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Four Player Co-op 01.30.13: THQ, DMC, WiiU, More
Posted by Stephen Randle on 01.30.2013

Daniel Anderson has joined the game.
Todd Vote has joined the game.
Dan Watson has joined the game.
Jeremy Thomas has joined the game.

Greetings, and welcome to another edition of Four Player Co-op, where the winners are less predictable than the results of a WWE PPV. Yeah, we like our standards for comparison to be as easy as possible around here. Otherwise, how could I justify any of the points I give these guys?

Wait, I forgot, I don't have to justify anything I do here. I'm the goddamned Quizmaster.

Start the game!

QUESTION ONE: All right, so the long and sordid tale of THQ's slide into bankruptcy is just about wrapped up, and here's who got to go home with some lovely parting gifts:

- Deep Silver got Volition Inc (Saint's Row) and the Metro: Last Light
- Sega got Relic Studios (Company of Heroes)
- Take Two got Evolve and may have picked up the WWE license in a separate sale
- Crytek got Homefront
- UbiSoft got THQ Montreal and South Park: The Stick of Truth

Also, nobody picked up Vigil, and through them the Darksiders license, or the Red Faction franchise (although some of THQ's less-valued franchises will be sold off in a separate process). So, now that we know, what are your thoughts on the fallout?

Daniel Anderson
The biggest thing that stood out to me was that the Darksiders and Red Faction licenses were not purchased. For no one to purchase those franchises means that no one bid on them at all. I figured that at least Darksiders would sell since it was a fairly successful franchise. Only other thing in the buying frenzy was that Sega spent $26.6 million for Relic Studios. If you had asked me before the sale took place, I would never have seen Sega purchasing a studio, let alone paying $26.6 million for it.

Todd Vote
I think everything turned out okay as far as where the franchises landed. Was a bit surprised that nobody picked up Darksiders though, especially given it is one of THQ's more successful original IP's. Then came the tweet of all tweets, one of the heads at Vigil tweeted about what his vision was for Darksiders III. 4 Player Co-op! Latest word has Platinum games interested in it so we will see. I'm very curious to see what Take Two does with the potential WWE license that they may, or may not have picked up. Those were about the only three properties I was concerned with.

Dan Watson
It is somewhat sad to see this company fail and be pulled apart like this. I noticed no company went crazy for Go Draw or whatever the game that bankrupted the future of THQ is called. Sadly, I will miss THQ. Hopefully Take Two can do something special with WWE and I'm hoping that Deep Silver will do great things with Saints Row.

Jeremy Thomas
It's unfortunate that THQ fell apart, but probably for the best for the sake of these franchises. The writing has been on the wall for THQ for a while now and I think most people could see this coming when they sold their rights to the UFC license to EA, and more so when they delisted from the NASDAQ. The studio was too busy falling apart to give the franchises their due so it's good to at least see that they will survive. I'm glad that Take Two is getting WWE's license instead of EA as was rumored; the wrestling games have done the "Roster Update" tactic enough in the past for my tastes. Finally, I'm a bit surprised that Darksiders didn't go anywhere, but we certainly won't see it die as it'll get picked up. All in all, it just finishes out as a "what can you really say" moment. RIP, THQ. Leave the memories alone.

In news that broke after questions went out, while the Darksiders license is probably gone, it seems like most of Vigil got picked up by Crytek as a new development studio for them, so good for those guys. However, I'll give Todd 542 points for bringing up the potential for 4PC in the Darksiders franchise, because if it had happened you know I would have worked it into this game somehow. Ah well, what could have been.

QUESTION TWO: Well, you know all those big titles we all assumed were coming for the Wii U even though we didn't know anything about them? Well, Nintendo opened the floodgates last week, and among the upcoming titles announced for Wii U are a new Zelda, an HD upgrade of Wind Waker, a Yoshi game similar to Kirby's Epic Yarn, a Shin Megami Tensai X Fire Emblem fighter, and of course, new Mario, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros titles expected to be playable at E3. Anything there get you more interested in a Wii U?

