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411 Games Top 5 04.06.13: The Top 5 Potential Video Game-Based TV Shows
Posted by Sean Garmer on 04.06.2013

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, can games translate to TV?

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 photo DefianceGame_zpsbcbf5d72.jpg

* In honor of Defiance coming out this week, I figured we should explore other video games that would do well on television. *

Jeremy Thomas (Writes A Ton of stuff on 411)

Honorable Mention: Assassin's Creed, Alan Wake, Kingdom Hearts

5. Remember Me

Yes, I realize that this game has yet to be released but c'mon. Tell me that this synopsis doesn't read like a great pitch for a TV show: "In 2084 Neo-Paris, personal memories can now be digitized, bought, sold and traded. In what appears to be a logical progression of the explosive growth of social networks at the beginning of the 21st century, privacy and intimacy have been swept away and citizens have accepted this surveillance society in exchange for the comfort only smart technology can provide. Former elite memory hunter Nilin, who can break into people's minds and steal or alter their memories, is arrested and memory-wiped. Nilin escapes from prison and sets out to recover her identity, helped by her last and only friend and persued by the very people that created this surveillance society." Get J.J. Abrams on this as an executive producer and you have a surefire hit that, like Defiance, could easily complement the game.

4. World of Warcraft

There is an audience for fantasy on TV these days, as Game of Thrones has proven. I know that we have Duncan Jones directing a Warcraft movie but Blizzard's setting is so expansive that it would clearly work much better as a television show. You could focus on the more well-known stories within Azeroth's history in an expanded way that wouldn't be possible in a film or even a film trilogy. Lady Sylvanas, Thrall, Jaina Proudmore, Illidan Stormrage as a major villain...the possibilities are endless. And come on, don't tell me you WoW fanatics out there wouldn't love to see Deathwing raze the world. With the right budget this could be phenomenal.

3. Mass Effect

Do I really need to explain this one? Mass Effect is such a great story and there is so much room for them to maneuver. This is one of those shows that could, unlike WoW, be done on a basic cable network like SyFy and still be really good. I would certainly tune in no matter what part of the franchise's mythology they touched upon.

2. Resident Evil

We've had six Resident Evil films now, and that's not including Degeneration or Damnation. The live-action films have all been of varying quality, but none of them have been properly faithful to the source in my mind. Zombies are big on TV right now obviously and Capcom Studios would be smart to take advantage of that. You could start with the storyline in Resident Evil 4 and go from there, having a host of material to work from to create some great television stories. The events pre-RE 4 would work great in terms of flashback material or even left completely alone. Either way, I would love to see this on F/X or HBO.

1. L.A. Noire

I'm a huge, huge fan of the noir genre. That made L.A. Noire a game I was incredibly looking forward to. The genre doesn't often get to rear its head on film and TV these days and when it does, it is usually incredibly over-the-top to the point of being style over substance (see: Gangster Squad, Black Dahlia). And I'm not even saying there's anything wrong with style over substance in the right situations, but L.A. Noire handled both elements incredibly well. Get this thing on TV with the right talent behind it and I'd be an addict for it.

Lee Jones (Reader Voice)

5 - Uncharted - Okay so chances are this'll only go a couple of seasons unless they change alot. Starts of just introducing the team (cause it'll have to be a team rather than just Drake) and setting up the treasure hunt. Bad guy will of course get involved early on, possible hiring them. Then off they go to the jungle and whilst there things go abit Lost, in that whilst they are progressing they keep coming across unexplained things (that unlike Lost will get resolved... hopefully), things like the submarine on the waterfall. Of course it all goes to hell. With a focus on Drake's charm, treasure hunt action, 'what the hell' puzzles and the Elena love story it has a strong season one to build on later

4 - Dead Space - Why does TV never really do horror? Its gotta be a reason Walking Dead has taken off as well. For this one Isaac's crew needs to stay around longer so we feel their loss. Lets not have Isaac in command (enter Hammond) so he'll gain responsibility say 3rd ep in. Like Walking Dead you need to show that little things are hard so going somewhere to start the engines means going past lots of necromorphs who pose a genuine threat to our delicate bodies. Seeing a crew member get turned would be a good episode ending and having some zero-g space would be a cool sequence too. Main change I'd make would be to lose the Nicole sub-plot, it works great for the game but with Isaac being the lead I can't see the general masses warming to a crazy character.

3 - Red Dead Redemption - Another show that would need to put more focus on its lesser characters. Marston would actually need to have a home in say Armadillo so we have an area to get attached to. This splits up pretty well actually. 1st season can focus on getting his honour back and ends with the Williamson gang fight. I'd have Williamson be there though so we get closure but let it be known that his wife was spotted in Mexico to start that plot. 2nd Season we have John in Mexico dealing with all that whilst getting to see how Bonnie etc are dealing with bandits in Armadillo. 3rd season see's him trying to be a respectable gentleman whilst his past seeks to bring him down. Like I said you'd need subplots going on for more characters but that's the spine of the show. If successful just delay 'that' ending until necessary and make shit up till then.

2 - Dragon Age - Well we know audiences will accept these type of things if done well (see Game of Thrones) so why not go with this beast. Each of the origins characters would be the main cast and like GoT would stay separate only crossing occasionally, each time seeing one of them gain or lose something to encourage rivalry. Whilst the Archdemon would be the ultimate goal have each of them following their own cause be it avenging Duncan, claiming a kingdom, being rid of Flemeth. With broad issues like class and racism to overcome and a healthy dose of sex (thank you Morrigan) I can see this having a good run.

