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411 Games Top 5 6.14.14: Top 5 E3 Announcements
Posted by Sean Garmer on 06.14.2014

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there. There were many enjoyable things about E3 2014?

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E3 2014 just ended. So, it only makes sense to do the Top 5 E3 2014 Announcements

Daniel Anderson (Games Fact or Fiction Organizer, Regular Contributor to the Official 411 Games Podcast "Cooperative Multiplayer")

5. No Man's Sky: I love exploration games like No Man's Sky. Everything I see about this game makes me want it even more. I especially love how it is randomly generated and each person starts on their own planet to explore. Then you can travel to other planets and dogfight in space with other fighters and capital ships. It is a very ambitious game, and if it succeeds in pulling off what it promises, it will be a game of the year contender either this year or next year, whenever it releases.

4. Co-op Assassin's Creed: I enjoy the Assassin's Creed series. One thing that worried me about Unity though, was the fact we were going from the Caribbean to Revolutionary France. Fewer, or no chance at all, to sail a boat and have ship combat. I understand they cannot do it in every game, but I fear that only setting a game in a single city would make the game feel stale. Then they showed 4 player co-op for the game. I know it will never go as smoothly, or the conversations go as well, as they showed during the demo, but the potential for it is there. Having your friends play as other Assassins could be just the feature to keep this game from feeling stale.

3. Alien: Isolation: Colonial Marines almost killed the Alien franchise, at least for video games. Everything that I have seen says that this game will make you forget all about that disaster. I have never been a fan of stealth games before (at least not since the original Splinter Cell), but this game is one I will probably get. I love the Alien movie franchise (at least the first two movies anyway), and this game is supposed to bring you back to the original. From an unkillable Xenomorph to humans with their own plans out to kill you, this game feels like an original when it comes to Alien video games. I can't wait to play the game myself.

2. Sony and Microsoft Focus Fully on Games: For the most part anyway. There were a few parts during Sony's press conference where they talked about other things, but only once where they showed something not related to games at all (Bendis talking about Powers). The next gen consoles need exclusive (to next gen) games to make people who have already purchased them feel like they have gotten something for their investment. The press conferences this year were filled with games that will only be out on next gen consoles. There are too many to list here, but they range from cover shooters to FPS's to remastered versions of older titles. The game library of next gen games will be filled out nicely by the end of the year.

1. Nintendo Comes Out Swinging: A lot of people were saying that Nintendo needed to just give up on the Wii U and focus on the 3DS. Instead, Nintendo came out swinging and announced games reminding everyone why Nintendo has long been THE name that comes to mind when someone says video games. They might have fallen behind on graphics, but, as recently as the Wii, they were making a ton of money by putting out a console that people wanted. The Wii U, in this press conference, went from a system that looked dead and boring to a system that just hadn't been getting enough support. Nintendo announced a lot of games ranging from platformers to adult shooters. From online multiplayer games to split screen games. Plus, we got an announcement for a new Star Fox game. Nintendo did exactly what they needed to do to get people interested in the Wii U again.

John Cash (Reader Voice, Occasional Contributor to Four Player Co-op)

Note: Since the top three of my "anticipated" list last week were fulfilled, there is lots of Nintendo on my list again this week.

5. Battlefield: Hardline beta instantly available: I'm not really into Battlefield or any "modern warfare" type games, but I still think it's always cool when they do this at E3, regardless of what kind of game it is. It's always good to have something playable the same day you announce the game!

4. The Legend of Zelder Scrolls Wii U: See those mountains?! I think this is the kind of Zelda game people have been wanting for a while. I find it interesting that apparently the hero in the teaser trailer might not be Link (a developer was quoted as saying "Nobody explicitly stated that it was Link", take that for what you will.) It really does look like they are trying quite hard to keep Zelda fresh but also familiar.

3. Splatoon: A NEW NINTENDO IP! And it's cute Squid Girls shooting paint all over the place! Even if it's a multiplayer focused title, which I usually loathe, this looks creative and fun enough to warrant taking an interest in. I especially liked the "super weapons" that they didn't really mention but were shown in the trailer. Should be a lot of fun and has me itching to get a Wii U of my own.

2. STAR FOX WII U CONFIRMED KIND OF NOT REALLY: Okay, so they made fun of it in their Robot Chicken segments, but Miyamoto playing what looked like a multiplayer map from Star Fox 64 with a Wii U gamepad would just be too cruel to be a joke. Apparently the official word on it is that "we're working on it but there isn't anything to show." Which is at least somewhat hopeful news, right?

1. BioWare Hype/ALL THE FEELSUH: I'm going to try to keep this as brief as possible I promise, but there was so much information about Dragon Age over the past two days (writing this Tuesday night), and then of course the little three minute hype video for Mass Effect 4 and the new IP! I'm probably still drunk on the Kool-Aid, but I really do think Dragon Age: Inquisition is going to grand slam it out of the park and blow everyone away. Mike Laidlaw stated that this game had the most Love Interests in any game BioWare has done, which I'm not entire sure if he's just sweeping SWTOR under the rug, but if not that's over 20 different potential people to fall in love with, and that is *nuts*. The High Dragon looks incredible, and the fact that you can encounter one pretty early on even though its meant to be an end-game level enemy is something very scary to think about if you're like me and forget to save for over an hour sometimes... Believe it or not, we learned quite a bit about the next Mass Effect game just from those 90 seconds or so of footage. It's highly unlikely that you'd be traveling the entire galaxy and meeting Krogan in a game about the First Contact War, so we at least now it will take place after that. Discussing it with some friends, we think it's more likely than ever that it will be a "sidequel", a game that takes place in the same time frame as the first trilogy. This would be the easiest way to bring back familiar faces without having to make the entire game about life after the ME3's endings. They didn't explicitly say that any of the footage was from the new IP, just the fact that they are talking about building basically a whole culture from the ground up, from people to cities, is pretty enlightening.

Sean Garmer (Games Zone Reviewer, Games Top 5 Organizer, Host of the Official 411 Games Zone Podcast "Cooperative Multiplayer," WWE PPV Roundtable Organizer)

5. Halo Master Chief Collection: Halo has been my jam since its release on the original Xbox and I have all the Xbox 360 Halo games too. So, getting to enjoy them all together, remastered, and with their original multiplayer too is such a wonderful nostalgia trip I can't wait to play.

4. Rise of the Tomb Raider: Tomb Raider was one of my favorite games of last year. So, I was excited to know a sequel is coming soon.

3. Yoshi's Wooly World: I loved Kirby's Epic Yarn. I was very excited to see Yoshi get his own game and it be something that actually feels unique. It isn't just another Mario type game or something that has to do with Yoshi's Story. It feels like a game made from the ground up for Yoshi.

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Even though we knew we were going to get it, it was still a nice little nugget to end Sony's press conference.

1. Gamers win E3 Microsoft went wall to wall games, Sony had their one little lull, but the PS TV is still a neat idea and they had plenty of great games to show too, and I can't forget Nintendo who came out swinging and ended with a tease of Star Fox. I have to say, even though there weren't a whole lot of surprises, it was still an interesting and thought provoking E3 2014. Ultimately, we, the gamers are the ones that win in the end.

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