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411 Games Fact or Fiction 7.03.14: Destiny, Games With Gold, More
Posted by Todd Vote on 07.03.2014

Welcome to another week of Fact or Fiction. Everyone's favorite former Top 5 Moderator is back with you folks again. Dan had some sort of family emergency, so you all are stuck with me. One thing I learned when trying to fill in this week? News is very scarce following E3. What that means for the readers, is we got some soft ball questions this week. I do what I can with what I have to work with. Enjoy, let's get started.

This week, we have Stephen Randle taking on Jeremy Thomas. Now, on with the questions!

1.) The PS+ offerings for the Playstation 4 are great choices (Strider, TowerFall).

Stephen Randall - Fact: I mean, I would love for something like Transistor to be an option, but I suppose that's a little new. Given that the PS4 doesn't have a whole lot of titles available for the monthly PS Plus free games, I'm actually surprised that they've managed to keep up the quality for the most part. I've heard lots of good things about TowerFall, at the very least, and hey, it's free (well, five bucks a month, so almost free). Plus, don't forget the other four games, as Dead Space 3 is free for PS3 and both Lego Batman 2 and Doki Doki Universe are up for Vita. Not a bad haul if you happen to own all three platforms, which I do.

Jeremy Thomas - Fact: I think that "great" may be stretching it just a touch, but those are decent offerings. I have not played either, it must be said, but TowerFall looks like a really fun little 2D multiplayer game and I enjoyed what I saw of Strider. I know these aren't exactly comparable to the PS3 having Dead Space 3, but you can't expect that the new console will be offering its big titles right away. Their solid choices and while I waffled slightly on "great," it's close enough for government work so Fact it is.

Score: 1 for 1 - Any free game is a good game, if you ask me.

2.) Microsoft may finally be catching up on the quality of free games with the offer of a release day title in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition.

Stephen Randall - Fiction: I mean, that's a great game and anyone who can should totally pick it up, especially for free. However, Microsoft has a long way to go to catch up with the free games that PS Plus has been offering. They may be just about on level ground with the XBOne and PS4, simply due to the limited libraries, but on the previous gen consoles, Sony has made so much better titles available that it isn't even a contest.

Jeremy Thomas - Fact: I haven't had a problem with the Games with Gold offerings up to this point. They aren't particularly new games, but that's the trade-off for being able to keep them past the month and Assassin's Creed II, Sleeping Dogs, Dead Island, Civilization Revolution, Saints Row: The Third, Super Street Fighter IV and such have been good choices, many of which I hadn't ever bought so why not? The first Xbox One offerings was okay in Halo: Spartan Assault and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, but I wouldn't call them fantastic. With a release day title, that's a solid statement of "We don't have a lot of big games we can throw at you yet, but here's a reason to get Gold anyway." I'm perfectly comfortable with my Gold account, but some people are surely reconsidering now that you no longer need it for some services and that's a good way to keep them around.

Score: 1 for 2 - The quality of titles is all subjective, so again I will say. Free games are good for everyone.

3.) With this years E3 finally put to bed, we are still facing a lack of innovative, exciting titles for the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Stephen Randall - Fiction: I think E3 served to remind us that the exciting games are coming, they just may not be here this year. And even that's not totally true, as The Crew, #Driveclub, Assassin's Creed Unity, Sunset Overdrive, FarCry 4, Destiny, and other great titles are still going to hit before we close the books on 2014. And looking ahead, early next year it looks like we'll get a bunch of stuff before too long (notably, Arkham Knight). I don't know if anything will be truly innovative, but there is still some top shelf material on the way very soon.

Jeremy Thomas - Fact: Listen, I don't mean to be a grump but there was nothing new announced at E3 that caught my eye. I'm not saying that there's nothing I'm looking forward to, because there are. WWE 2K15, Mortal Kombat X, NBA 2K15, Alien Isolation and AC: Unity are all on my list along with some others, but these aren't innovative. Nothing among these is changing all that much from what we've seen. This is the new generation of consoles and we don't have many game changers...and that's fine, I should say. It always takes people a while to figure out how to use the new hardware to really shake things up. Hopefully it won't take too much longer.

