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Four Player Co-op 01.02.13: Game of the Year, Biggest News Story, Anticipating 2013, More
Posted by Stephen Randle on 01.02.2013

Jeremy Thomas has joined the game.
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Dan Watson has joined the game.

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to another edition of Four Player Co-op. I am the Quizmaster, and yes, I dragged everyone into this thing on a holiday weekend. To be fair, I did give them Christmas off. Nobody will ever call me Scrooge, no sir. They call me all sorts of other names, but never Scrooge.

Start the game!

QUESTION ONE: Time to hand out some hardware separate from the Official Year End Awards, because we can and also because it's easier than hunting for news. To start, as always, quite a lot of news stories that we've covered each and every week on 4PC. So for our first award, what was the Biggest Gaming News Story in 2012?

Jeremy Thomas
While I think the biggest story was the encroachment of the next generation of consoles between the Wii U and constant rumors about the next Xbox and Playstations, I would rather talk about my favorite news story. That would be the histrionic overreaction of gamers to the ending of Mass Effect 3. Now, I'm okay with the fact that they were not fans of the ending. We are allowed our opinions. But the amount of gamers (and let me acknowledge that this wasn't all gamers pissed at the ME3 ending, just a very vocal minority) acting like children and actually demanding that BioWare change the ending to an already completed and released game. One moronic fan actually thought he had enough of a case to complain to the Federal Trade Commission. This was the convergences of a thousand terrible things about gamers coming into pure, crystal focus. I don't like the ending of the game, but you know what? I didn't like the ending to the horror films Silent House and The Devil Inside either. I'm not going to demand they change it, I'm just going to be wary of seeing films from those directors in the future. That was my favorite (by which I mean, least favorite) story of the year.

But yeah, biggest: Next-gen consoles.

Todd Vote
The biggest news was THQ filing for bankruptcy. Not that we didn't all see it coming, I just really expected them to make it through the end of the year.

Stewart Lange
The biggest gaming story of the year? Easily has to be me not only purchasing, but enjoying the big release titles sooner rather than much, much later. I've got so many enjoyable games this year, titles I probably would have ignored like Hitman, Dishonored and even Medal of Honor that I've found great enjoyment with. Yes, other stuff happened, but this is what's been important to me.

Dan Watson
Businesses going out of business would be my pick for this awards. THQ and 38 Studios both produced some great games in the past 18 months and both are gone to start 2013. Each is a different reason but either way they are gone. Pretty soon we may be down to only a few companies running the show.

In the interest of full disclosure, half of Todd's answer was him mocking me for mixing up Connecticut and Rhode Island when I gave them an example of Studio 38's closing and nearly bankrupting an entire state, but since it wasn't part of the actual question, I get to edit it out and leave him with a shorter answer. Anyway, Stewart gets 532 points for having the balls to nominate himself as the Biggest Story of 2012. Ladies, I don't know if he's single, but…

QUESTION TWO: All right, time to cut right to the big one. While we've all already voted on the Official 411 Game of the Year, the winner there is, by necessity, determined by aggregate score, and I want to hear some personal choices. Therefore, it's time for the only question that really matters at a time like this: What is the 2012 Game of the Year? Pick a winner, and then a couple of Honorable Mentions, if you want to.

Jeremy Thomas
I voted Halo 4. I know that Walking Dead has a lot of supporters and I think that the story was amazing, but I agree that as the game aspects didn't hold up enough to put it over the top. Halo 4 on the other hand not only maintained the quality of the franchise but actually pushed it forward while many other games (Mass Effect 3, Diablo III, WoW: Mists of Pandaria and many others) marked downward turns for their franchises to varying degrees. If I had to pick some honorable mentions I would go with WWE '13 for the fantastic Attitude Era mode and yes, The Walking Dead.

Todd Vote
My vote went to the Walking Dead. Of course as has been illustrated here in the 4PC in the past, that was a heavily contested debate about whether or not the game even deserved inclusion. That game made me feel choices like no game I had ever played before. That alone, was reason enough for me to go ahead and give it the nod.

Stewart Lange
My favourite game of the year has been Dishonored, hands down. I generally suck a stealth games so don't give them much of a chance, but the promise of playing "your way" was enough for me to get involved in Bethesda's offering. Having butchered my way through the first couple of levels, I found the game actually catered to a stealth approach and rather than giving up, I actually started planning my routes and takedowns. As a result, I wound up with a title I would have otherwise avoided in Hitman and loved that too.

Dan Watson
FarCry 3 is my winner of game of the year. I was a bit put off by previous versions of the series but this game has been awesome. Storyline is great, graphics and sound are good, and it has a co-op and multiplayer mode as well. Honorable mentions go to Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2. Both of these games were solid games.

I voted for FarCry 3 in the original GOTY voting, because it's an open world game on par with Red Dead Redemption (although the story fell short). I wanted to get on The Walking Dead bandwagon, but halfway through Chapter 4 I was so depressed with the horrible things happening to characters that I really liked that I had to put the game down and walk away for a bit, and I haven't deadened my emotions enough to get back to it. So in exchange, I'll give Todd 1953 points for being brave enough to actually finish the damned thing. Or soul-less enough, whichever.

