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Four Player Co-op 02.06.13: PS4, Disney, Warcraft, More
Posted by Stephen Randle on 02.06.2013

Dan Watson has joined the game.
John Cash has joined the game.
Todd Vote has joined the game.
Robert Cooper has joined the game.

Greetings, and welcome to another edition of Four Player Co-op. I am the Quizmaster, and all that happens here does so because I wish it. Some say I've gone mad with perceived power, and to them I say….so?

Start the game!

QUESTION ONE: Well, it doesn't look like there's much interesting going on, just another boring February. Oh, wait a second. There's this:

Annnnd, go!

Dan Watson
Well this is a bit of a surprise. I didn't think Sony would be like a 16 year old boy and fire his load early. I honestly thought we wouldn't hear anything official until June or July. I'm shocked that we are getting a probable next console announcement at such a strange time of the year.

John Cash
I am not excited in the slightest. Sony burned a lot of bridges with me this generation, starting with price-points, the oversell/overhype on Bluray, the blatantly ripping off Wii-motes with the Move, PSP just being a disaster for the most part, PSVita being mediocre at best, and on top of all that, I could count on one hand the exclusives I would want to get a PS3 for, and 300 bucks for a machine I'll play 3 or 4 games on and watch a Bluray on before going back to watching things on my crystal clear laptop monitor, and I ended up doing all that on a friend's PS3 (and PSP for that matter) anyway. They will really need to hit a dozen grand slam home runs between this announcement and time of release if they want me to even sit up straight in my chair for news of the PS4 (if I'm not too busy oohing and aahing at the next Xbox or refreshing a new official Smash Bros website hourly for roster confirmations, that is.)

Todd Vote
So... a teaser for a pending announcement? With absolutely nothing but the Playstation logo? Color me super-duper excited... I can't wait till they make that announcement. It's not like we all didn't know this was coming, it was just a matter of when. And can we absolutely confirm that this is what everyone is hoping it will be? The announcement of the PS4? I mean sure, all the "sources" are saying it is so, except Sony themselves... The only official statement I remember about the PS4 is that they are going to let Microsoft make the first move, doesn't anybody remember that coming right from Sony? So, while this may seem like the PS4 announcement, I'm just gonna hold off on the excitement.

Robert Cooper
OH BOY!, a vague commercial! I do suspect that this is a teaser for the new PS4, and I am pretty excited about that. I've been a Microsoft fanboy since middle school, but I'm starting to lean more towards Sony. The first xbox was not the greatest, I admit in retrospect, but it had some killer exclusives, including one of my favorite games of all time, Star Wars KOTOR. The 360, while still having fantastic games, really has lost some steam for me. The exclusives well seems to be drying up, they are no longer the premium when it comes to online gaming (at least if you compare price vs. quality), and Sony has some really good exclusives for their system in a cross-platform world. I think that this might be like how the 360 was for Microsoft, they'll get out of the gate before Microsoft, and more people will buy it because it's out first (if it does come out first).

Man, you'd think more of you would be excited, but only Robert gets the 634 points that were on the table for at least attempting to care. Obviously it's the PS4, but until I know a launch lineup and a price (which had better be less than $500), I really can't afford to get too hyped up. And yet…

QUESTION TWO: Speaking of release dates, the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto V is now set to drop in September, and not early spring as was originally projected. While the press release paints a rosy picture of simply needing "additional development time", pushing the game nearly half a year later from its original planned release date, especially when it's a tent-pole franchise like GTA, which is expected to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars for Rockstar, can't be a great sign, can it?

Dan Watson
I'm thinking Rockstar saw the awards that Mass Effect 3 missed out on with the thought it came out too early in the year to be remembered as well as saw all the money and media attention of an early holiday season launch. September is a great time to game, and I wish more games released around then. This isn't as bad as it looks.

John Cash
I don't necessarily think it's a bad sign. Like you said, it's the tent-pole franchise, and they want to get it right. There are a lot of expectations going into this game; will it be another dark and more serious game like GTA IV? Will it return some of the humor of San Andreas without going batshit insane with it like Saints Row? Will we ever feel the way we felt playing GTAIII for the first time again? I can only think of two things for the delay; stalling so they can have a PS3/360/PC simultaneous release, or polishing it off and fixing it up as best they can to end the generation with a bang, as it will likely be one of the last big titles of the generation (seriously the only other game I can think of at the moment coming out this fall is Dragon Age III.) Despite the delay, I'm still excited to play it, and am sure it will be worth the wait.

