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411 Games Top 5 5.31.14: Top 5 E3 Announcements
Posted by Sean Garmer on 05.31.2014

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there. Let's celebrate the history of E3 announcements.

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Since E3 is on the horizon, I figured this would be a good week to delve into the history of E3 and have a Top 5 Biggest E3 Announcements of All-Time

Daniel Anderson (Games Fact or Fiction Organizer, Regular Contributor to the "Official 411 Games Podcast" Cooperative Multiplayer)

5. Sega Saturn: Everyone knew that the Saturn was coming out in September. What everyone did not know was that, at 1995's E3, Sega was going to surprise us and say that the Saturn was available right then. Sony had already responded with their release date, and Sega tried to beat Sony's PlayStation to the shelves to try and get some sales with no competition. This would later be seen as a bad move by Sega, because retailers were upset, and some (KB Toys) dropping Sega from its stores completely. I give Sega credit for trying something new, but this did not work out in the end. Despite its lack of success, you cannot say that announcing an immediate console launch was not a big announcement.

4. PlayStation 1 Price Point: Sony had a response to the Sega 1995 E3 announcement. Steve Race came onto the stage and announced that the PlayStation was going to cost $299 at launch, undercutting the Saturn's price by $100. This was a big move that helped Sony counter the Saturn having months of no new console competition. A lot of people say that this is the announcement that killed the Saturn, and while I do not completely agree with that, it did start the Saturn's death.

3. Grand Theft Auto 4: One of the big reasons the PS2 had such a bigger following then the Xbox was the presence of Grand Theft Auto. This game was one of the first .

2. Konami E3 2010: This announcement made the list, not because of some great game or revolutionary product, but because of just how bad it was. You can see videos of it on Youtube, but it will just make you shake your head. From people who cannot read lines, to Mexican wrestlers, to just disturbing content, this who thing just is weird. But, because it was weird, it is remembered so it makes the list.

1. Microsoft and Playstation Last Year: Last year's E3 was one of the most enjoyable of all time. Mainly, because we had two new consoles coming out, and we wanted information on them. The consoles had already been announced, but we were promised more info at E3. We got two excellent presentations from Microsoft first, and then Sony countering Microsoft. This E3 showed just how important it was to go last when trying to counter a competitor. Everyone knows how Microsoft announced a higher price than Sony, and the whole game sharing announcement, but what most people do not remember is that Microsoft had a pretty damn good press conference before all that. Anyway, last year's E3 is one of the most memorable, and will probably stay there for a few more years just due to two new consoles fighting for attention and two companies actively trying to counter each other.

John Cash (Reader Voice, Occasional Contributor to Four Player Co-op)

Note: I almost exclusively only watched Nintendo's conferences until 3 or 4 years ago, so my list will be Nintendo-centric.

5. The Last Guardian: I had literally just finished playing ICO and Shadow of the Colossus around the time this game was announced formally at E3, and the hype was unreal. It's kind of funny because, realistically, there wasn't really anything connecting Last Guardian to the other two games in the trailer, but *just knowing* it was a third game from the same team was amazing.

4. Playstation 4 Details: Microsoft threw the easiest, most hittable floater of a pitch in this history of competitive marketing, and Sony swung so hard, the entire back half of the stadium was demolished. It wasn't just a home-run, or a landslide; Sony damn near castrated Microsoft. Every single selling point from Microsoft's conference was defeated, to raucous approval from the crowd. It was certainly a sight to behold, for one console to seem so overwhelmingly better than a competitor pretty much over night is something you'd think could never happen, but it TOTALLY DID at E3 2013.

3. Twilight Princess; Miyamoto Gears Up: Its funny now, with Wind Waker getting so much now, to think that Twilight Princess, a somewhat underwhelming Zelda title according to my gamer circle of friends, was so exciting when it was first announced. My favorite part of course was The Legend Himself Shigeru Miyamoto coming out with the Master Sword and Shield. Pretty much any time Miyamoto shows up it's like a dozen rainbows bursting from the screen/stage.

