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Four Player Co-op: NSA, Warcraft Movie, Alien: Isolation, More
Posted by Stephen Randle on 12.18.2013

Sean Walker has joined the game.
Todd Vote has joined the game.
Robert Cooper has joined the game.

Quizmaster - Greetings, and welcome to another edition of Four Player Co-op. As you can see, we're making some aesthetic changes around here, thanks to the dictates of some dark force known as The 411 Authority. The best part is, in this analogy, I get to pretend that I'm CM Punk. Anyway, while this isn't the final look for the new 4PC, it is the one I could come up with for the moment, so we'll be using it. Got it? Good.

Start the game!

QUESTION ONE: So, a former NSA contractor revealed that, apparently, the government actually is spying on us, and they're doing it through video games, specifically World of Warcraft and Second Life. Well, I don't play either of those, so I'm okay, but allegedly, the entire thing is being done, of course, in pursuit of terrorists, who might use the party systems of those games to co-ordinate their plans. I just…I don't even know. What the hell is going on here?

Sean Walker - I would be laughing at this if I was shocked. It's honestly getting exhausting hearing about the NSA spying on our asses as if we're actually national threats. It's even funnier that they think someone who plays WOW has the mental capacity to be a terrorist (no offense ,of course). I'm about to go in a mid-rant here, but the government is really pissing me off. Who in the HELL do they think they are?! Have people really gotten this paranoid, that they have to take a peek at everything I'm doing? I'm not planning on blowing something up. Playing a game doesn't influence me to blow something up. This clearly violates some laws, and you shouldn't let Obama, NSA, or and other political rat tell you otherwise. I would like to thank Edward Snowden for revealing what "The land of the free" has been really up to. It really shows where the government's priorities really are. Being bullies, botching health care, belittling not only American, but the world's rights. If anyone of the NSA is reading this, my actual name is Jamal.

Todd Vote - I read an article on IGN that stated it was WoW and Xbox Live that they were listening in on. It was funny reading the comments, and seeing people who actually thought that they were safe because they use PSN.. First off, anything that is connected to the internet could theoretically be used to spy on people, cell phones, tablets, laptops, anything, so don't think you are safe just because you don't happen to use either of the aforementioned games.

Having said that, I doubt like hell they are sitting around listening to every single thing that is going on inside these games. They probably have trigger words that clue them in on what they need to keep an eye out for. For example, if you are sitting in a party, and you and your terrorist friends are talking about nuking Alaska, I'm sure that is going to draw some attention from someone.

I'd hate to have to be the guy that listens in on FPS games... He'd probably shit his pants every time someone had the bomb and wanted to meet up at plant site Alpha... That guy would have to be on his toes.

Robert Cooper - What is sounds like to me is that they are tapping every outlet that they can in an attempt to watch everything everyone does. It kind of pisses me off that they're invading even video games and watching everyone through that. Without getting too much into conspiracy bullshit, who is to say that they aren't monitoring everything you are doing through your Xbox and Playstation online sessions? It unsettles me greatly, though on the bright side for me, I don't game online with my console or play MMO titles, so I am safe from this...hopefully! Terrorist is a word that is used to get away with as many illegal acts in 2013 as the word witch was in 1692.

Quizmaster - Todd gets 436 points that he can use to bargain his way out of Guantanamo, once the NSA reads this and finds out he used the phrase "Nuking Alaska". Actually, that just sounds like it could be an interesting twist on a Baked Alaska. Mmm…Alaska…

QUESTION TWO: The cast of the upcoming Warcraft movie has been revealed, and it's…nobody particularly well-known. The fact that there is a cast signed to appear suggests that this movie may actually get made, though. Early script rumours have said that the movie will be set way back before World of Warcraft, back at the original game, in fact. Given that it seems like this movie will indeed be hitting theatres, are you at all interested?

Sean Walker - Every time I'm on here, I seem to get a question about a RPG I could give a rat's ass about. I have no desire in playing this game, let alone watching what will essentially be disaster waiting to happen. The only way I'll be marginally interested is if they get Morgan Freeman to be a narrator.

Todd Vote - Absolutely. Even if I am not the biggest fan of playing RPG games, the stories, and premises behind a good majority of them are usually interesting to me. So what the hell, I'll see it. I can't promise that I will see it in the theaters, but it will at least get a Redbox rental from me.

Robert Cooper - I'm not personally interested in any Warcraft movie, but that's really because of two things! First thing is that I have never played a Warcraft game. My mom used to have Warcraft 3 on pc, but she got rid of it (along with Diablo 2, all of the Might and Magic games, and others) when I was about 11, so I never got to play the games. I've also never played WoW, never had the time nor the focus. The second thing is because video game movies still suck, for the most part, where comics and books have gotten a fairly decent shake in terms of good adaptations, games still haven't quite gotten there yet. If I were to go see a game based movie, it'd be a Metal Gear Solid movie, because it'd be like playing the game, anyways!

