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411 Games Top 5: Top 5 Greatest Gaming Achievements
Posted by Sean Garmer on 08.09.2014

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there. This is the 411 Games Zone Top 5 where 411 writers get to make lists on a different topic each week. This week, we delve into our personal lives a little bit and discuss our Top 5 Greatest Gaming Achievements. These can be anything from beating a very hard game to getting members of your family to play games, or even beating something when you get older that you had trouble with when you were younger. Hopefully you all enjoy this week's topic. Remember readers, these are personal achievements and not everyone thinks the same way you do. What may be a big deal for these writers, may not be a big deal to you, and vice versa.

 photo GamingAchievements.jpg

Todd Vote (Games Zone Reviewer & Regular Contributor to Four Player Co-op)

5.My first FPS 100% Completion - Anyone who has followed anything I have ever written in the games zone (all two of you), know that I have sort of a love / hate relationship with the genre. The only FPS game I have ever really found any joy in was the the CoD: Modern Warfare games (well, the first two anyways). So for me, to be able to get 100% completion on MW2 was sort of a big deal. If you are a novice at the genre, beating one of these games on the hardest difficulty can be quite a task.

4.Super Mario Brothers world 8-4. - From way back... Figuring out the maze and finally finding out that that princess is in this castle! Man, what a great feeling as a kid. Keep in mind, youngsters, this was a time before we could just hop on the internet and look for a "how to" video. We had to work at these things.

3.The God Round - Back to FPS titles. There is little feeling as daunting in gaming as knowing you are the last person alive on your team in a game of Search & Destroy. Knowing that your whole team is dead, watching and dissecting every move you make just adds that much more on your shoulders. Your team gets taken out by a grenade launcher shot across the map, leaving you to face the entire enemy team. Managing to pull it off is probably one of the better feelings you can get from playing online with friends.

2.Shao Kahn is a cheap mother f*cker! - I don't know what was the bigger challenge. Beating MK 9's cheap ass boss at the end of the story mode, or having to beat this bastard three times on a single life bar at the top of the Challenge Tower.

1.Collection Hunter - I hate hunting for crap in open world games, like all the pigeons in GTA IV? To hell with that crap. But there was one game... Perhaps it was the ability to use the hover bike, or how much fun I had with the game, but Saints Row: The Third was the only game I ever bothered tracking down all the collectible items in. Getting every achievement in that game was one of the funnest gaming experiences I have ever had. Of course they had to ruin it by adding achievements via DLC, but I had it for a minute, damn it.

John Cash (Reader Voice, Occasional Contributor to Four Player Co-op)

5. Beating Super Mario Bros. in Less Than 10 Minutes: The current world record speed run of SMB clocks in at four minutes and 58 seconds. That's faster than what most people who were making tool-assisted speed runs (computer optimized, frame by frame least amount of error possible type runs) were able to come up with. So I am by no means bragging about a sub 10 minute run. It's a deceptively easy game to speed run; the trouble begins when you start realizing how pixel perfect some jumps have to be, and if you go to far to the right on 4-2 you won't be able to take the warp, and just how big of a jerk Hammer Bros can be when you get to World 8. After over a month of trying, I knew there was no way I'd be hitting even the six minute mark, as most of my attempts were at 10 and a half minutes, so I finally settled for sub 10, and the moment it happened was such a relief.

4. Beating FTL for the first time: I had owned the game for about a month or two when I decided to start doing game videos for my YouTube channel, and seeing how it is a very easy-on-the-graphics-card game to record, it was the first on my list. I hadn't beat the game before I started recording, and I believed I mentioned in the first "episode" that I would keep recording my runs until I beat the game. Well, as luck would have it, I beat FTL on my first try while recording! I used the Engi ship, and if I remember right (it's been a while ago now), my set-up was basically four of those system disabling weapons, and then I had a big beefy drone shooting non-stop. It was BEYOND satisfying beating the final boss in that way, seeing all the enemies running around frantically trying to repair things and then eventually just sitting at their stations with their hands in their pockets because nothing was running.

3. Playing Wii Sports Bowling with my entire family: I know this probably won't seem like a big deal to most, but growing up in the '90s while gaming was seen as bad to some degree by the majority of the public, to then have Wii Sports come out was a god-send. To this day, I have never beat my Mom at Bowling after the first practice game. Just hearing her get all excited about it and laughing when I gutter or when she jumps up when I make a hard spare is something I'll always be indebted to Nintendo for. There was even a night where I got to Bowl with my 80 year old Grandmother who can barely stand, let alone carry around a bowling ball. We had her sit in a chair with wheels, and whenever it was her turn we'd we'll her into place and show her how to do it. The way her eyes lit up when she finally "got it" is something I will never in my life forget, as well as her laughter of pure joy when she actually got a strike "for the first time in 60 years" she said.

