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411 Games Top 5 05.26.13: Top 5 Xbox One Features
Posted by Sean Garmer on 05.26.2013

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there, it's all about Xbox One.

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Todd Vote (Games Zone Reviewer)

5. TV through Xbox - While not anything that will probably "sell" gamers on the console, being able to use your Xbox to switch to television stations adds a bit of convenience for gamers who actually have all of their entertainment on one TV.
5.Instant App Switching - This is one of the cooler new features available from the Xbox One. Being able to transition from one activity to another, and not have to wait five minutes for the app to load, is something that I always wished I could do on the Xbox 360, but for whatever reason just wasn't possible. Many a times I was watching something on Netflix and got curious about an actress, or whatever. I just wanted to hop over to the web browser and look that person up. Now it can be done quickly.

4. Snap Mode - Being about to switch apps at will without having to wait forever is one thing, the inclusion of Snap Mode is a nice touch, especially for those of us who have yet to move into the smart phone era. Telling my Xbox to bring up a browser window and search for something as I still play a game or whatever is a nice touch.

3. Blu-Ray - It's about time, nuff said.

2. Exclusives - I know a lot of people were worried about the potential lack of exclusives for the new Xbox, and Microsoft eased those a bit by telling us that Microsoft Studios will be releasing 15 exclusives over the first year, 8 of which are original, brand new franchises. Of course, we still have reason to be leary with them all coming from Microsoft Studios, how many are going to be crappy Kinect games?

1. Killer Instinct? - if the news in the link there is Killer Instinct, then nothing else matters. I will let Microsoft have it's way with my wallet for another console generation, if that is Killer Instinct.

Michael Benjamin (WWE SmackDown Reviewer in the Wrestling Zone)

5. TV on Xbox One - This is going to pretty neat. I'm excited to see how this ends up playing out. They're promoting this feature heavily so I'd assume they put a lot of work into this part of the platform. Not having to switch inputs for anything is extremely simple, yet very convienent. I'm looking forward to this.

4. Kinect - The new version of the Xbox's Kinect comes with better motion and voice detection, including the ability to recognize facial expressions and heart rate. Once developers get a decent grasp of how to utilize this, it could lead to some pretty unique games.

3. The Controller - The new controller is basically the same which I consider a positive. I love the Xbox controller. Luckily, there's no battery bump in the back with this incarnation and it's a bit smoother. I'm really looking forward to see how the vibrating triggers work out as well. Dating all the way back to N64's rumble pack, vibration has added a subtle improvement in the way we experience what we're playing.

2. Snap - Being able to do two things on the same screen is going to be pretty cool. Using Snap to jump into a game while watching movies or talking with friends on Skype while watching live TV? That's awesome. I'm always multitasking with a laptop on the coffee table, so this seems like a convienent feature.

1. Exclusive Titles - Within the first year, there's going to be fifteen exclusive games. That's rather impressive in the state of today's industry. Even more impressive, is that EIGHT of them are going to be new franchises. With so many sequels and prequels now-a-days, it's going to be a breath of fresh air. Hopefully a few of them catch on and we can avoid all of the retreads.

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