Quizmaster - Well, at least the non-RPG fan Todd is on board completely, so he'll get 1835 points. Come on, people, just because nearly every video game movie sucks doesn't mean that will always be the case? Remember when people used to mock comic book movies because of Daredevil, Elektra, and that never-shown-in-theatres Fantastic Four movie? You think anybody brings those up now?

QUESTION THREE: Well, a fan-made sequel to Ghosts ‘n' Goblins has been cancelled because apparently you can't just use someone's licensed property without their permission, no matter how much you really want to make a sequel. And while that dream is dead, Kickstarter is full of all sorts of other "spiritual sequels" and revivals of dead properties begging for money. So, what old game that never got its due would get your money for a completely new game? Note that Todd can no longer use Killer Instinct as an answer.

Sean Walker - Does Mega Man count? If not, I've been itching for a new Sonic game that doesn't suck, OR, if they could make an actual Spyro game with the actual purple dragon, sign me up.

Todd Vote - There are so many fun games that never got a chance to finish up what they set out to do. The first two games that come to mind for me that I would really like to see a continuation on, you know, now that KI is back, I'd really like to go with Advent Rising, or perhaps Indigo Prophecy (AKA Fahrenheit). Both games, I felt had tremendous story potential. Advent Rising was nothing special gameplay-wise, nothing we hadn't seen before or since, but it had a great kicking off point for a fantastic story. Indigo Prophecy on the other hand offered some unique gameplay elements, elements I am sure have popped up in the future Quantic Dream games.

Robert Cooper - This is a bit of a tough question, because I know there are answers that are much more right than the games that I would pick to get a sequel. Honestly, I have two games that I can think of. Out of the two, the first one that I would pick would be a sequel to Star Wars: Republic Commando, I feel that the game was highly underrated, and unfortunately came out towards the end of the life cycles of the sixth generation of video game consoles. It also got buried under the mountain of shooters that came out at the time, and I think the sales weren't quite what Lucasarts was wanting. It had a great squad based system and had unique enough weapons to make them, well, unique. The single player was also really solid, and I think that it deserves a sequel. The other game that I would pick is more due to my own tastes in music, I would pick a sequel to Brutal Legend, I know that the original game wasn't quite what any of us were looking for when we heard about a metal game, but I think that there are still plenty of jokes to be told, and the first game gave us all a very lush world that could maintain a second game to come out of it.

Quizmaster - Sean might be interested to know that his Mega Man dream is coming true…well, sort of. Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune ran a successful Kickstarter for a game called Mighty No. 9, which…sure looks a lot like a game that could be compared to Mega Man. I don't know what we can do about his other two wishes, but for now, he can have 2816 points.

QUESTION FOUR: And because people just never learn from history, the first screens of Alien: Isolation have been revealed. Yes, folks, they're making yet another Alien game, this time, apparently a first-person stealth horror game starring the daughter of Ripley. With only that information, give me early odds on whether we get an actually decent game, or another Colonial Marines.

Sean Walker - I'm afraid to say that Alien has never been my go to game to play. In fact, I've never played the game(s). I have no idea how popular the game is, but a first person stealth horror game sound like it has the potential to be a great idea. Don't shoot me those who really like whatever this game is actually about, but that sounds like a genre that hasn't been done to death by Activision.

Todd Vote - As always, I am willing to wait and see before I judge to harshly. The screens look good, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything at this point. Sega is going to have a lot of trouble getting people to bite the worm a second time. My approach: Expecting more of the same, but cautiously optimistic.

Robert Cooper - I give their odds of a decent game the same odds I give Call of Duty making a truly innovative game, not very large, but there is a slight chance. The premise sounds okay and the few screen shots we have don't say anything, but I'm REALLY hoping that they have learned their lesson and are going towards a vibe closer to that of the movie series, a scary, horror filled sense of dread, which is the opposite of Colonial Marines, in my eyes.

Quizmaster - At least nobody started drooling over the screenshots, which is the first step to overhyping something, which leads to suing the company that made the game for not delivering what they allegedly promised through promotional materials. I only wish I was making that last part up.

BONUS QUESTION: Christmas is coming on quicker than ever, so whaddya want?

Sean Walker - All I really want for Christmas is for everyone to to stop fighting, and hug each other and skip around in the grassy meadows... Ah who the hell am I kidding? I would really like a life sized, actually moving Janet Jackson, or at least a clone. I'm willing to accept a really close looking blow up doll if offered. For science, of course.

Todd Vote - A 3 gallon bottle of Nyquil, and 12 boxes of Alka Seltzer Cold medicine... Yup, that should work just fine.

Robert Cooper - I wanted a PS3 for Christmas, actually, but I'm probably not going to get that. But if I were to pick something a bit cheaper, I'd probably go for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Complete Edition. I have a feeling it's going to be rare in a few years, plus it comes with the awesome original game, the two add-on packs, and the 3DS sequel now remade HD style. But I'd also take an S.H. Figuarts Choujin Sentai Jetman Black Condor, probably one of my favorite characters on any show ever, and Figuarts are some of the best figures I've ever seen. Final thing on my list, 'All is One' by Orphaned Land, great album! So there you, any of those items would work for my Christmas!

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