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Four Player Co-op 05.01.13: Microsoft, Nintendo, E3, More
Posted by Stephen Randle on 05.01.2013

Todd Vote has joined the game.
Dan Watson has joined the game.
Sean Garmer has joined the game.
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Adam Larck has joined the game.

Greetings, and welcome to a special bonus-sized edition of Four Player Co-op. I am the Quizmaster, and I'd like to say this was an intentional attempt to make up for those weeks where only three players have participated, but in truth, due to weddings and hospital visits and general laziness, we weren't sure how many players would actually have time to participate. Go figure, this week, they all did.

Start the game!

QUESTION ONE: Well, it's official, the next Microsoft console will be revealed on May 21st. Are you ready? No, I said, are you ready?

Todd Vote
Ready to buy a PS4, absolutely. You killed me Microsoft... You and your always on DRM can suck on my taint. For seven years I have had to put up with your shitty box... You fooled me with the "hey look at the Playstation exclusives that will be on our console now, you can get GTA, and the Smackdown series! Plus, we don't want the soul of your first born"... I bought it hook, line, and sinker. About 10 times in fact, did I end up having to trade in, buy used, or fix my Xbox 360 in that seven years... Bite my shiny metal ass, Microsoft.

Dan Watson
I may be one of people out there that am just going into the announcement with a totally open mind. If they ban used games, so be it, we will make it work. If they make it so that the console always has to be connected, it sucks but okay technology is getting to a point where it isn't as big of a deal. I'm hoping we will see a decrease in motion gaming and go back to the basics. Are there any people out there that are so in love with motion gaming that they need entire games dedicated to it? In the end, let's be realistic, we will all end up with a PS4 and a new Xbox within 3 years.

Sean Garmer
YES! YES! YES! I am ready and hopefully I will be Fandangoing with excitement over what they announce. I hope we find out always online is something optional, there is some kind of backwards compatibility, and of course, please don't kill used games. If they announce some of the things Sony did and provide more than that I think they will be fine. We all know that since those consoles have been competing maybe graphics might have been better on one system than the other, but they don't blow each other away at all.

Jeremy Thomas
For the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the world...LET'S GET READY TO RED RING! Hey, blame the Quizmaster for that one. Seriously though, I'm quite ready and so is pretty much everyone else. Sony's gotten quite the jump and I kind of believe that Microsoft hasn't just wringing their hands in the meantime. Microsoft does questionable things sometimes, but they're not complete idiots. Either they held off so that the buzz would still be high when E3 hit or they wanted to finalize some features that they know will be well-received, or both. I'm curious to see how many of the rumors about the 720 we've heard are legit; I'm guessing about 50/50 or so.

Adam Larck
Sure. I'm interested to see what rumors prove to be true and what will end up being a complete lie. However, I don't look for a ton to be revealed on May 21. I look for a bit about the system, a few big features, maybe a game or two teased and more to come at E3. We only have a few more weeks to wait to see if I'm right or not.

Jeremy, you can't blame me when you fall for what was obviously a set-up, so you start off by losing 125 points. It's interesting how the resident X-Box guy is the only one who's gone totally anti-Microsoft, but having watched what he's lived with over the last generation, I can't really blame him.

QUESTION TWO: The big gaming convention of the summer, E3, is fast approaching, and one of the Big Three, Nintendo, has already said that although they will have smaller, limited attendance presentations at the show, they won't be having that big expansive press conference/hype event that has become something of a tradition amongst the three console giants every year. Given how much hype Sony and Microsoft will probably be bringing to the event due to their upcoming console releases, is Nintendo making a smart move by going lower-key (probably saving some money in the process), since nothing they'll announce will even come close to what the other two will have for their respective conferences?

Todd Vote
They just did a big press conference covering the Wii U, then a couple of weeks later, they did one covering the 3DS, I think it was very smart of them to get that out of the way before the show, knowing that they will not be able to keep the spotlight off of Microsoft and Sony. You let them make their big announcements, then you use your smaller, low key events to remind everyone what you have going on after the fact. Probably a good move by Nintendo, though I wouldn't count them out from having a big surprise or two at the show just yet.

