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Ask 411 Games 3.03.14: Special Edition Consoles, Bayonetta, More
Posted by Stewart Lange on 03.03.2014

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Ask 411 Games! I'm really sorry about missing last week with relatively short notice, but unfortunately it was sad times for me as I lost a good friend on the Friday before posting my column. Basically, I've re-written this intro but I'd already done the sections up until the questions so forgive me if I miss anything that relates to "last week" or whatever. I know James would stop by the column fairly often, so this one is for you, man. You'll be missed,sir.

I'll keep the intro relatively brief otherwise, as I don't want to get things down so that's a line drawn in the sand, just forgive me for not putting out my best work this week. Thief came out last week and it's cool so far and I'm sure many of you will be busy playing it but remember- SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS! The usual email address will do (Stewart.Lange@Gmail.com) or by searching Ask 411 Games on Facebook.


Last week saw people correcting each other and themselves in the comments section, with Jed misreading a question that I'm actually going to look at again slightly later. The question in, well, question, was about the first sports game with blood in it, to which Billwood had another thought.

Holyfield Boxing for the Sega had blood in 1993.

I checked the dates because you got me thinking.....

Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing was released 6 weeks BEFORE NHLPA '93, although it was in 1992, not 1993, but did feature the boxers getting cuts. It's certainly not on the same over the top level as the ice hockey sim, but I'll hold my hands up and say you're correct. Sticking with sports, golferman points out a massive loophole I neglected to address in my sports star sponsorship question.

EA dropped Tiger Woods in October.

Indeed they did, when they announced that the team were struggling with the next gen tech and wouldn't be releasing a title this year, regardless of a Tiger Woods deal. I'm sure next years game will spike sales as people will be excited for a next-gen (current gen, I guess, just feels weird to call it that) golf game, and it won't be until the following year we get an idea of how important Woods' likeness was. On that note, Katamari Damacy wanted some more clarity on the sports games question, so I checked up and sure enough, PGA: The Masters in 2011 sold more copies than any other version of the game for 3 years and did not feature Tiger anywhere on the box, suggesting that the PGA series will not struggle without Woods and maybe EA now realise that. If they thought the franchise would crash and burn without him, they would not have cut their ties with him, especially after keeping him on after the whole scandal thing.

There was a bit of a mass brawl on the Resident Evil question from last week about why 6 was, how can I put this- bollocks, but I'm going to pull an "8-ball" and ignore that. Kind of. I'll make 3 points.

1- I thought 6 was rubbish, 4 was okay and 5 I enjoyed in spite of myself.
2- The Evil Within will be excellent i'm sure.
3- "Bandwagon haters" are the worst, but hey, we're internet games fans, we can hate what we want and not even need a reason for it! YEAH!

Last time, SDelfin beat the rather impressive run that LordDarius was on, so let's take a look at that riddle.

I joined the police at a very young age but left because it wasn't what it used to be.- Left the police at 21 due to internal corruption.
I started a dance studio but left it behind to help an old friend........- The gap between Streets of Rage 1 & 2.
........who some people may think I'm romantically involved with.- The ending of SOR 1.
The colour of my hair is in question.- Jumping between red and brown depending on the scene in the game.
I'm the only girl in a mans world.- Only female playable character in the series.

I was, of course, Blaze from Streets of Rage. Let's have a look at this week's riddle.

I excelled at school, especially the sciences, but it wasn't something that came easily. The bullies at my private school were horrible, even tattooing me against my will. I'm fond of animals, but haven't got the best of track records with my pets. I'm too short to walk about about as much as I'd like to, but it doesn't stop me from driving. I've been told I have a short temper, but don't control it very well and am susceptible to tantrums. Who am I?

Answers as always in the comments section.


LordDarius had another question two weeks ago, but I felt like it could use a little more research than I had the time for.

In Shining Force II after you defeat the final boss Zeon there is a another bonus battle where you fight all the bosses of the game. My question is are their any other games that have done this as I think it was a really cool thing to add to the end of the game?

I did a little bit of snooping around for you, but I'll explain a little bit to readers. Basically, once Shining Force II finishes, you can wait for a minute or so and it lands you in a dungeon with each of the games bosses in it. Sounds fun? You'd be right. I did find one other game that does this, though and that would be:

Ocarina of Time 3D.

Here's another video.

I couldn't find any other games that did something like this either as a final level or like Zelda, an unlockable mode. I'm sure one of you readers can help out with that one incase there's something really obscure, or obvious I'm missing.

I got an email from a reader called James who had a question that I could summarise a little I'm sure, but it's very eloquent so I'll let him go for it unedited.

My question involves the concept of Downloadable Content (DLC). Hypothetically speaking, let's say that Company A is releasing a video game which involves characters from their brand fighting each other, and Company B wants to promote one of their own characters by allowing Company A to use them in said fighting game. The game is released, sells millions, cash flows like wine, and everybody wins! Well, what happens if Company B goes bankrupt after the video game has been released and auctions off their video game intellectual properties? Would it be fathomable that there could be a DLC update that would require removing Company B's character from Company A's video game due to licensing issues? Or for that matter, could there be (or has been) any DLC that actually REMOVES from the original game content?