Daniel Anderson
I like all the news hitting and it gives me hope that if I got a Wii U I would have something else to play other than a zombie game. Nintendo pulled out a lot of major titles and promised a lot of them being playable at E3. The news at the moment is promising, but I want to actually see the games, and how they play, before I get too excited. Also, where is Star Fox? I have always been a Star Fox fan, and when I saw that Nintendo announced a bunch of titles, I was hopeful for a new Star Fox.

Todd Vote
Not yet. I'm not sure there is much that will get me excited about the next gen of consoles. I know they are coming, and I know that I will eventually make the jump to the next generation. But to be honest, I am pretty happy, finally, with my Xbox 360. It has become so much more than a gaming machine for me. Especially now that it has a browser. I'm sure there will be a game announced at some point that will start to get me excited about them, but as of now, I am still just sort of "meh".

Dan Watson
This was all pretty much expected so sadly no. It's not the first party games I'm worried about with the WiiU, it's the third party support. Wii has some great Nintendo made games but no third party titles worth playing.

Jeremy Thomas
Nope. Sorry, but I have never had any interest in the Wii and didn't have any in the Wii U either. Sure, a new Zelda and new Mario games are cool but are they going to entice me to buy a system that I could care less about? Newp, not so much. Call me a cranky old bastard, but Nintendo lost my support in terms of their consoles long ago and my faith has not even begun to be restored.

Man, the Wii U apathy is getting palpable around here. I guess the good news is, Sony and Microsoft have the door wide open to claim top spot in the new generation. I can't wait to see how they screw it up, can you?

QUESTION THREE: So, it seems that the new DMC: Devil May Cry game, featuring a total reboot of the franchise in an entirely new setting, has a few detractors. In fact, the hatred from self-professed "true" DMC fans has gotten so out of control that the Metacritic user scores are somewhere around a 3/10 (while critic scores are actually pretty good, apparently the game is pretty awesome). Oh, and they started one of those White House petitions (which I just had to link because I wouldn't believe me either) to try and get the President to force to remove the game from store shelves, citing, amongst other things, "it violates our rights to have a choice between the original's or the reboot" (and yes, that's a direct quote). All I know is that these people frighten me. What have you got?

Daniel Anderson
I think it is time for some tough love to some of these fans. Repeat after me, you are not entitled to what you want. If you do not like a franchise being rebooted then that is fine. It is your opinion. If you want to sign a petition to the publisher to try and get them to change their plans to do a reboot that is fine, but if they don't listen to you then just give up and don't buy the game. These people complaining and signing this petition makes the Mass Effect 3 fans that didn't like the game's original ending seem calm and rational in comparison.

Todd Vote
They are all a bunch of stupid motherfuckers. If the only problem in their little lives is whether or not Dante looks better with white hair than he does with the black hair, well then fuck them whiny ass little bitches. Get over it, reboots happen. They will continue to happen, and if they are done in a way that pays homage to the original, while still carving out their own path, then they were done absolutely correct. Get over it you bunch of pussies! Look, I get it. When the Evil Dead remake was announced, I was on this boat of "grr. fuck that, they will ruin it." But you know what, I've seen the new trailers, and I am genuinely excited about it now. Would you little bitches prefer that you get no Dante at all? Ever? I'm pretty sure that was the alternative here, so enjoy what you got you entitled little worms.

Dan Watson
I'm with you Quizmaster, I don't want to piss off either side so let's say everyone is right. Honestly though, these reboots are killing some titles. Why does a series still so new need to be rebooted now? This would be like rebooting God of War.