2. 3DS reveal: I'll never forget Adam Sessler talking so excitedly about the 3DS after it was announced. He was so hyped for glasses free 3D, like it was literally blowing his mind on air. Also the fact that they had it playable the day it was announced was exactly what they needed to do so that they could show people as soon as the conference was over what the system was all about, rather than letting the negative nancy's find everything to nitpick about it.

1. "It's Showtime" Super Smash Bros. Brawl Reveal: The year this was shown was the only year that I ever watched E3 with other people in the room, so it's absolutely a bias choice because when this happened we were all marking out pretty hard. Its always great when a developer can meet and surpass your expectations for a game, and this certainly took the cake for me.

Sean Garmer (Games Zone Reviewer, Games Top 5 Organizer, Interim Host of "Cooperative Multiplayer" The Official 411 Games Zone Podcast, WWE PPV Roundtable Organizer)

5. Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360: E3 2008 As a person that had owned a PS1 and PS2, I loved the Final Fantasy series and still do to this day. I also owned an Original Xbox and chose to go with Xbox 360 for my last generation console, which is something I do not regret. However, I did wind up buying a PS3 this February and I love it too. Watching that E3 press conference and seeing that Square-Enix logo pop on the screen I was waiting with baited breath at what the announcement could be. I was so happy to find out I could keep playing the FF Series on my 360 I let out a big scream at the announcement and my roomates thought I was crazy, as I watched in my college apartment. It may seem like a small deal nowadays, especially with how negatively the entire Final Fantasy XIII series has been received, but to me it was a BIG deal.

4. Jack Trenton Drops the Mic: E3 2013 Yeah, this was just last year, but this was huge. Sony had patented technology to include DRM in the PS4 and in fact had included it, but chose to rethink that. Then came the Microsoft press conference, they announce 24 hour check-ins, family sharing, but no trading physical copies, and more things the gaming community were not fans of at all. Then Jack Trenton comes in and drops the hammer down by having none of that on the PS4 and including the hilarious "caring is sharing" video as well. This eventually led to Microsoft having to reverse all of their policies and it even has ramifications as we head into E3 2014. Microsoft had to drop the price of their console, remove Kinect, and remove the pay wall for Entertainment apps, to compete with PS4. Very well done Sony.

3. The Original Xbox Launch Plans Announced: E3 2001 The Original Xbox was officially unveiled at CES 2001 by Bill Gates and The Rock. But it was at E3 2001 where Microsoft announced that the release date was going to be on November 8, 2001. My dad wound up getting me a launch Xbox for my birthday about three weeks later. The major part of this announcement is that Microsoft showed off the launch lineup with HALO: Combat Evolved and noted that "their secret weapon was online gaming capability" and how right they were. Xbox may get a lot of crap now, but Microsoft bringing the Xbox to everyone, brought online play and Xbox Live to the forefront. I don't know that we would have online play the way it is today with out the Original Xbox.

2. Nintendo Shocks Everyone with The Wii: E3 2005 & 2006 While it was still called "Nintendo Revolution" when it was first revealed, the response was incredible. You could tell Nintendo was doing something different with The Revolution and they touted Backwards Compatiblity to Gamecube and the Virtual Console. Then in 2006, Nintendo shocked the world revealing the Wii Remotes, the different ways of play, and just the absolute fun that was the Wii. Nintendo went total casual that day and the rest is history for Nintendo. Yes, the Wii U may not be doing that great right now, but Wii did start a Revolution, the casual gaming revolution that is.

1. Sony Reveals The Playstation: E3 1995 Sony knew SEGA was going to reveal the SEGA Saturn and be the first true gaming console using discs. Not to mention, they had the whole debacle with Nintendo as well. Sony decided to get ahead of the game and announce The Playstation. Before Playstation existed, pretty much Nintendo was king and in fact all I remember growing up was that every console or gaming machine was called by parents and others as "you are playing Nintendo." Sony not only brought out the Playstation with prettier graphics and a $300 price tag, but it brought with it a new way to think about gaming. It was the first time gaming really became "cool" and something everyone had to own. Nintendo might have been the company that saved console gaming, but Sony certainly put console gaming on the map.

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