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411 Games Top 5 7.05.14: Top 5 Gamecube Games
Posted by Sean Garmer on 07.05.2014

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there. There were many great things about the Nintendo Gamecube.

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In our on and off again series looking back at video game systems, let's honor the Nintendo Gamecube

Daniel Anderson (Games Fact or Fiction Organizer, Co-Host of the Official 411 Games Zone Podcast "Cooperative Multiplayer")

5. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: This is probably one of the most controversial games in the Zelda series. Before this game came out, we had Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, two games that people still say are the best in the series. A lot of people were hoping for a graphically similar game for the Gamecube. They didn't get it. The Wind Walker was a cartoony looking game, that a lot of people dismissed because it looked to kiddy. Anyone who played it however, found the game to be a deep and fun Zelda game that ranks just below Majora's Mask in my list of favorite Zelda games. If you can give the game a chance, it will pleasantly surprise you.

4. Super Smash Brothers Melee: This game took the formula started with Smash Brothers on the N64, and perfected it. Everything about the game was perfect. It had more fighters, better graphics, and more levels. Not to mention that the Gamecube controller is considered the best controller for the series. So much so Nintendo has released a new Gamecube style controller for the Wii U (and is going to allow people to use their old Gamecube controllers as well).

3. Star Wars: Rogue Leader: I love good Star Wars games. My overall favorite games have been the Rogue Squadron series. I loved everything about the series from the book references (that technically no longer exist) to the different abilities of each fighter. The second game in the series was the best in my mind. This was the first game I bought for my Gamecube, and if I still had it, I would still play it today.

2. Metroid Prime: This game revitalized the Metroid franchise. Until this game came out, Metroid was not seen as a blockbuster franchise. It was also a 2D game. Then we got Metroid Prime. We got a FPS Metroid game that was beautiful graphically, and more important, it worked as a FPS. It was one of the reasons people bought a Gamecube, and is still a fun title to play today.

1. Eternal Darkness: I do not think it is surprising to anyone that I would put this game at the top of the list. This game surprised everyone for a Nintendo title. It was dark, legitimately scary, and gory. The game had a sanity meter, and as it went lower odd things would happen. The thing is, the odd things wouldn't happen only in the game. You would get your TV volume turned down, error messages, and sometimes blue screens of death. The story in the game, along with the gameplay and graphics, were awesome for the console, and, overall, it was the top game on the console.

John Cash (Reader Voice, Occasional Contributor to Four Player Co-op)

HM: Super Mario Sunshine, Evolution Skateboarding, 007: Agent Under Fire, WWE WMXIX, WWE Day of Reckoning

5. PIKMIN: I think this could have been a system seller if they had just put more into marketing it better. It's team management, puzzle platforming, and hectic strategic combat all rolled into one cute, heart-warming package. The visuals and the score are especially endearing to me, and have fond memories of experiencing "Ai no Uta" for the first time. It would be nice to be able to experience playing something like this for the first time again.

4. Mario Kart: Double Dash!!: Possibly the best MK (though MK8 is certainly a credible argument), this is the closest I feel like the series has ever been to being a game that could perform well as an e-sport. Watching the world record times for this game on YouTube cause my fingers to ache from all the snaking and pixel perfect precision needed to pull it off. I also really liked the addition of the co-op racing, though it had a few kinks to iron out to be considered amazing. On top of that is one of the biggest rosters in the series and in my personal opinion one of the best selections of race tracks in the series as well.

3. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: This was actually the first Fire Emblem I ever played, and it made a lasting impact on me. The perma-death was absolutely heart-breaking, especially as someone who isn't good at most video games but is ESPECIALLY BAD at RPGs for whatever reason. It took me many tries to defeat this game, but the cost was too high, so... I played it again and again until I got a death-free run. That is the power of Fire Emblem.

2. Animal Crossing: I was very tempted to make #1 a tie, because honestly Animal Crossing and Smash are my two favorite game series at the moment. I think what made this game so appealing to me was that while it had freedom to it, it wasn't "trap neighbors you don't like in a torture basement with no doors" freedom like The Sims. It's definitely the epitome of "casual gaming", but I've never really understood why playing something casual was so bad to begin with. Definitely when it's something as adorable and sweet as Animal Crossing.

1. Super Smash Bros. Melee: Trophies. Home Run Contest. Ganondorf. Crazy Hand. Dat Soundtrack. Dat SPEED. Dat EVERYTHING. It's one of the finest gaming experiences ever crafted, certainly a crowning achievement for Nintendo. Everything about this game just feels right; I never felt cheated or like I was at a disadvantage because of the character I chose. The masochist in me loved playing against level 9 AI opponents, since it was the best way to figure out what worked and what wouldn't (because unless you were going to tournaments, you only needed to learn how to be better than your friends.) The only thing that would have made it better is a bigger roster, in my own personal opinion.

Robert Cooper (Writer of the Metal Hammer of Doom News Report, Co-Host of the Official 411 Games Zone Podcast "Cooperative Multiplayer")

* I asked Robert sort of at the last minute to see if he could help out with a list. So, he gave me something as quickly as he could, by making his list into a Haiku. *

5. Eternal Darkness: Sanity' s Requiem:

This game is unique
And is full of mindfucking
But is worth the scares.

4. Luigi' s Mansion:

This is here because
I have a fondness for it
Long live Player 2.

3. Resident Evil 4:

This game breathed new life
Into an aging franchise
With some QTE's.

2. Metroid Prime:

This is how you do
a 3D version of your
classic 2D style.

1. Super Smash Bros Melee:

I always used Marth,
This game was full of awesome,
This franchise is boss.

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