Dan Watson
Money saving is great and all but this is a terrible idea. Your console may be one of the top three in the category of worst selling and worst supported consoles at launch with Wii-U. Now, instead of trying to right the ship, you are going to do a low key press conference while your two biggest competitors put on huge shows? This is terrible marketing and planning on Nintendo's part. I can see Nintendo going the way of Sega very soon it seems. Dreamcast had similar issues but in my opinion was at least ahead of its time whereas Wii-U is pretty much a generation behind. Nintendo could make killings off of just being a software developer and publisher and selling its first party series to the other two, or join up with Apple and create a super console.

Sean Garmer
Nintendo is being very smart here by doing this. Why waste money on an event that will seem like a blip on the radar even if Nintendo announces games for every major franchise they have. Even though Microsoft and Sony will have already told us a lot about their systems by the time E3 rolls around, they still have pricing, HDD space, actual release dates, and the system boxes to reveal at E3. Unless Nintendo planned on revealing a surprise system themselves there was no way they were going to win E3 this year and they know this. To me, they are not admitting defeat they are just being smart.

Jeremy Thomas
Yeah, it's probably best for Nintendo to throw in the towel on this one. Unless they were going to announce "Hey, just kidding...this is our ACTUAL next-generation console," they were gonna be lucky to get a couple quick glances by the press or gamers in comparison to Sony and Microsoft. I'm sure we'll get a few game announcements, but let's face it; this year just isn't Nintendo's to shine.

Adam Larck
Considering how Nintendo has been announcing games, this is a smart move for them. For the past few years they haven't been doing a long, drawn out preview anyway, why waste the extra money on it? I see Nintendo doing better using the web conferences and other ways to reach fans anyway. Plus, with Sony and Microsoft talking about their new systems, why do a conference and get blown out of the water?

Dan gets 643 points for following my similar line of thought about Nintendo's future. I'm not rooting for them to fail, but I would also love to have the ability to play all those sweet Nintendo first-party titles on the same system where I play all my other games, instead of having to buy two consoles. We've talked about the oncoming death of console-exclusive titles, well, that would probably be accelerated should Nintendo get out of the console business and focus on software.

QUESTION THREE: So this is something I'm surprised didn't exist already, but Pizza Hut has launched an app that will allow X-Box users to order from their restaurants directly from the console over Live. It wouldn't be my first choice for pizza, but are you at least intrigued by the concept?

Todd Vote
See, it is a good idea in theory, I suppose. But what purpose would it serve? Whatever you are doing on your Xbox would have to stop so you can enter the Pizza Hut App and go through the ordering process. So if you are midway through your Call of Duty marathon, you have to shut that down, go to the app, order the pizza and then go back into your game, rejoin your group and get going again. I propose this: Between rounds, after you die, pick up a phone, and order your damn pizza. Basically, the idea would be a much more solid idea if you could bring up the Pizza Hut App, while in game and not have to stop what you are doing.

Dan Watson
This is a great first step for Microsoft and Xbox. Imagine if Microsoft had a hub in which you would be able to enter the app, find nearby delivery places, pay using the credit card you have on file with Xbox, and all while playing your game still. This could go a long way in making sure that Xbox becomes a total hub for all things needed in a living room. I am surprised it has taken this long though.

Sean Garmer
Well, if you have a Xbox 360, but not a PC in your dorm room or in your apartment you can now order Pizza Hut. I've ordered Pizza Hut online various times and I love the convenience. This continues to show that Microsoft really wants you to use your Xbox for EVERYTHING POSSIBLE. This is another one of those unnecessary things that are there if you want it.

Jeremy Thomas
Yeah, because we really need people who sit in front of their Xbox all day to be even MORE lazy. What, was it too winding for them to have to reach for the phone or walk to their PC? Listen, I don't mind Pizza Hut when I'm looking for pizza and don't really want to head out to somewhere less...fast food-y. And I appreciate the value of this purely from a marketing standpoint; financially it's a wise move for Pizza Hut. But without sounding like New York City mayor Michael "Ban big sodas" Bloomberg, this is a step in the wrong direction for a country that seems seriously concerned about obesity but can't be bothered to actually do anything about it.

