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Four Player Co-op 02.27.13: PS4, X-Box, UbiSoft, More
Posted by Stephen Randle on 02.27.2013

Todd Vote has joined the game.
Dan Watson has joined the game.
Sean Garmer has joined the game.
Robert Cooper has joined the game.

Greetings, and welcome to another edition of Four Player Co-op. Here's how we play our game: I ask them questions, they answer them. We were thinking of expanding the concept to a YouTube webseries, but apparently even the Internet has standards that our players fall pretty far below.

Start the game!

QUESTION ONE: Well, the Playstation 4 has been revealed, not in any physical form, but we got a whole lot of interesting information last Wednesday about what we should be looking forward to in late 2013, when the console is expected to hit shelves. Whether you're interested in potentially picking one up or not, was there anything that caught your eye at the press conference?

Todd Vote
I know that I am just going to come off as being a bit bitter here or whatever, but there really wasn't. I am super happy Sony has nixed the idea of not allowing used games, so it is at least a step in the right direction. Beyond that, I don't particularly care about being able to play my PS4 games on my non-existent Vita. Everything announced was good, but only for those that can afford to have the PS4, and the Vita. Sony had one hell of a press conference, no doubt about that, but I still have yet to see anything to personally get me to the point where I am all "ZOMG I HAS TO HAS THAT!"

Dan Watson
I think just in general the information that was given was more than I expected. I was shocked that we didn't even get a glimpse of the console itself but other than that, this press conference delivered more than most should have expected. They gave us a release window, tossed a few titles our way, and went as far as to display and discuss the controller. The biggest bit of information for me was the ability for the Vita to play PS1-4 titles through a cloud service. Sony, in my opinion, never really supported or gave gamers a reason to purchase their hand-held console. This is about as big of a reason as anyone would need.

Sean Garmer
I did not own a PS3 in this generation of consoles, but after hearing what Sony had in store for the PS4 I am all ears. Sure, I was interested in Deep Down, The Final Fantasy trailer, Knack, The Witness, and Drive Club. However, what caught my eye was all the cool info about what we could potentially do on the PS4. Of course, being able to play digital downloads immediately is pretty awesome.

I think the announcement about being able to demo everything on the PS4 before buying it is not only something the Next Xbox has to have, but also something that changes the way we view games forever if it happens. Players can now only buy what they like and this could open the world of possibilities for original games even more. Uploading gameplay videos with the click of a button is pretty cool as well. If Sony does Gaikai right I think the backwards compatibility with it could actually work.

Robert Cooper
)I didn't actually watch the press conference, but I did take account of the play by play on my Facebook feed. There were a couple of things that I found pretty interesting about the things that they revealed. The thing that I found most comforting was their announcement they will be letting people play used games, so hallelujah on that. I'm also interested that they've changed the controller a little, which is odd for them, because I don't think they've done that before. The share button that they've installed should be something interesting in terms of online playing. Another thing that I found interesting was the fact that the start and select buttons have been merged. Overall, that's pretty much what I've gotten from it, because processing things don't say much to me. But I will say that they do have me interested in purchasing their system.

Sean and Dan get 395 points for talking about the Gaikai tech, which will be cool for all sorts of reasons. Assuming that any of what they said is true and not just "Boy, wouldn't it be cool if we could do this", of course. Also, I want to take this opportunity to be thankful that I already own a Vita. If PS4 games really can be played on it, I'm going to look like a genius instead of the guy who bought a $200 handheld mostly to play one game.

QUESTION TWO: And with one cat out of the bag, the ball is now firmly in Microsoft's court. Man, I am just full of idioms today. Anyway, with Sony getting out of the gate first, clearly Microsoft will need to have some sort of response before the PS4 pulls away in the promotional battle. Two part question, then, when will Microsoft reveal their console, and what will that announcement have to include in order to wrest some momentum back from Sony?

