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Four Player Co-op 02.20.13: PS4, Wii U, WWE '14, More
Posted by Stephen Randle on 02.20.2013

Daniel Anderson has joined the game.
Todd Vote has joined the game.
Dan Watson has joined the game.
Stewart Lange has joined the game.

Greetings, and welcome to another edition of Four Player Co-op. As we stand here on the dawn of a new console generation, I feel like I should say something prophetic and memorable. But that really wouldn't be our style, so let's get down to it.

Start the game!

QUESTION ONE: All right, so on the same day that this column comes out will be Sony's big announcement, which is going to be about the Playstation 4, or whatever they're going to call the next one. Now it's time to put our psychic powers to good use and predict what Sony is going to reveal about their new console. Will we get a look at any hardware? Any guesses at what potential launch titles could be previewed? How about a price point, backwards compatibility, rumours about this whole "no used games" thing, or any other of a hundred little details that potentially could be discussed? So, what do you think Sony's going to show and/or tell us during this little shindig?

Daniel Anderson
think this is going to be big on style and probably short on substance. I think we will see a few gameplay videos and possibly hear about a new PSN service, but I think that is about it. I think we will see a $599 or $499 price point and not much else other than being told there is no backwards compatibility. I think we have seen the last of Sony and Microsoft systems being backward compatible. As for new titles at launch, I will wait to hear the launch date before guessing what we will or will not see. As for an off the wall guess, I am going to say Sony will come off sounding condescending as they start talking about no used games. I see the execs talking down to gamers and possibly trying to make it sound like they are doing us a favor by banning used games. If they do so, they will hurt their cause badly.

Todd Vote
The only thing I am really hoping for is the "no used games thing", and the "always online" thing don't pan out for either company... Those are going to be a big factor in whether or not I join the next generation of gaming... I suppose we all have to hang it up eventually, don't we? Could this be it for me?

Dan Watson
I think we are going to get a very bare bones message from Sony. They are going to announce that the PS4 will be released this holiday season. They may show a montage of clips of games that may be coming but I am doubting that even. I think that this announcement will be fairly long but give us very little information. I doubt we will see hardware except maybe a controller or other accessory. They may give a date like E3 for more information. No price point, no launch titles, no valuable information other than the announcement we already know about.

Stewart Lange
Well, I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty ill this week. My first sick day from work in over two years is when I pick to write this and at this point, I could give a damn about the ps4. I'm not likely to buy one because I really didn't like the Ps3. I've fallen out of love with the Playstation pad and already have a Blu Ray player. Frankly, it's hard to think about what they could announce especially at this early stage. I think today sees some vague teasing on features without actually announcing anything concrete.

Nobody seems to think we'll get anything special outside of the announcement itself, and I suppose that would be in line with Sony's history, even though I had hoped they would have learned from their disastrous PS3 launch advertisements. Anyone who actually predicted this correctly will get 624 points next week. You know, because when this was posted, we still hadn't actually seen the press conference. Fair is fair, guys.

QUESTION TWO: Okay, there is one thing we have seen in advance. Well, potentially. It seems like people are just itching to share pictures of what has not yet been verified but very likely could be the PS4 controller, featuring a small video screen in the center, but otherwise generally looking exactly like every other generation of Playstation controller. Frankly, I was hoping for another crazy attempt like the quickly-forgotten Batarang controller, but what do you think about what we've seen of this new controller so far?

Daniel Anderson
From what I have read, it seems like it has the same shape as the traditional PS controllers but with a small touchscreen and a motion sensor included. So basically it is Sony ripping off the Wii U and Wii controllers. I am probably going to get a lot of hate for saying that, but that is how I see it. Part of me wonders if Sony is afraid to try something new. With the PS3 they had a new design for the controller and then changed it at the last minute to be like the PS2 controller.

