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Four Player Co-op 05.28.14: Watch_Dogs, Singstar, Night Trap, More
Posted by Stephen Randle on 05.28.2014

Dan Watson has joined the game.
Todd Vote has joined the game.
Jeremy Thomas has joined the game.

Quizmaster Greetings, and welcome to another edition of Four Player Co-op. I am the Quizmaster, I ask impossible questions and expect answers from woefully unqualified contestants. And then I mock them and/or give them points! It's a flawed system, but it's all we've got.

Start the game!

QUESTION ONE: Well, it's finally time, as Watch_Dogs, UbiSoft's highly anticipated game that was originally set to hit stores at the same time as the new consoles, will in fact be on shelves on Tuesday. Which means it's already on shelves by the time this column goes live, but when this question was asked, it was still pre-release date. It's like time travel! Anyway, since this game was expected to be one of those must-have games that was expected to help sell consoles for both Sony and Microsoft, now that it's been delayed to this point, with all the problems and rumours and worries that it might not be as great as previously indicated, the obvious question is: are you still picking up a copy of Watch_Dogs on or near release?

Dan Watson - Man I hope so. This game even if it isn't what it was originally going to be, is still going to be a very good game. This is definitely going to be a case of over publicizing and falling somewhat short. Anytime a game gets delayed this far, everyone worries but I think this will be a good enough game to warrant $60. 

Todd Vote - You know, I think all the problems and rumors and reading my fellow 4PCers thoughts on the delays may have turned me off the game. Again, it doesn't help that the marketing I've seen for the game does little to set it apart from looking like yet another GTA clone. The game is still on my list to play, though I'm waiting till I see some reviews and hear from some of my fellow gamers before I decide if I want to purchase the game or not. So thank you to my fellow 4PC cohorts for getting inside my head... 

Jeremy Thomas - Already picked it up as of midnight last night.  I've been looking forward to that one for a while and I know that it had a lot of bad buzz due to the delay, but the long and short of it is that I'm really enjoying it for the amount that I've played thus far.  The story is good, the gameplay is pretty fun (if not perfect) and the technical specs are great. The first police chase I went on had me literally driving through some residential backyards and losing the cops by driving through a train tunnel.  How can you beat that?

Quizmaster - Well, early reviews are fair-to-middling, so it looks like Watch_Dogs might just be a decent game, and not the industry-changing monster we were hoping for. But like Jeremy said, at least it's fun. Plus, we got into Todd's head, so 542 points for everyone!

QUESTION TWO: Remember the plastic instrument craze? That was a weird time, man. Seems like it was only a couple of years ago, mostly because it was only a couple of years ago. In any event, there will be a new version of popular karaoke game Singstar for the PS4 in the new future, but rather than force you to pick up one of those fancy, probably expensive, microphones, the developers have decided to try something new: an app that will allow you to use your smartphone as a microphone in conjunction with the game. What do you think about the fact that we can now have that level of interactivity between a console and a phone?

Dan Watson - I am a bit confused on this one. What am I going to be looking at, tv or iPhone? Also, my phone rings while I'm playing, does the game automatically pause? Look, telemarketers already interrupt dinner, do I need them interrupting gaming? I don't like this concept one bit. 

Todd Vote - Um... Big hairy deal? Couldn't I just download one of the numerous karaoke apps that I am assuming probably exist on both Google Play, and iTunes, most of which are no doubt free to play? Why would I want to spend $60, and also have that $60 game suck away the data from my phone? You really want to act like you are doing the gamers a favor, why not just have it so you can use the headset that you use for online play (They may offer this already, I don't know)? That, to me, seems like the best possible solution. But to answer your question, this level of interactivity is not at all surprising to me.

 Hell, I could train my dog from GTA V anywhere I wanted with the iFruit app. Now, when we get the next Red Dead, and I can use my smart phone to train a cougar to be my traveling companion, then we will have reached the synergetic pinnacle. 

Jeremy Thomas - I'm of three minds on this.  My first thought is that it's smart and about damned time that someone came up with a way to interact that didn't require you shelling out $15 to $20 for a USB microphone that you will literally never use in any other capacity than for a rhythm game.  The second thought is that I hate it because I already have the microphone for Rock Band 3 so I already shelled out the money.  The third thought is "Eh, PS game, I wouldn't be using it anyway."  I am multi-faceted, truly. In all seriousness, good on them for coming up with a way to entice people in, because after the burst of the rhythm genre bubble, no one was going to pay for that sort of peripheral.

Quizmaster - Todd gets 1823 points for attempting to tie this back into his dream of a new Red Dead game, but unfortunately, you can't tame cougars, you can only hope ro delay the time before they sneak up behind you and rip your face off.

QUESTION THREE: Does it seem like there are more games on the market these days? Well, that's because there are, at least on the PC side of things. Numbers released from Valve say that thanks to Steam Greenlight, Early Access, Kickstarter, and other indie-friendly services, there have been more games in the months of 2014 so far than were released on Steam in all of last year, with a projected final total for this year coming in at over 2000 games expected to be released in some form on Steam. Of course, a lot of those games are terrible, broken, unfinished, and even in some cases straight rip-offs of other games that are going to get somebody sued (hello, Motor Rock!) but that much quantity has to be a good thing, right?