2. Beating Ikaruga period: There are bullet hell games that are just hard as balls for no good reason, and then there is Ikaruga, which is not only ridiculously hard but makes it seem feasible that you can beat it ever step of the way, like its taunting you. "Oh, giving up already? You almost had the pattern down, I'm sure if you just tried it one more time you'll be alright," is what I imagine it saying, and then I sit there for another hour losing to the EXACT SAME BULLET every time. I made some very inhuman noises during the time it took to defeat the boss, and it is some kind of miracle that I didn't ascend to a higher plane the moment I beat it, as the sheer RELEASE of it being finished was so emotional I may as well have just swallowed a dozen acid tabs.

1. Getting the Gender Change Potion from Fable II: I will not be sending the link for this week's Top 5 to my brother, because he will kill me if he reads this. We are both huge fans of Fable II, to the point to where we spent entire weekends watching each other play it. In the tomb under Fairfax Castle, there is a puzzle that involves a very rapid succession of using a magic power or gun shot to hit a flit switch (a floating orb you have to hit a certain way depending on what color it's aura is). My brother got stuck on this flit switch for over an hour, because if you hesitate for more than half a second, it resets. The first 20 minutes or so I was making fun of him, and he was getting mad. the second 20 minutes I was just laughing at how ridiculously hard it seemed and started to cheer him on, which got him in a better mood. The last 20 minutes was dumbfounded silence and hardcore strategizing on how he could pull it off. Finally he just handed the controller to me and said, "Whatever man maybe you can figure it out." Then I did it on the first try. The look on his face was so complex; there was obvious anger, but there were also hints of confusion, doubt, and even betrayal mixed in. Part of me felt really bad about it, but the rest of me was totally in #getrekt, king-of-the-world mode.

Robert Cooper (Co-Host of the Official 411 Games Zone Podcast "Cooperative Multiplayer," Writer of the Metal Hammer of Doom News Report)

5. Finally beating Super Mario 64: While this isn't exactly anything impressive, I did manage to FINALLY beat this game last summer after owning it since then age of 7. It's one of the few games from when I was a kid that I actually went back and completed after I became an adult.

4. 100% on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: The first game I actively strived to complete 100% and it took me nearly 2 weeks to seal the deal. I had to defeat Dracula as both Alucard and Richter, as well as finding 200.6% of the map. That probably doesn't sound too hard but when you only need to find 2 squares on the map and have a little standard set tv to find them on, it can get a little frustrating. But it was worth it.

3.The 40 Man No Mercy Gauntlet: This was an achievement that came from some boredom on a random evening. I was playing WWF No Mercy on my N64 and was really wanting to test my skills with my CAW, Jack Eison, master of the ARMBAR! So I did a 40 Man Royal Rumble with eliminations only possible through pin, submission, and KO. It took me well over 2 hours on Expert, many armbars, leglocks, guillotine, and bearhugs but at the end of it all, I rose the victor. By far one of my proudest gaming achievements!

2. Beating Ninja Gaiden Black: It was only on normal, but this game was hard, exactly as hard as you have heard.

1. Navigating the Rock Tunnel: This is a combination of the feat being impressive, as well as making my inner child go nuts. This happened last summer when I decided to play through Pokemon Blue.
I'm sure we all remember right after defeat Brock in Pewter City, and then needed to teach a Pokemon to use Flash. Trouble was that I had no Pokemon to learn Flash, plus, the move sucks,so I decided to brave the cave blind. I almost didn't make it out,but with my nearly defeated, and with only 5 PP left, my Gyrados was my last resort. With him I muscled my way to the end in one go while using no items or escape ropes, it felt awesome and just like with my No Mercy win, I'm still really proud to have pulled this off!

