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Four Player Co-op 12.12.12: Guitar Hero 7, Least Enjoyed Game of 2012, ZombiU, More
Posted by Stephen Randle on 12.12.2012

Daniel Anderson has joined the game.
Dan Watson has joined the game.
Todd Vote has joined the game.
Robert Cooper has joined the game.

Greetings, and welcome to another edition of Four Player Co-op, the column that's all about the Christmas spirit. The Christmas spirit is still about cut-throat quiz gaming with no quarter asked and none given, right?

Start the game!

QUESTION ONE: In case you were interested about the now-mothballed Guitar Hero franchise, well, apparently there was a Guitar Hero 7 (wait, 7? Did I miss 4 through 6 or something?) in development as late as 2011. Apparently the concept involved scrapping all the instruments except the guitar, which gained a sixth string and an extra button on the neck. Apparently the peripheral sucked, and for some reason, this once-highly successful franchise had budget restrictions that limited the playlist to, and I quote, "the worst hits from the 1990's". Setting aside the fact that "Closing Time" is a seminal classic and I will brook no arguments against that statement, if the extra-complicated guitar had actually worked and this thing had made it to market, I guess the question is…would you buy it?

Daniel Anderson
No. I enjoyed the first couple Guitar Hero games just because it was something different and fun to gather a bunch of friends together to play. The series got old fast for me though, and none of those changes would improve the game enough to make me buy it. Especially since I would have had to buy a new controller for the game as well with them adding buttons. Never understood that logic. Sales are dipping, so let's make people pay more money to play the next game in the series.

Dan Watson
Nope, sorry. I didn't and don't want any more guitars, drums, mics, pianos, harps, or any other instrument they can create. I would however like to nominate closing time as the official song of 4 Player Co-op. Seems like the Quizmaster feels that way towards the end of every column after the abuse we dole out.

Todd Vote
No. I bought one. GHIII I think it was. That is enough for me. I didn't even get the version with all the instruments. I got the basic version, two years after it was released, at a dollar store, for like $30. So my curiosity was there, then satisfied. No need to buy another one.

Robert Cooper
God no!, I really did have a love for the Guitar Hero franchise in high school, but that ship has sailed, and as much as I would love to play the greatest hits of Color Me Badd, I wouldn't buy the game to do it. Especially with the really weird peripheral of a guitar that they were trying to peddle. I think a lot of those music games that these companies were shelling out 4 times a year really hurt the market, and the fact that they went from a fun pick up and play game, to trying to teach you guitar, is a problem, and that's why GH tried to do it, and we all know that they would have failed utterly and it would have been hilarious to watch. (Okay, not really, unemployment is never funny).

Man, the love for plastic instruments dried up pretty darned quickly around here. Todd gets 542 points for most mirroring my experiences with the genre, except it was Rock Band and I got it for a Christmas present. Now only the foot pedal remains.

QUESTION TWO: We've discussed this in theory a while back, but this past week the idea of banning online players for bad behaviour became a reality, as popular fantasy MOBA League of Legends banned one of their professional players for life due to, and I want to get this quote right, his "tendency to engage in verbal abuse and insults, his lack of cordial demeanor, and his treatment of less-skilled players." With at least one other major franchise (Halo) reportedly having similar plans for dealing with poor online manners, is online gaming actually in danger of becoming…civilized?

Daniel Anderson
It will be as civilized as the people handing out the bans make it. League of Legends took a big step in banning a pro-player, but I do not know if all games will have the balls it takes to do that. Everyone who plays online has run into that player who spends as much time as he can insulting the other players and saying how great he is. It is actually so common now that unless I am in a party with friends on Xbox Live I do not even use my headset. Once every game does this then we might be seeing a trend, but I am not holding my breath.

Dan Watson
Doubtful. I spent the greater part of my weekend playing COD: BO2 and got verbally assaulted in almost every game. It gets ridiculous; if you do well they bitch, if you suck they bitch. I'm tired of it. I would love civilized talk while gaming.

Todd Vote
No. They can't ban people if they don't get complaints filed. I'm sure the number of people who actually take the time to file complaints has got to be pretty low, right? I think they would lose a lot of money if every trash talking player was to be banned. They will probably keep at it for a few months, maybe a year, just to show they mean business, then the quantity of bans will start to drop without much fanfare.

Robert Cooper
Not at all, maybe on the pro circuit it might become a little more tame. But all in all, I stiil think of a lot of Internet gamers (especially FPS games) to be a large amount of middle and high school kids whose parents didn't love them enough and no girls will like them. So they take out their sexual frustration on the poor n00b in the corner. They will cuss at them, scream at them, and most of all not even cuss and scream at the right time.

I do love watching people try to crack down on the worst contributors to John Gabriels' Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory, and like Daniel, I'll be cautious yet hopeful that at least some corners of the Internet could seriously enforce good gaming behaviour. In that spirit, Daniel gets 1432 points.