Dan Watson - Quality versus Quantity. I'd rather have half the games of last year but all be game of the year contenders. This is one of the problems with Indy games being readily available. If I purchase a game, I don't need it to be a knock off of a more successful game or a busted game. It makes it harder for casual gamers to trust titles that aren't Call of Duty and Madden.

Todd Vote - No.. No.. Hell no... Just no. That much quantity would be a good thing if they were all quality. As you said, a lot of them are broken, terrible, unfinished, and straight rip offs. Does it really matter if you have access to 2000 games if there are only 5 of them you want to play and 1995 that you only have because they were part of a deal / super cheap? Quality over quantity, all day every day. 

Jeremy Thomas - Anything that promotes PC gaming is a good thing.  I'm a console owner now but I've always been a PC gamer at heart and for years people have been predicting the death of PC gaming while I scoffed at them.  The point here is: I was right. (Just kidding, that's not the point.) Obviously a lot of the games aren't great, but the quantity is there because there is a recognized interest in PC gaming now and that is the good part.  Can't dislike that.

Quizmaster - I find it hard to be mad at the Motor Rock guys, actually, because I'm not Blizzard and it's not my license being violated, but also because why the hell isn't there a new Rock 'n' Roll Racing? Seriously, they can't shovel some money out of the WoW pile and make a sequel? Anyway, normally I'd be all over "quality over quantity", but in this case, I think we're getting enough quality from enough new and undiscovered sources to make up for the occasional broken stuff that sneaks through. Besides, it's not like the AAA stuff isn't shipping broken sometimes too (hi, Battlefield 4), so in the end, I'm going to have to go with Jeremy's answer, for 2139 points.

QUESTION FOUR: I don't know if you've heard this, but at the end of May, you will no longer be able to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi service on your Wii or DS systems, because....well, it's not clear why Nintendo has decided to shut down online services for their best-selling console and handheld,. But I'm sure it's not just because they hate and fear the Internet in all its forms, as may have been theorized several times in the past. I mean, Gamespy shutting down is one thing, but what the heck is Nintendo's plan, here?

Dan Watson - Maybe Nintendo realizes its time to send their titles to greener pastures and bring the consoles behind the woodshed. Look, Nintendo isn't a true contender anymore in console battles, sure handhelds are good but with phones being the future of mobile gaming, Nintendo has to realize its time to sell titles to the big two. Imagine Nintendo finally working with Microsoft and Rare to recreate some amazing titles. 

Todd Vote - I have no idea what Nintendo's plan is here. To be perfectly honest, it is getting increasingly difficult for me to continue to hide behind the whole "never count out Nintendo" line I've frequently pulled out in defense of the Big N. I guess their thinking has to be that if they cut out support for their best selling console and handheld, people will flock to the Wii U, and the 3DS? I don't know what their idea is here, but I sure hope they know what they are doing. 

Jeremy Thomas - The only possible things I can think of are that either they are somehow too expensive (which is kind of silly to even consider) or they are hoping to force gamers to move to the Wii U and 3DS.  Or the people at Nintendo had their brains switched with goldfish.  Whichever of the three it is, it can't be good news for the company.  We've been wondering just how much trouble Nintendo is really in, and I kind of have to wonder if this is an indication that they're another step toward the end of the company as a console producer.

Quizmaster - I made that last statement facetiously, but it turns out that Nintendo Wi-Fi was, in fact, developed in a partnership with Gamespy, so Gamespy's closure actually is at least part of the reason behind this move. I mean, it's still crazy to shut off your Internet service so quickly, but at least it's an explainable type of crazy.

BONUS QUESTION: And because I just can't believe it either, the rights owner of infamous Sega CD game Night Trap, the game where you stalk and kidnap sorority girls...or something...has said that he's looking to get the game a re-release for current consoles. Surely, he can't be serious?

Dan Watson - After recent events near UC Santa Barbra, I do not believe this is a good idea at all. I'm all about gaming not being related to deaths but let's be real everyone knows this is a terrible idea. 

Todd Vote - Somewhere... somehow... Mark Salmela is fapping to this news. I believe this was one of his 'Games Only a Mother Could Love'. Why can't this guy be serious? Nostalgia always sells, and people view nostalgic things through rose colored glasses right up to the point where they get their hands on the item and realize all over again that it still sucks. 

Jeremy Thomas - Oh good, this should be great in the current political climate where everything is video games' fault, since this game helped kickstart the rise of that very situation.  Certainly, everyone wants to be able to serial kill barely-clad young women with better resolution and gameplay.  Can we get a PS4 version of Custer's Revenge too?  Maybe an HD remake of KZ Manager, or RapeLay 3D?  (Important Note: the preceding was sarcasm.  Just in case it wasn't obvious.)  Fuck this dude.



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