Score: 1 for 3 - I feel we have seen some quality titles announced, but nothing that is going to ‘break the mold' per se.

4.) Gamestop paying $40 store credit for used XBOne Kinects is another damning sign for the future of the camera.

Jeremy Thomas - Fiction: I know we don't have a price from Microsoft for the solo Kinects, but let's do the math and come out with a $100 difference between the Xbox One with Kinect and the Xbox One without. 40% store credit at GameStop is pretty decent, I've come to believe. So what's happening here is that GameStop recognizes that, with people about to buy Xbox Ones without a Kinect, at some point they might want to buy one without. And they would love to be the ones who sell it to them. If anything, I consider this a point of GameStop's confidence in the Kinect's future. You don't buy up a lot of product if you expect to tossing it in the trash unsold. Bottom line: the Kinect is going to be just fine.

Stephen Randle - Fact: I don't care what Phil Spencer says, people weren't paying for the Kinect, people won't pay for the Kinects, and the minute it became an optional device, its future became incredibly grim. Actually, forty bucks is pretty generous for Gamestop, given the pittance they usually offer for used games, but then, it is a hundred-dollar peripheral. I don't know that a lot of people would bother to trade in their Kinect, but after Fantasia: Music Evolved and Dance Central, I can see a lot of people looking ahead at the barren wasteland of upcoming Kinect releases and deciding that forty bucks isn't a bad deal.

Score: 1 for 4 - Has Gamestop ever had a good trade in value?

5.) It was a wise decision for Nintendo's Board to re-elect Iwata as company President.

Jeremy Thomas - Fiction: I'm not a businessman, and I don't know what went into the decision. I'm sure he's a great president on all the management stuff. Smart functional decision or not, I don't think it was a wise PR decision. Sticking with the captain of the ship when the ship has been taking on a lot of water usually doesn't spell consumer confidence, and I wouldn't be entirely shocked to see Nintendo drop some Dow Jones points. (Although it may not happen; we are talking about legalized gambling the stock market here.) To me this says that Nintendo is either so confident in their upcoming slate that they know it'll turn around, or they just don't have anyone better.

Stephen Randle - Fact: Iwata deserves a chance to right the ship, because after months of disappointing results for the Wii U, it looks like things might finally be starting to heat up, between Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, and the fairly promising online press event that Nintendo ran during E3. I'm not saying things will magically turn around, but it's hard to judge if Iwata has failed until the long-promised first party games for the Wii U finally hit the market. Ask me again in a year, and you might get a different answer, though.

Score: 1 for 5 - I tend to agree with Jeremy on this one. Iwata is a legend, but maybe he isn't the right person to be heading the company anymore..

6.) You will be taking part in the Destiny Beta next month on PS4, or Xbox One.

Jeremy Thomas - Fact: Probably. I cannot, unfortunately, say for sure that I'll be all in but I'll certainly give it a shot. Destiny is not a game I've been gaga over like some people, but it absolutely looks intriguing and I'm curious to see what the experience is like. It may well turn me around into enthusiastic fan; Titanfall's demo sent me from "meh" to "Okay, I'm buying this on Day of Release." If Bungie can pull that off too, more power to them (and less to my pocketbook).

Stephen Randle - Fact: Well, hopefully I can get in, and also get time to give it a shot. I'm intrigued by the concept, just like everyone else, and I want to know more about what game we're actually getting, so this is the perfect chance.

Score: 2 for 6 - I would try it if I could.

Bonus Question) Your thoughts?

Jeremy Thomas - Glitch videos are the best. Of course every game has them, but this one is incredibly entertaining. As much as it's proliferated, I have to imagine the EA people watching this and going like:

Stephen Randle - EA released a buggy sports game? Why, I never!

Man, how do these guys manage to make such a successful franchise like Madden, but screw up every other sports franchise they have access to?

Todd Vote: I laughed my ass off at this video. I don't know why, but "Jon Jones showing tremendous flexibility in his bones, Joe" really cracks me up.

The pair finish this week going 2-for-6. What do you think? Agree or disagree with their answers? Let us know. Dan will see you in seven!


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