1 - Mass Effect - The others are dreams that never will be but this damn well should happen. Its all there already. Characters, conflict, settings, mineral mining... okay so they can change that one. This is such an obvious choice I can't help but want it to happen. Normandy gives Enterprise feel whilst frequent trips to other worlds and character quests lends itself to Firefly, hell Biotics is pretty much the Force. How is this not happening already!!!!! Its a sci-fi dream. There's even a threat to Earth to help the audience be attached, we'd probably need to see that more in season one than in the whole game series but its a small sacrifice. Imagine Mordin and Wrex arguing, Shepherd and Garrus shooting the breeze, Joker being all weird with EDI, (arghhh) now I just want to play the game again. So much for that kicked habit. Make this happen.

Stephen Randle (Games Zone Reviewer, Quizmaster on Four Player Co-op, Writer of Wrestling News Experience)

I tried so hard to work in BioShock Infinite, but the story there is so self-contained that it would never work as a series. Just for fun, I included potential titles.

5. Batman: Arkham City - I'm cheating a bit here, and I'll admit it, but I want a Batman TV series based on the Arkham games. Actually, I just want another Batman TV series. Animated, live action, whatever. Just give me more Batman already!

4. Doom: After Earth - I could see this working in a post-Walking Dead world, which has shown that watching people traverse through a post-apocalyptic world where the object isn't undoing what's been done, but just surviving. They massively mishandled the movie attempt and it was still decent, so another attempt as a TV series would probably work.

3. Red Dead Redemption: Western Son - I'm thinking more of a post-RDR ending, following the adventures of John's son as he travels the West, trying to live up to the path his father tried to follow at the end. Plus, Westerns are sorely under-represented on TV, and the ones that have existed are all great. Justified, Brisco County Jr, Deadwood, Walker: Texas Ranger...okay, that's actually all the ones I can remember.

2. Uncharted: Drake's Adventures - I thought about going for the rebooted Tomb Raider, but that's already going to be a movie anyway (well, more than likely), plus, we already got Relic Hunter, which they might as well have called "We Swear It's Not Actually Tomb Raider With The Numbers Filed Off". Hey, it's already an Indiana Jones homage, they might as well get their "Young Drake" TV series. Or plain old regular Drake, I'm not picky.

1. Mass Effect: The Shepard Chronicles - They already established that the games are essentially legends told generations in the future, so it'd be pretty simple to make as many stories involving Shepard as you wanted, even without touching existing canon. And you can use that as well, because it's awesome.

Todd Vote (Games Zone Reviewer)

5.Red Dead Redemption - Aside from Justified, how many Westerns are on TV right now? The John Marston saga may only work as like a mini-series, but that would still count, right? Give it to HBO and let the tackle it Band of Brothers style.

4.Saints Row - Now this one I can see working as some sort of sketch show... With how wacky and over the top the game is, can a TV show work in any other form for this franchise? Have the skits be based on all the things there are to do in the cities of Stillwater, and Steelport. Think of the fun you could have with Professor Genki's SUper Ethical Reality Show, or whatever the hell it is called.

3.Mass Effect - I'm not a fan of RPG's. That being said, I have played Mass Effect, and I do recognize a great sci-fi story when I see one. Mass Effect could be huge if it was done right as a TV show.

2.Mario Party - You take some of the games that are in Mario Party, and you make it into a game show. I know all of the games couldn't be used, but some of them surely could be translated into something that could be used on a gameshow, right?

1. Grand Theft Auto - With so many colorful characters in the franchise, GTA would be ripe for a TV treatment. Can you imagine if say... Kurt Sutter got a go with this property, and was able to bring it to a network like say FX, or HBO? You could do it episodic where the whole show has an all encompassing plot. You could do stories contained within a single season like American Horror Story does, or you can just do one off stories like the Twilight Zone used to do and just have each episode be a one off.

Robert Cooper (Writer of the Hammer of Doom Metal News Report in Music Zone)

5. Star Fox - Maybe if you make it like Battlestar Galactica. That'd be interesting, furry animals, and Battlestar Galactica. Or it might be awful, anywho, would be a fun thing to talk about either way.

4. Leisure Suit Larry - This would have worked out great a few years ago. Who doesn't love a comedy that features an out of luck guy trying to score with the ladies? I know I'd tune in, usually. I can totally see this working on a cable channel when they need a good comedy.

3. Jade Empire - An epic, sprawling journey through a fictional China full of cool martial arts?, sign me up! The game has plenty of twists and turns and with so many different ways the game can be played, the people developing the show would have plenty of room to adapt the game into a mini-series of something special.

2.Condemned: Criminal Origins - I've not yet finished this game, but damn would this be an compelling show to watch. Serial killers are all the rage in Hollywood right now, this game would fit that rage. Main character tracking a serial killer, that also has an insanely creepy atmosphere, and is scary as all hell? Book it!

1. Battletech - I'm surprised that this franchise has never been tapped or at least considered for an adaptation outside of games and books. A feudal war has taken over many worlds and galaxies, and the combat is done in these gigantic mechs of war. I know I mentioned Battlestar Galactica earlier, that was some high drama (at least as much as I've seen). I could see it being an epic of our times, men and women fighting for their clans in the hopes that they will conquer and live. There is just so much for there to do, and so many stories to be told. I'd tune in to it, and I could see it being successful, though the CG budget would be hell.

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