Todd Vote
Believe nothing till it is confirmed by the company who is supposed to be creating the thing... That is the stance I am taking on it. That controller looked a little janky, even to be a part of a dev kit... Isn't Sony on record as saying the controller used for the PS1, PS2, and the PS3 is going to be changed for the PS4? I have to think that change is going to involve more than a tiny useless screen on the front of it. Seriously, look at the picture, that screen has to be like what, two inches wide, and an inch tall?

Dan Watson
It reminds me of what Dreamcast tried to do. Does anyone remember the Dreamcast controllers that would display different things on them? That is all this seems to be. That screen is far to small to play anything off of, but may be a good supplement at some point to something. You cannot look at the screen and the controller at the same time but maybe they do something like Sniper Scope where you have to look at the controller to see through a scope or something. Otherwise, same controller we've seen for the past fifteen years.

Stewart Lange
I'm not sold on the screen in the controller to be honest. I don't like it on the WiiU and the only time I've played one I didn't look at the TV set at all. Obviously, this will be pretty different, but I don't really get what it'll be used for.

Todd asks the question I did, and thus earns 1964 points. I mean, really, what the hell would you do with that tiny screen that would be of any use at all? Either it's not real, or it's stupid, and since it's Sony, I'm not sure which way to lean.

QUESTION THREE: Meanwhile, things aren't exactly dire for the Wii U yet, but even with announcements of anticipated games coming in the future, the lack of anything coming out now may have seriously hurt console sales, as Nintendo moved under 60k units in January, a lower monthly total than either the PS3 or 360 had in any month of their existence. Even so, it's probably too early for doom and gloom about the Wii U and its future…right?

Daniel Anderson
I do not think it is too early to worry, but you have to take into account that having a lot of new games coming out soon will affect people making the choice to buy the console or not. I think that once all their first party titles start hitting, we will see a massive uptick in Wii U sales. Until then, worry about the slow sales, but know it might turn around in the end.

Todd Vote
Nintendo has plenty of first party things that will keep gamers excited, and will eventually cause most of them to take the leap and buy the system. Hell, if this always online crap and no used games crap ends up panning out, we may see even non-Nintendo fans start to migrate to that console... Not sure who said it last week, but Nintendo has to be hoping that Microsoft and Sony are dumb enough to try and implement these new features into their consoles so Nintendo can sit back and say "Hey, we didn't do any of that stupid shit, so you know, go ahead and buy our console."

Dan Watson
I think Nintendo really dropped the ball here. The WiiU may be targeting the casual market but what have they done to promote it at all. I still see more Sony and Microsoft commercials than I see of WiiU. In fact, I don't think I have seen a WiiU commercial in a long time. You cannot just sit back and hope to sell a console with no major titles and no promotion and hope people will just go out and drop money for a Wii with a tablet. I will be the first to admit that I have not looked at the console very much at all but the reason is because I am still afraid it is just going to be like the Wii, great for a short time and disappear. The problem is this hasn't been great yet.

I've rambled a bit but on the flip side, the PS3 didn't do amazing in the beginning either. That console struggled to get off the ground it seemed like and then was hit with the identity theft situation and no good game from it. There is still hope for the WiiU, the company just has to do a better job of getting people to know it is available.

Stewart Lange
The WiiU wasn't going to be a glorious failure, but I think the best it could ever hope for was third place in the new console wars. I expect both the PS4 and new Xbox to surpass the WiiU very quickly after release in sales. I think it's great they released some "real" games for launch, but there won't be many people itching to buy a whole new console to play Arkham or Mass Effect who don't already have a superior machine to play them on.

Man, nobody wants to whirl into a panicked frenzy anymore. I miss the old days. Stewart gest 3207 points for pointing out that while the Wii U launch was technically stacked, a lot of the games were ports of franchises that had already been out for months on the PS3 and 360. Would it have killed Nintendo to have a big first party game ready for launch, or at least something better than New Super Mario Bros U?