I'm taking from that a couple of questions so I'll answer the easier part first. To the best of my research, the closest thing to this I can find is the removal of the Marvel Vs Capcom content from Xbox Live and the PSN. The agreement between the companies expired and the games were removed from download, although the licenses to play the games once purchased remained intact. Same deal with the Marvel and Activision games that were pulled last year, the agreement between the firms came to an end and they were no longer available digitally.

I would imagine with the scenario that you've explained, though, that part of the original contract to use the character in a game would cover for eventual scenarios. Take Freddy Kreuger being in Mortal Kombat, for example. Now I'm aware it's unlikely that Freddy would ever need to be removed due to loss of intellectual property, but hear me out. Netherrealm would have had to made an arrangement with the owners of the likeness to include him, but to remain beneficial to both sides, I'm sure that the makers of the game would be able to use clever wording that would involve them essentially owning their version of the character. I'd imagine it'd be the same if DC Comics decided to sell, say, Aquaman. He wouldn't need to be removed from Injustice because they own the copyrights, but have signed them over for use within that game. While it's not impossible there would be exceptions to this, I'd imagine most contracts would work like this.

As far as DLC removing content, I certainly can't find any example of this. Because we still aren't in the "digital only" age, it'd be relatively futile. Imagine, if you will, something horrendous like the Benoit tragedy. Say that happened last week. The WWE would certainly want to remove him from WWE 2K14 (as he'd have been on the roster- stick with the analogy here, it's getting there) but if 30% of copies of the game remained offline, how could they then enforce that? Likewise, all DLC updates can be deleted from modern systems with ease. If there was a mandatory update that removed something major like that, what would stop people from removing the update and using the game offline instead? I'm sure once we eventually hit the whole "everything is digital and you must connect to the internet all the time or else" blah that will surely come one day, I'd see this being a lot more likely, but until then, it's pretty easily avoidable and not really something I'd want to see precedented.

Another long question from Jason via the email.

Thanks for your work on the column Stewart. My question is prompted by having recently played Bayonetta for the first time. There's a gothic/classical meld going on with the music in the game that's very similar to Catherine, released a few years later. There's also a very old world church inspired look to many of the backgrounds and art design in both. My question is whether there's overlap among the creators of the two games. They have no official connection whatsoever but it's very hard to play one without thinking of the other, sort of like watching two Tim Burton movies.

I've trawled around and tried a little cross-referencing, but I can't see any link between the two games or anyone who worked on them without going all the way down the chain to the guy who makes the coffee or something. I can only assume that it's one of these good old "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" kind of deals. I'm seeing a lot of similarities between Thief and Dishonoured, but there is no link between them either. It's just one of these things in games and it's been like that since the beginning, in every genre.

I have a few quick fire ones from GVIL so I'll get through as many of those as I can before I call it a week.

Do you believe that Nintendo can turn the Wii U around?

No. Next.

In all seriousness, I can't see what Nintendo can do to really improve things. They've released some decent games and nobody has been jumping up and down to get one if they hadn't got one already and people are opting to buy the decent third party titles on their PS4/XbOne if they have one. Short of a price drop and a genuine must have title, I think they'll survive the next couple of years before going handheld only.

Speaking of handhelds......

Apart from handhelds when did companies start to release special versions of there consoles? I would like to say Saturn or N64.

Digging around, the first game related console that was released as a special edition would be the Pikachu N64. There were handheld variants, some of which are extremely cool, but they were truly popularised by Nintendo, as they went from an exclusive N64 to releasing GBA variants for Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Mario and even a NES original. They still do this, with the most recent addition being the Wind Waker Wii:U.

The earliest console variants I can find land with the Atari 2600 that weren't just different models or tweaked versions. The original Woody design is the classic, but there was also the Junior version with a rainbow of colours across the front. I also have a jet black variant of this at home but can't find a huge amount of information as to why they made different designs.

Another one before I go?

As a retro collector, do you want to see games going download only?

GVIL, my man, it already fucks me off greatly that we no longer get manuals with games. Obviously, it's for the environment and so on, but I like owning a game. I like taking care of the box, reading the booklet and seeing if there is any cool artwork in it, then keeping the ones I love in my collection. I know when you buy a game you're not paying for more than the actual game itself, but I like owning something I can have, keep and actually hold. I don't mind downloading certain things, but there are other issues involved in that too.

This past fortnight I've been concentrating on modding and such, so I was able to revive a yellow DMG Gameboy back to life and change the casing. Now it looks sweet as a nut. I did get a great new game for my 3DO though and that's going to be my featured game of the week. I present to you, Rebel Assault.

That's all we have for this week guys, hope you enjoyed it! Make sure and get involved in Name That Game! and if you're in the UK, email me at Stewart.411games@gmail.com and I'll tell you how to access the WWE Network. You'll have to ask a question in exchange for the info. Until next week, have a great one!


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