Todd Vote
Has Rockstar ever released anything on time? For some reason I seem to have memory of both Red Dead, and GTA IV being pushed back before they were released too. Either way, I have no reason to be weary of this move. This is Rockstar for fudge's sake. There are several developers and publishers where I never worry about the quality of what they are going to give us. Rockstar is one of them. If they say this is being pushed to allow additional development, then damn it, I will blindly believe it! Besides, have you seen the trailers for this shit? They are trying something fairly new and extremely ambitious, give them time to get it right.

Robert Cooper
I'm hoping that it won't be that bad of a sign. Pushing a game back half of year won't exactly be good for business, because it's already being advertised at most game places I see, and I think some people might just stop caring. I won't be purchasing it Day 1 anyways, I always have a little backlog of games due to my cheapassedness. I do wonder if they'll be included enough content to make up for the pushback, I'm doubting that they will, but who knows, maybe it'll be the right thing for them to do.

Todd correctly points out that the only company that delays release dates at a rate similar to Blizzard is Rockstar, but coupled with the first question, I have to give Cash 1253 points, because I'd be fairly sure that both Sony and Microsoft would do any number of unthinkable things in order to have GTA as a launch title.

QUESTION THREE: After a month where Disney revealed their big money-making scheme for the summer in Disney Infinite, and a winter where they paid some ungodly sum of money to lock up another piece of our childhood in LucasArts, things are not so rosy on the video game front. This week, Disney closed Junction Point, creators of the Epic Mickey franchise, which was critically well-liked but financially a bit of a disaster. Which brings up an interesting point about Disney's relative ineptitude in this area: aside from Kingdom Hearts (which was as much Square-Enix's baby as the Mouse), can you name a really hugely popular, or even notable, Disney video game?

Dan Watson
Aladdin, Sega Genesis. If each person doesn't have this game listed they need points taken away. Also, as my memory serves, Lion King wasn't terrible as a child. Look, Disney may have more going on than we realize. With LucasArts, there were some great video games licensed. Maybe Disney is using some of those contacts now. God, I hope so.

John Cash
Not without going back to the 16 bit era, really. Back when Capcom and Virgin Games gave us actual honest-to-goodness good movie/cartoon tie-in games. Epic Mickey could have been a masterpiece, but because of Disney's own desire to appeal to a wider audience (which I don't fault them for necessarily), it was merely a fun little romp full of references from yesteryear. The only thing that really sticks out in my mind would be Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers for the GameCube (and many other platforms.) It was pretty decent despite reviews, but I wouldn't call it anything remotely close to "hugely popular".

Todd Vote
Did you play any of the Disney Games that were released through the NES and SNES/Genesis era? Those games, from Chip and Dale all the way to Aladdin were all very excellent games. Lion King on the Genesis in particular stands out to me as one of the best Disney games I have ever played... There have been some great Disney games, though they do seem to be fewer and farther between these days. Since Marvel is under the Disney banner now, can we count Ultimate Alliance?

Robert Cooper
The games based off of Toy Story, Aladdin, and the Lion King were pretty big (and difficult) back in the day, right? Wikipedia tells me LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean counts as well. Wikipedia is never wrong.

You all are technically correct, the best kind of correct, but if we have to go back three console generations to find a good Disney game, then it's fair to say that they've got a pretty bad track record. Dan, however, is probably right that acquiring LucasArts at least gives them a substantially better vault of titles, so we'll give him 3251 points.

QUESTION FOUR: A new director has been named for the long-in-development Warcraft movie, as the director of Source Code and Moon has signed on, with plans for the film to be released in 2015. Given how long it's taken to even get this far into getting this movie off the ground, the source material, and the semi-rabid Blizzard fanbase, what kind of odds would you give on this statement: The Warcraft movie will be just as critically and financially successful as the games have been.