Todd Vote
I'm not sure the time of the next gen announcement is near as important as when the console will release, but I am sure that announcement has to be coming within the next month or two, right? I mean they are not going to sit silently and just let Sony soak up all this praise for the PS4 announcement, are they? I think the main thing Microsoft needs to do to wrestle some of that momentum back from Sony is to have a solid line of exclusives. I know I was on record a few weeks back as not understanding why a games publisher would want to offer console exclusives. But that doesn't mean that the console maker shouldn't be actively pursuing these exclusives to make their console stand out.

Dan Watson
First, I think the most current rumor is that we will have an April announcement from Microsoft. I think this is waiting too long but then again, is anyone purchasing the console based off initial press conferences? One thing that I am interested to see how Microsoft competes with is the playing on the go feature that Nintendo and Sony both now have. Microsoft doesn't have a hand-held console and as far as I know they weren't planning on using a tablet other than with Xbox Glass so then how do they compete with Nintendo's tablet and Sony's Vita to help gamers play on the go?

Sean Garmer
I think the rumors are correct and the GDC event at the end of March will become Next Xbox central. There is way too much information on these new systems for gamers and journalists to process solely at E3. Microsoft needs to get fans excited for the Next Xbox before E3 and then pull out the big guns there like Sony.

The Next Xbox has to allow you to demo anything on XBLA before buying. I think it would behoove Microsoft to allow you to transfer your stuff onto the new system because that is one thing Sony has already said they are not letting you do. I think having a share button similar to Sony's controller would help as well.

Obviously more exclusive games would help people make decisions quicker. However, for me, Microsoft needs to get rid of MS Points completely and PLEASE for the love of everything holy beef up Xbox Live Silver. There is no reason to charge people for using services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, I can use them for free on my Blu-Ray Player. Let people use Apps on Xbox Silver and make Xbox Gold only for playing games online with friends. Maybe give people a sort of PS Plus type system for buying Xbox Live Gold.

Robert Cooper
I think that they'll announce it either at this year or next year's E3, if it's any later, they'll be pretty toast. I just realized over the weekend that I've had my 360 for over seven years, that's pretty fucking insane (excuse my English). I figured that by now, they'd at least have started public talks about a new system. As for what they could do to get attention, maybe some first party releases being announced would be nice, because for the 360, they're all but dead (I vote Mechassault). I also think that maybe a revamp to xbox live, as well as more focus on the social networking aspects of Live would drum up some momentum for them.

Late March or April seems to be the consensus, but I'm shocked that Microsoft is giving Sony this long of a headstart. I would have thought they'd at least have announced the date for their announcement by now. Todd's right, for 1934 points, because it seems like exclusives (or at least timed exclusives) might be taking a bigger role in this generation, especially since Sony spent half their press conference trumpeting "Look at all the developers who are here to say great things about us and the games they will be putting on the PS4!" People weren't expecting that we'd even get games mentioned, so Microsoft really has some pressure to show off some games of their own whenever they announce.

QUESTION THREE: Sure, it's a different take on the same old story, but I just can't help myself: a Connecticut senator has proposed a bill that would ban minors from using light gun peripherals in arcades. Oh, and also called for another study into the effects of violent video games on young people. But it's the "not letting kids use fake plastic guns attached to arcade cabinets" part that I'm choosing to focus on, because, well…oh, I can't have all the fun. You guys react.

Todd Vote
Instead of trying to state why this is a dumb idea, I'll instead just include a couple of links with the question of "What about them?"

kids army

Why are light guns so bad when you have entire stored dedicated to delivering your kid a stock pile of weapons and ammunitions for them to pretend to blow up all of their friends? IDIOTS!

Dan Watson
What makes this great is this comes out just after a few universities have gone on record stating that the shootings in Connecticut as well as in malls were not linked to video games. In fact, let's look at some of the major incidents involving gun violence in just the last few months, you have a ex-LAPD/military member hold LA at bay using weapons (Not related in any way to video games), you have a school shooting (no clear link to video games), mall shooting (No link at all to video games), and all of the daily killings in Chicago (no link at all to video games). Maybe this case has been done so often that this is finally falling on deaf ears and even politicians will stop wasting their time and our money. With video games becoming so popular, everyone can say they have played one but when a majority of the mass violent incidents in this country are caused by middle aged men, I have a hard time allowing anyone to blame video games.

