This kind of makes sense in an American lawsuit society. Condit paid for this design to be used on him as a tattoo. Condit paid the price to have access to that design solely for the purpose of this tattoo. That said, I cannot then take that design and replicate it as it is the artist's property. This could be used for everything. If I start making NFL jerseys with Adrian Peterson, I cannot say he owns the rights to those jerseys because he wears them. THQ you owe this artist one of your IPs, hell, at this point just give it to him since you will be out of business soon anyways.

Robert Cooper
This reminds me of when the dude who did Mike Tyson's face tattoo got pissed about "The Hangover" using the design. My knowledge on law comes mainly from Law & Order, and if I've learned anything from Jack McCoy, it's that this seems like the dude grubbing for money. If he really wanted that money, he'd have jumped on this back when UFC Undisputed 2010 came out. Granted, THQ didn't have to use the tattoo, but I don't think asking this one artist to use this one tattoo that's on one fighter out of dozens in the game. Besides, THQ doesn't have any money, and the amount of money they'd owe him would be hard to gauge. NEXT CASE!

I almost left Dan's initial answer intact, because his iPad clearly autocorrected every instance of "Condit" to "Conduit", and I thought that was hilarious. But cooler heads prevailed. And then gave everyone who knew about this whole Mike Tyson tattoo lawsuit 2315 points. How is it that I never heard about that?

Shut up.

QUESTION FOUR: And we close with just absolutely shocking news. I mean, I'm just flabbergasted over here. I need a moment before we continue.

Okay, here goes. It turns out that Black Ops 2 has broken the old sales record for Day One sales set a year ago by Modern Warfare 3, dragging in 500 million dollars to shatter the mark of 400 million that MW3 pulled in when it launched in 2011. At the current rate, Black Ops 2 will reach over a billion dollars in sales in the first five days after launch, which would, of course, be another record. So, how shocked are we?

Adam Larck
Not at all. This series keeps building up steam each year and smashing records. I think the changes and revamping of the Zombies mode really helped sell it to fans of the original Black Ops game. I look for BlOps 2 to smash all the current records before it's done. No big surprises here except to just wait until next year's title releases to see if it breaks these records as well.

Todd Vote
What? What's that? Oh I was just sitting over here watching this paint dry... Well, it is about as shocking to watch as hearing this news about a Call of Duty game shattering its own record again.. Yeah, I'm not shocked at all. I hear they actually tried to do a few things different this year, so I guess that's a plus.

Dan Watson
I am fairly shocked here. It wasn't too long ago people online were saying with a certain company dropping out of the CoD brand, the series was going to die. Well two years later and this series is flourishing more than ever. It is the Madden of FPSs but no one seems to care. This game will shatter all entertainment records it seems and it honestly isn't that amazing. I do like what they did with zombies in the transit map but outside of that, not impressed. I am impressed by their numbers though.

Robert Cooper
I'm not all THAT shocked, CoD is HUGE in a lot of places (like high schools). I personally think that the game has been a huge rehash-fest for a long while, but if a ton of people want to play the game, more power to them. Hell, that much money exchanging hands over one item in so short a time is pretty neat. Eventually the franchise will finally reach its' peak, and then they'll have to put some time(like 2 years) between CoD Black Ops 13 and Modern Warfare 14).

In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic.

Dan can have 4236 points for remembering that some people (who were dumb, but whatever) did predict that losing Infinity Ward might signal the end of Call of Duty. Of course, he only gets partial credit because Black Ops was developed by Treyarch, while Modern Warfare was the brand under Infinity Ward's purview.

BONUS QUESTION: So I know you don't all care about baseball, but neither does anyone I work with and I need to strut a little at the fact that this past week the Blue Jays basically doubled their payroll, added four All-Stars to the roster, turned the entire city of Miami against the Marlins, and filled me so full of hope that the eventual disappointment will probably kill me. Or set me on a psychotic rampage. Or both. Anyone want to step up and offer their thoughts?

Adam Larck
Oh good, a chance to tick off the Game Master. Does the word Yankees mean anything to you? You can't just buy a team in baseball to automatically win a World Series. Look at the Yankees for the past few years. You have to have a solid team of good players that can support each other and work off of strengths and weaknesses. I just want to say don't be crushed when it looks like a few big players can't help the team instantly get a World Series.

[QM Note: Since the Jays last even made the playoffs in 1993 (when they had the highest payroll in baseball, actually), the Yankees have won the World Series in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009. Money may not guarantee a Series win, but it sure does improve your odds]

Todd Vote
Who are we kidding, your psychotic rampage is imminent, regardless of the outcome of the this upcoming season with the Blue Jays. There are so many other factors to consider when it comes to what will unleash your eventual psychotic rampage. Hell, it might not even hold out till the end of the next baseball season. For instance, if Daniel Bryan was to suddenly be jobbed out then future endeavored, we could see this rampage come to fruition. I'm just saying, don't blame the Blue Jays.

Dan Watson
Congrats to your Blue Jays. I was shocked when I heard the trade simply because in any other sport the commissioner would be smart enough to veto this trade. Bud Selig has ruined the sport of baseball. He ranks slightly higher than the NHL Commissioner who shall remain nameless after killing that sport again [QM Note: That's not entirely fair. He has a name: Evil Little Troll Bastard]but below all of the other commissioners in the world. I have no problem with the Blue Jays at all because if someone is giving you a team why not take it.

Robert Cooper
I really don't follow baseball much anymore, though I still kind of follow the Braves. But anywho, the Marlins have to be jonesing for a move to somewhere else. That's the only possible explanation I could think of, they sent their best players (it seems that they all had costly contracts) and $2 million, to Toronto for 4 players and 3 prospects. The Blue Jays got an really good deal on this one. This really reeks of, I need to cut the big contracts and move the team to Indianapolis overnight before anyone knows. Maybe we'll get to see the South Dakota Marlins come 2014, because we all know that South Dakota is a baseball mecca.

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