Sean Garmer (Games Zone Reviewer, Games Top 5 Organizer, Co-Host of the Official 411 Games Zone Podcast "Cooperative Multiplayer," WWE PPV Roundtable Organizer, Co-Host of Wrestling 2 the MAX Podcast)

5. Beating Final Fantasy IX for the first time: As I've said many times on here, Final Fantasy is one of my favorite series in all of gaming. However, I started with Final Fantasy X and proceeded to get stuck and I got tired of trying to beat the last few bosses and quit playing for a long time. Then I played Final Fantasy XII and I really didn't like the combat system so I put that down and wouldn't pick that up again for a long while, once I played a few MMO's and was able to appreciate the battle system more. So, one day I went on this kick of wanting to buy all the PS1 Final Fantasy collections. So I bought FF Origins, FF Collection (which was like my third version of Chrono Trigger at this point) and FF Anthology. Then I happened to go to a Gamestop in the mall close to me and I saw FF 7, FF 8, and FF 9 each for $10. So, I snagged those up as well. I had heard a lot about FF 7 and 8, but hardly anything about FF 9. So, I put it in and I was instantly enamored with the game because it reminded me of old school RPG's and it was much simpler to pick up and play, plus I loved the setting too. I just couldn't keep playing this game and eventually one afternoon at my Grandparents house I beat it. I even took a picture of it with my old phone. This eventually inspired me to go play more old school RPG's and I also eventually beat FF 6, FF 7, and FF 10 as well. Beating FF 9 that day was the first really long game, besides Pokemon. So, I am still proud of that moment.

4. Beating Ninja Gaiden: Anyone that has played this game knows how hard this sucker was. I can't count how many times I died and many of them were in boss fights where I almost had them beat. I think I played nothing else but this game for a whole month straight and I finally beat it. I think I wound up not playing games for like two weeks after that because I was still tired from beating Ninja Gaiden.

3. Getting the whole family to play video games thanks to the Nintendo Wii: The Wii was a revolution because of one major factor, the casual market exploded and people of all ages were now gamers. I could never get my dad to play video games with me, even when I was young. He hated them with a passion and thought they would melt my mind. So, when I told him about the Wii and how everybody was playing it, I figured he would shrug it off. However, apparently this time he listened and bought one. However, It wasn't until I came over, put in Wii Sports, and started playing that he realized "hey video games can be fun." Soon my sister, my dad, my step-mom, even my 85 year old Grandpa was playing Tennis and Bowling. This eventually led to my dad buying a Wii Balance Board, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, and a whole lot more games for his Wii. The Wii provided an outlet for the whole family to get together and do something, which is a moment in time I'll never forget. Hell, my dad started bringing the Wii out at parties with his associates and their wives. The Wii was not only a game system in my household, the Wii was an event in itself.

2. Beating the Ultimate setlist with a full band in all three Rock Band games It was my friend David Martell, who used to write here at 411 actually, who came to our apartment one night with this big box. He had bought Rock Band 1 for his PS3 on a whim. All four of us roomates sat down to play it and by the time we looked, it was 3 am. I couldn't get enough of Rock Band from then on and I found a way to play it every day. Eventually we would all defeat the Ultimate setlist for RB 1. I would eventually move out and I bought Rock Band 2 when it first came out for my Xbox 360. The guys would come over every now and then and play. One day I had beaten the whole tour and got them to agree to playing the Endless setlist with me, I think we wound up failing out like 3 or 4 times, before finally at midnight we beat it. I think they didn't come over to play again until Rock Band 3 came out, they were so tired. With RB 3 it took us about 10 times to beat the endless setlist, but we did it and I'll never forget it, because we tried for two straight days. Eventually Gary and I also beat the endless setlist for Beatles Rock Band too, but that wasn't full band so I didn't count that one.

1. Kingdom Hearts 1, making a let's play video, before let's play was cool Aside from Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Rock Band, the only other video game series I've ever been completely enamored with is Kingdom Hearts. I actually bought Kingdom Hearts 1 while I was at Disney World in the summer of 2002. In fact, my first ever solo contribution to 411mania was a Kingdom Hearts II review, almost a full six months after the game came out. I've probably beat Kingdom Hearts 1 about 10 different times and I'm currently going for # 11 with KH HD 1.5 Remix, as I'm trying to beat KH 1 and Chain of Memories before KH 2.5 Remix comes out, and then I want to beat all the games in the series before KH 3 releases. However, I think it was some time in 2005, I decided to begin video-taping myself playing Kingdom Hearts. I think it took seven 6 hour VHS tapes, but I had basically created a let's play for KH 1 without even knowing it. Those tapes are probably in a landfill now, but I'm still always going to remember that because it was an achievement for me. Especially, because I couldn't even dream of making a let's play now with the little amount of time I have available to me.


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