QUESTION THREE: Okay, let's look ahead to 2013, a year full of possibilities. Games to be announced, release dates to be pushed back, movies to be rumoured based on whatever franchise becomes insanely popular, all sorts of things can happen. And we're going to give you the power to imagine that you could make something happen. So, for the year ahead, what is The Thing You'd Most Like To See Occur in 2013 (In Gaming). Yeah, the award name's a little long, but I couldn't think of a shorter way to get my point across.

Jeremy Thomas
Well, if I were really dreaming, I would say that I wouldn't mind seeing an Avengers vs. X-Men themed entry in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance franchise. Yeah, I know that's not going to happen but c'mon...just think about exactly how bad-ass that would be. Failing that, I would like to see Harmonix release a new full-fledged Rock Band game. Yes, I know that's a bit out of left field but I am a rhythm genre nut and I would love to see it make a comeback. It's been a couple years that the genre has been essentially dormant, so I think it's ripe for a comeback. You know it's going to happen at some point anyway; might as well be now, when rock is starting to make a comeback in mainstream music.

Todd Vote
An arcade perfect HD port of Killer Instinct. Yeah, you had to know that was coming. :)

Stewart Lange
Short term: I want to complete Pokemon Ruby. Medium term: Bioshock Infinite. Long term: Replay the Mass Effect trilogy. That about covers it, but I'll also try and catch up on my back log, which includes, Lego LOTR, Resident Evil 6, a replay of Portal 2 and a ton of arcade titles I got cheap over the Winter Sale on XBL.

Dan Watson
My top thing I'd like to see in gaming is a push for new IPs. We have seen some great titles come out of this generation like BioShock, Borderlands, Gears of War, etc. I'd like to see one last set of new IPs come out before the year is over and the generation with it.

Todd, your dreams are small and shallow. Fortunately, so were everyone else's and at least you stay on message. Here's 2351 points.

QUESTION FOUR: And to close things out, I'm going to force you to get creative. Namely, it's time to Create Your Own Year-End Award! Best., Worst, whatever, pick your Something of 2012 and tell me a little about it!

Jeremy Thomas
I would like to present the award for the Man We're Most Pleased Is Still Irrelevant in 2012. It was a difficult nominating process, as we were too busy pointing and laughing at the candidates' complete and utter uselessness to society and gaming in particular. But in the end, I think we all knew that this was going to be a landslide. Ladies and gentlemen, a man who needs no introduction--or probably does at this point, since he has fallen into "Where Are They Now" territory--video game violence hater, school shooting chaser and dishonored/disbarred Florida attorney Jack Thompson!

...what? I like mocking Jack Thompson, and you gave me an open forum. Can you really blame me?

Todd Vote
My award is for 2012 Shit I Still Need to Play. There is a lot of shit on this list, but the one that stands out at the top, that I just never got around to playing and really, really wanted to is Dishonored. Never got to play it, and it is at the top of my list now after hearing a lot of good things about it.

Stewart Lange
My award is for "Most Unfairly Making You Attached To Expendable Squad Members" and the winner is:

X-Com. Why give you the ability to name your squad mates, only to watch them be mercilessly butchered and destroyed in the slums of Paris or New Delhi? I got so upset when a Tall Man shot Cpl "Peter Enis" in the face, I dropped to my knees on his behalf, Platoon style.

Good game, too.

Dan Watson
Best Concept That Didn't Work goes to Neverdead. The idea of being able to be limbless and playing is awesome except this game failed to do it. I'd love to have seen a game like this done better. Another award goes to Operation Raccoon City for Best Marketing To Get You To Waste $60 On An Arcade Title.

Stewart, I'm going to tell you, if you were that attached to people named after dick jokes getting killed, The Walking Dead game would destroy you. Yes, I got the joke, and I trampled all over it. Have 3426 points as an apology.

BONUS QUESTION: New Year, new start, same Quizmaster. Don't make that face. What have you resolved for 2013?

Jeremy Thomas
I don't do resolutions, because I don't need to commemorate the new year with vows about life changes I should have already made and am probably going to break within a couple of weeks. That being said, if I was going to make a resolution, it would probably be threefold: to continue my streak of thirty-six consecutive years of not eating people's faces off, to continue bribing the Quizmaster with meme pictures when I can get away with it and to get my 4PC answers in on a more frequent basis. Hey Quizmaster, here...Happy New Year:

Todd Vote
I vow to try and not hate on every RPG question the Quizmaster throws my way. Having said that, I fully expect there to be at least one every week until my resolution is completely shot to shit.

Stewart Lange
I've resolved to move house. Sounds dumb, but it's got to happen this year. I've also resolved to answer 4PC questions with more than 50 words.

[QM NOTE]: To be fair, this was technically written in 2012, so it falls outside the bounds of the resolution

Dan Watson
I resolve to drink more, care less, and generally have more fun. Also I better see a Vikings' Super Bowl win this year.

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