Dan Watson
Can anyone name one video game movie that was critically acclaimed or even enjoyed by gamers? This movie will be an average movie that can be very enjoyable, the problem is there is too much going on in the WoW universe to set up one movie without people complaining about it not being true to the game. Sometimes it's for the better (Walking Dead TV show) and sometimes Hollywood surprises us with sticking close to the source ( Game of Thrones) but mostly we get terrible movies like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, and Mario Bros.

John Cash
What are the odds for a 0% chance? I'm not a gamblin' man (obviously), but considering how WoW is practically its own industry AND economy, I highly doubt a movie about it will make the billions that WoW has. What I will say, is that I will be utterly shocked if not only it actually gets made, but if it has any quality whatsoever. We've been getting rumors about a Halo movie since before 2005, nearly a decade ago. There were practically instant rumors for a Mass Effect movie as soon as it came out in 2007. If a movie like Starship Troopers 3 can be made (with just enough quality to keep you from tossing your viewing device out the window), then why can't any other space marine movie? Hollywood is much more receptive to sci-fi than medieval, multi-race fantasy, so it will be a triumph if it even gets released into theaters, let alone make even a quarter of the money that WoW has brought to Blizzard.

Todd Vote
With Duncan Jones attached, it has just as good a chance as anything, I suppose. People really seem to like this guy's work.. I haven't had the chance to see Moon yet, but I have seen Source Code. While it was a decent sci-fi flick, Warcraft is a whole different monster. With the fans, and Hollywood placing lofty expectations, there is no way everybody leaves his one happy. No way.

Robert Cooper
Not a chance. I can see it doing decent financially, but critically, not a chance. World of Warcraft is a game that has a huge reach but only goes into a few groups. A movie, on the other hand, will have to please the hardcore fans, casual fans, critics, and other groups of people all at the same time, which I don't see happening. Source Code was a damn good movie, but the dude who did that won't be able to get something like this to stay in theaters for long. Besides, video game movie don't seem to be happening much, I remember being a freshman in high school and hearing about a Halo movie, so I don't see it the movie happening, and if it does, not doing well.

Everyone forgets to mention Mortal Kombat, the greatest video game movie of all time, so no points this round. I often wonder why, when given all these best-selling video games that are loved for their deep, engrossing stories and characters, nobody ever thinks to use that as the basis for the film version, instead of writing your own script and shoehorning in names and places.

BONUS QUESTION: I heard there was some sort of football game on Sunday. I glanced at some of it while waiting for them to air a new episode of Elementary, but maybe you happened to catch anything of interest during it?

Dan Watson
I think the power outage has been overstated and will probably be mentioned once or twice here. A few things I enjoyed would be seeing Cris Carter as part of the group being enshrined in the hall of fame, the M&Ms commercial, and just a solid football game.

John Cash
I didn't even bother to watch (answering before the game actually), even though last year I predicted a SupHARBAUGH, my team (the poor, lowly Jags) did so poorly this season that I didn't even bother to watch the last 6 weeks of the season or the playoffs. I won't be dumb enough to predict a winner (and get roasted in the comments when I'm wrong), but I give a slight edge to San Fran, mostly because I don't know if Baltimore has it in them to pull of the emotional win for Ray Lewis. If Baltimore's defense can get under Kaepernick's skin hard and early, it might spook Harbaugh (whichever) into playing Alex Smith, and I'm sure Baltimore will have a much better chance, because Smith seems the kind to choke in a situation like that, especially after getting Bledsoe'd out of his position earlier this season. Other than that, the only thing I can say is congratulations Coach Harbaugh on a hard fought season and championship win!

Todd Vote
This year was the first Super Bowl I hadn't watched in years... Not because I didn't want to, hell even the commercials are enough to hold my interest each year, because let's face it, being a Viking fan, the chances of me being invested in either team in the game are slim... So yeah, I caught maybe five minutes of the game, plus the Rock's milk commercial.

Robert Cooper
I caught Black Sabbath's, "Hand of Doom" being used in Elementary. The game was great as well, two teams playing very well in two different halves, and some shit commercials. Next year should have a Not-Super bowl, College Football National Champs vs. worst NFL team. BOOK IT!

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