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411 Games Top 5 10.24.13: Top 5 Games Starring Monsters
Posted by Sean Garmer on 10.26.2013

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there. Ahhhhh Gaming Monsters!

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This week the 411 staff was asked to come up with lists for the Top 5 Games Starring Monsters, since you know Halloween is next week.

*Monsters is a very broad term. I tried to get sort of specific because we've done lists with creatures, zombies, and Vampires before. So, the only things I didn't allow were vampires, zombies, and aliens. Whatever else the staffers considered "Monsters" was allowed. I did allow staffers to include one game that was set in a Monster World where you don't necessarily control "Monsters" as the main characters.*

Stewart Lange (Games Zone Reviewer, Writer of Retronomicon)

5. Pokemon- So it's not in fitting with the Halloween theme, but they're monsters, right? Exactly. Spooky? Some of them. Cuddly? Some of them. Either way, they fit within the rules, despite not being in the spirit of the column.

4. Primal Rage- This counts, right? Mental animals fighting one another? Yeah, it counts. I had this when I was young and I loved it because I really didn't know any better. That's not very fair, but there's not much special about this game from a critical perspective, is there?

3. Wonder Boy in Monster Land- No, not Monster World. Monster LAND was on the Master System and was probably my most played game for the system. The recent port on the 360 was FAR harder than I remember it being!

2. Decap Attack- The wonderful gentleman Chuck D. Head is the star of this awesome plat former that stormed onto the Mega Drive in the 90s. I genuinely wish there was more of these games as Chuck could have been a mascot for the ages. No weapons needed here, just rip off your own mummified head and throw it at your opponents! Awesome.

1. Rampage!- Can't pick your favourite massive monster? Tough choice, huh? Well, how about cram them all into ONE GAME THAT LETS YOU CRUSH CITIES and tell me that there has ever been a better monster game? My favourite was the N64 port but I do have a fondness for the Master System version. Phenomenal fun.

John Cash (Reader Voice, Frequent Contributor to Four Player Co-op)

5. World of Warcraft (PC): I had a hard time coming up with entries for this list without bending the rules, and the reason is certainly the most obvious one; Monsters aren't made to be Heroes. Of course, not everyone wants to play as a hero, either. This is where WoW comes in. You can select to play as humans, of course, and even the typical "Three Race" counterparts (dwarves and elves), but outside of those are a host of other races typically thought of as monsters in fiction. The Tauren are Minotaurs, half man/half bull characters inspired by Greek mythology. Orcs and goblins, two races typically mowed down by the forces of "good" are playable. Eventually you could even play as a Werewolf type race (I had lost interest in WoW but saw videos and heard people discuss them), and there are very few monsters that can outdo a Werewolf in Halloween season.

4. Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee! (XBOX/NGC): For the people in the community that believe fighting games can actually be damaged by the implementation of a deeper narrative than HULK STRONGEST THERE IS, this game has to be close to nirvana. It's basically every cool monster from Japanese monster movies worth mentioning or feasible to program (sorry, Biollante and Hedorah fans) in all their city-smashing, ridiculous special attacks glory. It was followed up be increasingly mediocre entries, but with the TWO new Godzilla reboots on the way, there may be hope yet for a true sequel to this great kaiju game in the future.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time: I said earlier that monsters weren't made to be heroes, but I will go ahead and say the TMNT are the exception that proves the rule. Depending on the continuity you follow, they were once ordinary turtles who were one day exposed to a radioactive substance, and over time became bipedal and sentient. If that doesn't sound like the beginning to a sci-fi b-movie, I don't know what would. They were luckily raised and trained by a friendly mutant, and although some civilians in New York City were initially scared of these good-intentioned abominations, after many acts of heroism they were eventually accepted on some level. I suppose I should say something about Turtles in Time, but what else can be said about the most popular game in the franchise's history? It's got amazing gameplay, one of the catchiest soundtracks in gaming, and was so well loved that it was one of the first Franchise based games to receive an HD re-release on modern consoles.

2. King of the Monsters (series, NEO-GEO): I'll never forget it. Watching, for WEEKS, the classic show Nick Arcade, and wondering where on this planet I had to go to be able to play King of the Monsters. My local comic shop only had pinball machines, and the bowling alley had Donkey Kong and Galaga from the first time I visited until the day it closed. Eventually, in Wichita, Kansas, my brother and I ended up getting to go to Aladdin's Arcade in the Towne East mall for our birthdays, and there it was; a NEO-GEO 4-game cabinet. It blew our minds (and budget) that a single machine could play four different games. Of course, the only thing we ended up playing (on that machine anyway) was King of the Monsters. We had to have spent at least five dollars worth of quarters on that game that day, and I'm sure over the course of my life I've spent at least $50 on it. There's just something so simple and fun about playing as a big monster that destroys things.

1. Rampage: World Tour (Arcade, PS1, Saturn, N64, GBC): Could it really have been anything else? From the perspective of an American child that grew up in the '90s, it would be pretty hard to argue against it. I specifically knew the N64 port. My brother and I had seen adverts for it for MONTHS in GamePro magazine, and we just had to have it. We wanted it so bad that we didn't even wait until we had the money to buy it, we actually rented it for the first weekend it was out. And boy, did we play it. We played it from Saturday morning until probably 1am Sunday morning. It's honestly a miracle my original N64 still works. As a fan of co-op over head to head multi-player, this heads up my list mostly for that reason, but also because of the memory of FINALLY getting to play the game and getting to play it with my brother all day. I'm sure if I played the game now I'd get bored after 30 minutes, but there are some games that are just best left in memories.

Sean Garmer (Games Zone Reviewer, Regular Contributor to Cooperative Multiplayer 411 Games Podcast, Games Top 5 Organizer)

5. The Darkness Series: You play as a man that is inhabited by "The Darkness." It's quite a unique take on a sort of "real life" monster. Jackie tries to suppress it, but it over takes him and thus he becomes a monster. The Darkness 2 sees what happens to Jackie once the only light in his life is killed by the mob and he has nothing left to live for but revenge. The second game wasn't quite as good, but getting to use "The Darkness" powers and seeing them grow as the game goes on is a very fun experience.

4. Altered Beast: This game may seem archaic now if you look at graphics and gameplay, but for its time the game was fun. I enjoyed playing this as a kid and still go back to it from time to time for nostalgia sake.

3. War of the Monsters (PS2): If you love Godzilla movies, this is pretty much one come to life. You can pick a certain main monster, whether it be a huge Gorilla, a Godzilla type Reptile, a Japanese Robot beast, a Kinetic Cyclops and a whole lot more. You choose the your main character and take out all the other monsters one by one to save the world. It's not a very deep concept, but it was still a fun way to spend some hours on my PS2.

2. Pokemon: Well, if we are going to talk about monster games you kinda can't make a list without including this. I bought both Pokemon Red and Blue when I was in 6th grade and I'm still hoping to come across money to buy a 2DS and Pokemon X and Y. I love these games and even though they don't change much, they are still great.

1. Rampage World Tour (Nintendo 64): When I first thought of this topic, this was the first game that came to my head. You get to choose between a large reptile, gorilla, or a big ol Rat to just destroy city after city. Sure, maybe there wasn't much variety in the gameplay, but damn it was just a whole lot of fun to grab a few friends and destroy stuff. My favorite part was just beating up my friends and annoying the crap out of them until we just got into big brawls around the city.

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