QUESTION THREE: Continuing down the build towards the end of 2012, no matter how careful we try to be about our gaming purchases, we all somehow still end up playing some games that we just didn't like. I don't want to use the term "Worst", so we'll go with "The Game You Liked The Least of 2012".

Daniel Anderson
Diablo 3. First, I will state that I had no issue with the story in the game. I enjoyed it even if it was predictable. That being said, there were several issues with the game. From the vast difficulty jump at the end, to the extreme rarity of decent weapons (making you have to go to an Auction House, real or gold, to buy weapons), to people getting good weapons and then putting them on the gold AH for billions of gold so it won't sell and another one like it won't drop, to…well I could keep going but you get the point. Too many things were done wrong with the game.

Dan Watson
Resident Evil: Raccoon City Operations would be that title for me. The game could be beaten within an hour and was terrible. There was nothing good about that game at all.

Todd Vote
It would have to be Fire Pro Wrestling for the Xbox 360 Arcade, or the Joy Ride game also released for the XBLA. Both games sucked. Fire Pro was my first experience with the series, and man did it ever blow, and make me wonder what everyone could possibly have seen in this series. I know it was toned down and made for a more casual market, but good lord.. Joy Ride? Equally crap, or maybe even more so... Now I'm pissed at the Quiz Master for reminding me that I played some very shit games this year... If only there was some forum for me to bitch about something totally unrelated, just to make myself feel better.

Robert Cooper
Not totally sure, because I don't tend to play many games the year that they come out, but if I were to give the cake to a game that I didn't like. It would be the third entry in the Ninja Gaiden series, I really thought that game was shite just based off of the demo alone. It felt like the series, for lack of a better term, sold out, and that niche of hardcore gamers (myself, not included, I just loved Ninja Gaiden Black for the XBox) really shat on the game hard.

Daniel and I are in the same boat once again, for 4329 points, and I won't regale you with my myriad disappointments with Diablo III, because I'm sure I'll get at least one more chance in the Year End Awards. Suffice to say, I'm very, very disappointed in you, Blizzard.

QUESTION FOUR: Pop quiz time, because I've got a good one. Okay, so among the Wii U launch titles was a neat little zombie roguelike with some innovative concepts wrapped around a surprisingly good game that would probably help bring in some of those "hardcore" gamers that thought the Wii was a kid's toy. And they called that game…ZombiU. Seriously. I don't know if I could think of a worse title for an actually good game if I tried. So I'm going to make you try instead.

Daniel Anderson
Ambiguous Ending (aka Mass Effect 3). Sorry, I really don't have anything else.

Dan Watson
Sounds like someone has been watching Keanu Reeves in Speed too much. Pop Quiz hotshot, the title could've been ZombiiU. It could've been ZumbiiU or even just Zombii. Nintendo isn't going to get fancy with their names clearly especially with Wii and then WiiU or Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and N64.

Todd Vote
So you want me to actually try to come up with a name worse than the worst possible name? Um... Zombie Tennis? Is that a worse name? I think it is. And way more misleading... Come to think of it. It may be cool to have a tennis game where you play as zombies. Wait, no. No it wouldn't.

Robert Cooper
I can think of many worse names for a zombie game. But if I were to give a terrible name for any great game, I'd give it to Call of Duty.

Todd nearly got points, but lost his nerve and backed off the Zombie Tennis idea, which I would have at least liked to see a proposal for. Tennis games always seem to have surprisingly large fanbases, so I wouldn't be shocked to see it do well.

BONUS QUESTION: Hey, did you hear that Microsoft's application to renew the Killer Instinct trademark got rejected due to a potential conflict with an old television show of the same name? I will now open up the floor for angry ranting from Todd, and anyone else who wants to jump in.

(NOTE FOR READERS: Actually the rejection was just a formality of the process and Microsoft will likely re-file, point out that there's no possible brand confusion, and get it renewed eventually, but there's no reason to tell Todd that.)

Daniel Anderson
I laughed a lot when I first saw this. This will work out and we will probably see an XBLA release of Killer Instinct (eventually), but it will not be for a while. I am guessing we will not see it until the next generation of consoles.

Dan Watson
It's cool. As we saw in the previous question, Microsoft can just rename it a bit. Get creative and come up with a different spelling. I doubt anyone had Killer Instinctz taken. Or maybe Killa Instinct. Endless possibilities QM.

Todd Vote
Oh good, a place to rant about something completely unrelated to Question Three. And... I just can't do it. I can't help but think that Microsoft will get this issue resolved. I mean, what silly ass is going to confuse the greatest fighting game ever made with a shitty TV show?

Robert Cooper
Robert's answer was unintelligible due to laughter.

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