QUESTION FOUR: Well, it's finally shaken out as rumoured, and Take-Two Interactive has officially acquired the WWE license. According to the deal, Take-Two will continue working on the franchise with Yukes, who has been in on Smackdown games since the very beginning. Take-Two also has reportedly reached out to former THQ talent that worked on previous installments of the game. Now that it's all shaken out, how do you feel about the future of WWE video games under Take-Two?

Daniel Anderson
When I read this I was sad because, to me, it sounds like we are going to just get the same game we have been getting for years only with Take Two instead of THQ appearing on a screen. I want to hope that Take Two will try to be innovative the game and make it seem new, but bringing on the old staff and developer tells me we will probably just get more of the same.

Todd Vote
I was really excited about the prospect of Take-Two picking up the franchise... The news of Yukes, and some of the people who worked on the franchise coming with it has soured me a bit on the idea, if only because it indicates that nothing will change... The thing I was excited about the most was the chance to see a new WWE game built from the ground up ready to take it in a new direction... Sadly, I don't see that happening now.

Dan Watson
I'm a bit disappointed. This sounds a lot like they are putting out the same game and just going to collect money off of THQ's work. I was hopeful that they were going to start fresh and give us something different. Sadly, that doesn't seem the case. I will probably sit WWE '14 out but may watch for deals or see what comes of it before making a final decision.

Stewart Lange
WWE 13 is the first wrestling game I've bought in 4 years. I've never really loved the games under any company, with the main exception being the original Smackdown. It makes me glad to know Yukes are still involved and while who knows in what capacity, they do have THQ staff who've worked on the slightly better received 12/13 versions. I'll wait to play it before buying it, but yeah, I don't see it being a bad game.

A lot of totally justified worry that we'll get the same old game come fall, and I totally believe that will be the case, because WWE isn't going to let them skip a year of release and THQ probably already had a good portion of this year's game already in the can. I think we'll have to wait until 2014 to see if Take-Two really plans to make any sweeping changes to the existing franchise.

BONUS QUESTION: With Sony's announcement, and Microsoft's sure to follow, it's time to start reminiscing about this console generation. So, let's start with the games/franchises that you think will be the most memorable/influential of the Wii/PS3/360 generation.

Daniel Anderson
I made my selections thinking about only exclusive franchises. Anything like Skyrim or New Vegas that was released on both consoles I did not consider. For the PS3 I would have to say the Uncharted franchise. This is a franchise that got a lot of people to buy a PS3. For the 360 I would say Gears of War. I would have said Halo but since it debuted on the original Xbox, I can't count it as a defining game for this generation. Finally, for the Wii, I would just have to state no one game but motion control in general. The Wii took something most people would have said would never work (and that Nintendo had tried before) and made a very successful console out of it showing that graphics are not the only thing to consider when developing a new console. Also, Nintendo had both of their competitors come out with (less successful) motion controls for their consoles in an attempt to try and sway some casual gamers from the Wii.

Todd Vote
I think Gears of War would have to be right up there. I mean lots of games already have borrowed the cover system and play style of the game. Another is perhaps The Walking Dead. Say what you will about the game play, but there is no denying that they did something extremely special with the story in that game. They made the story the star of the game. That can't be ignored...

Dan Watson
Hmm, most influential is tough because I cannot say any game really revolutionized gaming this generation. Gears of War showed you can go with a different angle of a camera and provide a solid covering system to create a good shooter. This generation really pushed the first person shooters out like never before I believe. The next closest would be N64 with Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, Turok, etc. I think the thing that will most likely be remembered are solid titles like Uncharted, Gears of War, Mass Effect, the later Call of Duty games (I know they started before this generation but the popularity took off this generation), and Assassin's Creed. A few personal favorites that others may not agree with would be Mortal Kombat, Saints Row, and Crackdown.

Stewart Lange
Well, I'd say Bioshock, Fallout 3, Skyrim, Dishonored, Borderlands and part of me will always have a real soft spot for Rock Band. I'm never getting rid of my 360 anyway, unless it breaks altogether.

Touch wood.

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