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411 Games Top 5 4.12.14: Top 5 Wanted Telltale Franchises
Posted by Sean Garmer on 04.12.2014

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there. Haven't you sat there and thought "I wish TellTale would make my favorite franchise into a game."

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In honor of Episode 3 of Wolf Among Us coming out this week, here are the Top 5 Most Wanted TellTale Episodic Games

Todd Vote (411 Games Zone Reviewer and Regular Contributor to Four Player Co-op)

5.Supernatural - I think Supernatural is a TV show that is completely ripe for the Telltale treatment, or really any type of video game. There is so much monster mythology that they have on the show, not to mention the whole heaven and hell thing. They wouldn't even have to stick to the Winchesters to tell the story. Players could take up the mantle of Castiel, Bobby Singer (RIP), or hell, I would have a blast playing as Crowley, King of Hell.

4.The Resident Evil Games - The Resident Evil games tend to jump around a lot in the timelines. Some games take place along side the original game like Operation Raccoon City, while Resident Evil Zero is actually a prequel to the first game. This would be where Telltale would step in. Their episodes could act as a fill the blanks game for what happens between the main numbered series.

3.Time for Super Heroes - Either DC, or Marvel, or any of the other great publishers out there. It worked for Walking Dead, it worked for Wolf Among us, why not try it again on The Avengers, or The Justice League?

2.Star Wars - Seems like a no brainer for Star Wars to try some sort of episodic story telling for their franchise. As with most of the entries on this list, there is a huge universe of stories to draw from here. Heck, one of the choices can even be to choose who shot first, which we all know was Han.

1.LOST - Island mysteries, hatches, Dharma Initiatives, oh my! LOST is still one of my favorite TV shows, at least one that has sucked me into it's mythology more than any other before or after it. There are still plenty of mysteries to explore on the island.

John Cash (Reader Voice, Occasional Contributor to Four Player Co-op)

5. Darkstalkers: Out of all the fighting games from my childhood, the one series that seemed to have the most going on plot-wise Darkstalkers, so of course that meant it wasn't that popular as a fighting game (compared to stuff like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat anyway.) Many of the characters have become popular thanks to the Vs Capcom series of ensemble fighting games and Namco X Capcom/Project X Zone, and I think now would be a good time to educate the new generation about the world of Darkstalkers outside of Morrigan's boobs.

4. Resident Evil: The Walking Dead Game reminded me for the longest time of the first Resident Evil games because of the fixed camera angles in most scenes and fairly static backgrounds, so I think a TellTale game could be used to maybe clean up or retcon the ongoing plot of the series into something more comprehensible. It think it would be more likely to be a survival horror game again over a new Capcom based game.

3. No More Heroes: As far as I know, No More Heroes is the only Suda51 game to get a sequel, so obviously there is strength in the cast of characters and storytelling to continue the series. Suda himself was reluctant to make the second game, but after seeing the success of the first, he is now apparently excited to continue the series, especially to make games for mobile platforms (with several ideas for a Wii U game as well), so it's not entirely impossible for this to happen.

2. Star Fox: For some reason, Nintendo thought it would be a good idea to hand over Samus Aran, their #1 female character, over to Team Ninja for a STORY DRIVEN game. If they want a franchise to get a fresh start, I can think of no better candidate than for Star Fox to get the TellTale treatment. I say this because what TT does best is characters and dialogue, and that's what Star Fox has lacked (in my opinion at least) in the past.

1. Shenmue: It's probably going to seem like heresy, but as time moves forward, this is the only realistic option I can see for a Shenmue conclusion, barring an HD Collection of the first two games selling enough to make it worth SEGA's time to make a full-blown third game. Realistically, what TT has become famous for is something Shenmue was already doing over a decade ago now; high quality plot, compelling cast of characters, exploration of objects on the scene (to a much smaller scale in TT games for sure), and quicktime events. I think putting out even a Shenmue 2.5 that serves as a bridge between 2 and 3 episodically would help too, because it would really gauge how much interest there is in a Shenmue III (everybody says it NEEDS a sequel, but would people be willing to put their money where there mouth is?)

Gavin Napier (Games Zone Reviewer, Writer of The Contentious Ten in Wrestling Zone)

5. Breaking Bad - Give me a cameo from Bryan Cranston and I'll be happy on that end. Ultimately, though, I'd like to see the otherwise unknown adventures of Jesse, Combo, Skinny Pete, Hank, Saul, Mike, Gus, and the rest of the gang. There's a widely varied cast of characters that aren't Heisenberg himself. And I'm willing to bet that most of the episodes would be better than "Better Call Saul."

4. GI Joe - Come on. There are dozens upon dozens of characters that could be pried into. Snake Eyes. Flint. Duke. Storm Shadow. Baroness. Outback. A new recruit into either GI Joe or Cobra. An episodic version of GI Joe foiling a plot of world domination by COBRA, written by Larry Hama, would be playable and replayable.

3. Silent Hill - I'd be very curious to see whether or not the team behind Silent Hill could continue to create a suspenseful, eerie atmosphere in the episodic format. They've done a spectacular job of it through their multiple platform games, but the style of game that Telltale is becoming known for. would be n new challenge. Personally, I think they could deliver in spades and that the format would make creeping people out even easier.

2. Fallout - One of my favorite game series, and one that could use a Telltale style game as an in between for two major releases. It would give fans the opportunity to play through an explanation of exactly how the world became what it is. We could play through multiple generations of a family as the world devolves. We could play through various locations from the game world, ending up in New Vegas. There are virtually infinite possibilities for these games to be adapted.

1. Justified - The whole Walking Dead series has endured without appearances from the characters we know and love through the show and comic. Back to the Future makes use of Doc and Marty, as voiced by Christopher Lloyd and (in the final episode, at least) Michael J. Fox. If we do Justified as a Telltale series, it has to be Timothy Olyphant. It just has to. The character is too cool to be voiced by anybody else. The setting of rural Kentucky offers diverse locations, and the depth of relationships that exist in the world based on Elmore Leonard's novels are perfect for the episodic style of these games. Raylan. Ava. The Crowder family. Please, Telltale. Make this happen. With Timothy Olyphant.

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