Jeremy Thomas
Fuck "true fans." Anyone who has the goddamned audacity to claim that someone isn't a real fan of something deserves nothing less than a 2X4 to the face. I've gone off about the reaction to the Mass Effect 3 ending before, but this blows that shit right out of the water. That petition is either a complete joke that blew out of control, or it shows how much "true DMC fans" need to get out and experience some fresh freaking air from time to time. I'm now five times more likely to buy the game knowing that there are people having aneurysms over it.

Daniel and Jeremy bring up the last great "dedicated player" controversy of the last year and split 2649 points because I just finished Mass Effect 3 this week and I had absolutely no problems with the ending. Granted, I did play with the Extended Cut because I'm not an idiot, but it was a decent ending, all told. Now, do I start over with the first game and try an entirely different path, or do I retain what little sanity I have left?

Plus, the best part about all of this is that people who have actually played the damned game are tripping over themselves talking about how awesome it is.

Also, I think we set a record for total curse words among four responses to a single question here.

QUESTION FOUR: After losing roughly 200 million dollars last quarter, Logitech has announced that they're going to stop making peripherals specifically for consoles, although they will continue to make them for PCs. And in a torturously bad segue, let's talk about third-party hardware for consoles: what's been your experience with using stuff that wasn't created by the same company that made the console?

Daniel Anderson
I haven't gotten any third party items for this generation, but I have mixed memories of third party controllers and memory cards in the past. It seemed like it was always a gamble as to if it would work right or not. I'm not surprised that Logitech is giving up on console peripherals, because it seems to me the market for third party items have dried up. Most people I know, just pay the $10+ extra to get something they know will work (or just buy the item pre-owned).

Todd Vote
I used to buy a Mad Catz controller or two back when I had the PS2. They were shit, and broke rather easily, but they were also cheap and affordable. That is about as far as my peripheral buying has gone. I have never been one to go crazy over the new stuff, like the power glove, or the dance pad or any of that shit.

Dan Watson
Ever since the corrupt memory card fiascos of PS1 and PS2, I've stuck to the first party products. Even when my brother bought me the knock-off 360 Halo controller I had issues where it would register that a battery pack was in it and it required batteries. So, just pay the extra $10 or $15 and get a quality product.

Jeremy Thomas
I don't have a ton of experience because I rarely buy third-party peripherals. The only one that I have is MadCatz's instruments for Rock Band 3, which I have had no problems with. That being said, I also do not buy peripherals for my iPod Touch that aren't Apple products anymore because I've been too badly burned by incompatibility issues (despite what the company claims), malfunctions and such. Thus, Logitech is probably making a wise move; I imagine they probably had decent products 'cause they usually do, but bad apples ruined it for them.

Dan hits on exactly why I only buy first-party console peripherals and earns 3215 points. I still remember picking up the generic PS1 memory card because it was ten dollars cheaper. One day, eleven hours into Final Fantasy IX, all my save files corrupted. I literally ran out and bought a Sony memory card within the hour. Well, okay, first I had to get talked down off a window ledge, but then I bought the card.

BONUS QUESTION: I'm too busy playing Ni No Kuni (which I just happened to write a review of), so you're going to have to make your own fun. Get to it.

Daniel Anderson
I think I will give some love to TEW 2013 this week. If you have ever sat and watched wrestling and thought, " I could book better than that," this is the game for you. You are in complete control of a company and you have to set up angles, get timeslots for shows, set up the cards for PPV's and TV shows, sign new workers, go to war against other Feds, and a whole lot more. There are also a lot of mods out there that put familiar names and faces onto the default wrestlers and Federations.

Todd Vote
An orange peanut... That is all I have to say. If you haven't seen it, hence forth to thine Youtube and watch it.

[QM NOTE: Or I could just embed it in the column. That works too.]

Dan Watson
How about them Blackhawks, Quizmaster? How can you focus on video games when we have a NHL team 6-0? Also Royal Rumble was predictable as per usual.

Jeremy Thomas
Here's some fun: Avengers is a better movie than The Dark Knight Rises! There, I said it. Expect the hate to flow like spice.

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