Adam Larck
Not really. I don't see myself ever using something like this. I'm sure some will be thrilled to be able to order a pizza from the 360, but I think this will be an app people use once as a gimmick and don't come back to. This could be the start of something big for the next console, though; depending on how well it is received.

Pretty much total agreement, it's a cute idea, but in a world where everyone has a cell phone, it seems pretty unnecessary. Still, it gives you an idea of the possibilities for consoles in the future.

QUESTION FOUR: Well, here's an idea for a video game movie that I'm surprised they didn't do earlier.


Todd Vote
Toddo gives this a green light. I'm honestly surprised more games haven't gone the route of animation to get a movie franchise going, it seems like a good idea. My only concern is wondering if it may be too late for a Ratchet and Clank movie to be worth it. I mean, it is still a popular franchise and all, but wouldn't this have been a better idea about five years ago?

Dan Watson
I think these type of movies would go a lot farther than Halo, Gears of War, Assassin's Creed, etc. Thinking about it, could you imagine a Conker's Bad Fur day movie? Banjo Kazooie could be a fun movie to take the kids to as well. I think going more this way would be a better start than trying these live motion pictures.

Sean Garmer
Ratchet & Clank is a series I've always wanted to play but I never got around to doing it when I had a PS2. I don't have a PS3 so right now I can't play the game if I wanted to do so. But maybe an animated Video Game movie will do the trick and Ratchet & Clank has the ability to appeal to all ages like Disney's Wreck-It Ralph and could be a huge hit if done right.

Jeremy Thomas
Okay, I like the idea. I love the fact that they have the game voice cast involved. And that was a great trailer. Here's my concern: the film is being made by the studio that made Escape From Planet Earth, which received reviews that would charitably be called "mediocre." I'm not saying this is a reason to give up on the film, 'cause it's not at all. I'm just saying that we might wanna temper our expectations just a bit. This ain't gonna be no Pixar film.

Adam Larck
The trailer looks like it could be interesting. There are plenty of over-the-top weapons and laughs the movie could have, and it could be a great animated film. However, the bigger question is if it will be able to see the light of day before the budget gets too big and gets canned like other video game titles.

Like everyone else, I am shocked that nobody had really considered the market for animated kids movies based on video game franchises like this one. When did Hollywood decide that the best translation of a computer-generated character was a live-action movie, anyway? Sean gets 1643 points for mentioning Wreck-It-Ralph, because seriously, that movie is awesome.

BONUS QUESTION: Well, everyone's favourite wrestler-turned-actual movie star somehow The Rock has roughly sixteen different movies out right now, so what the hell, name your favourite Dwayne Johnson movie.

Todd Vote
Faster, I feel is one of the Rock's most underrated performances, but my favorite movie that is would be considered a Dwayne Johnson movie would be the Gridiron Gang, it was a movie with a lot of heart, and one of the first to show that the Rock could do more than just action and stupid comedy.

Dan Watson
For short cameo I'd have to give it to "The Other Guys." Except he dies really early on. I wish I could say "Southland Tales" but I couldn't understand what was going on with that movie and always fall asleep while watching it. I guess I'd have to go with "The Rundown," or (may lose any man card I have on this one) "The Game Plan." Rundown was one of his first movies and I found it entertaining. The Game Plan, I am not sure why I like this movie but every time I catch it on USA, I end up watching it.

Sean Garmer
I think my favorite is still one of his early ones, the "Walking Tall" remake. Rock just kicks all sorts of ass in that movie and he knows how to do that very well. I also thought he wasn't too shabby in the Rundown either.

Jeremy Thomas
Tough call...while the Great One got off to kind of a rough start, he's been in some fairly decent films over the years. I would narrow it down to Gridiron Gang, which was the film where he proved he could be a solid dramatic actor, and Fast Five which is easily the best in the franchise and helped establish the Rock's reputation (along with the lesser films Journey 2 and G.I. Joe: Retaliation) as the go-to guy in Hollywood when you want to rejuvenate a franchise. If you really forced me to pick one, I would go with Fast Five because good ol' Rocky just appears to be having more fun in it than in any other film he's done.

Adam Larck
I really haven't seen a lot of movies with the Rock in it to be honest. I guess I'd have to say The Scorpion King.

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