Sean Garmer
So, these arcades are supposed to have security stand in front of the machines that have light guns to check ID's? That's just stupid and a waste of time in itself.

For the millionth time, VIDEO GAMES DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE BE VIOLENT!!! Stop trying to find something else to blame for the parent's irresponsibility and the child's idiocy. Seriously, congress has a budget to attend to, leave video games alone. If parents explain to them that they are playing a game and explain the dangerous of using real guns, the kids will understand. Congress needs to stay out of this.

Robert Cooper
This is complete and total donkey dung. Light guns are awesome, I wish there were more of them in more places. But anyways, I REALLY hate politicians, REALLY!!!!!!! This is dumb, just dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. Every single politician asshole has tried to make a deal out of violence, and SPOILER we've been killing each other for a really long time, and I don't think A LIGHT GUN would be the triggering aspect for it.

Dan, I did not know that information, and I'd be surprised if many people did. I guess because it's not paranoia-inducing or rabble-rousing, it probably got buried in an end segment, right before the water-skiing squirrel videos. Have 3412 points for attempting to inform the public, doomed to failure though it may be.

QUESTION FOUR: Well, apparently at least one game developer is tired of being compared to Satan, as UbiSoft has actually officially announced that they are looking to repair their relationship with PC gamers, after years where they have been roundly criticized for things like attempting to implement incredibly restrictive DRM that inconvenienced legitimate players more than pirates, their poorly-run Uplay download service, and long delays for their PC ports of existing console games. That's…actually a pretty big hole to dig out of, but then again, they do have Watch_Dogs on their side. What do you think, should we forgive them?

Todd Vote
Sure, why not. I mean, Watch Dogs does look pretty bad ass. Besides that, I am not a PC gamer, so they haven't pissed me off.

Dan Watson
I really don't have a horse in this race. I really am not a PC gamer and there are plenty of other companies that have wronged gamers worse than these offenses. I say forgive them but I was never a victim in this situation.

Sean Garmer
If they really are serious about doing this then why not. I'm not the person to ask this question because I don't play PC games. So, the problem they've had with Ubisoft does not really bug me.

Robert Cooper
I don't plan on it, I've recently discovered the wonders of PC gaming (Skyrim mods!), and stuff like hardcore DRM pisses me off, but what pisses me off even more are ports that take forever ever, ever ever ever to make it to the consoles. One game that looks like a ten ton bucket of win (Watch Dogs) will not be able to get them back into the good graces of many people. I really hated the way they handled the online mode for Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, sorry for the tangent.

Dammit, I knew I should have included Jeremy Thomas in this week's edition. He plays PC games. Well, I know he plays WoW, at least. Coop gets 6267 points for actually answering the question. It's a low bar, but at least somebody cleared it.

BONUS QUESTION: Not a lot else going on, so let's all take a moment and offer some well-wishes to Ask 411's Mathew Sforcina, who's currently sidelined with a shoulder injury, which I assume he got fighting off some deadly form of Australian wildlife. Which would be any of them.

Todd Vote
Get well soon, Mathew. Your Ask 411 columns are a lot of the reasons people visit this site, you do a great job with both the wrestling side and the games side of that thing. The powers that be are very lucky to have you on staff and tackling those two. I've filled in on Ask 411 Games before, it is no easy task sometimes. Get yourself back at 100%.

Dan Watson
I am pretty sure I had read that he tried to get inside the pouch of a kangaroo and failed miserably at it. News from Australia travels slow back to the US so I am still waiting for official confirmation.

Sean Garmer
Hope you feel better Matt, we miss your awesomeness and great writing around here.

Robert Cooper
I don't know how he managed to fend off Australia this long. I know for a fact that Australians are born in the same way turtles are, they have to make their way to the end of the beach, or get eaten by Dingos. I can guarantee you that I would not have survived Australia, mainly for the fact that I scream when I see a granddaddy longleg spider, much less when I see some bird eating spider. GET WELL MAT, and remember that Koalas are bastards and that they only look cute.

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