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411 Games Top 5: Top 5 Gamescom 2014 Announcements
Posted by Sean Garmer on 08.16.2014

Hello everyone, I hope it has been a good week for all the readers out there. This is the 411 Games Zone Top 5 where 411 writers get to make lists on a different topic each week. This week, we look at the Top 5 Gamescom 2014 Announcements. What did we like that was shown at Gamescom 2014.

 photo Gamescom2014Logo.jpg

Todd Vote (Games Zone Reviewer, Regular Contributor to Four Player Co-op)

5.Bundles, Bundles Everywhere! - Short and sweet, it was good to see all the new bundles from both Microsoft and Sony. More options to buy means more happy customers.

4.Tomb Raider a Timed Exclusive - Probably the biggest shock so far this generation. I did not see this coming at all. It is a great get for Microsoft, even if it is only a timed exclusive.

3.MKX Kano Reveal Trailer - My anticipation for MKX is already reaching critical mass. Kano is far from one of my favorites in the MK Universe, but it is nice to see that they are including more of the old characters and not just going for mostly new.

2.Quantum Break Gameplay - Color me interested. The gameplay looks intriguing, and I am still curious as hell about this high concept project. Will it all come together with the game and the TV show? Time will tell, but the definitely have my attention.

1.Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus, and Guillermo del Toro Walk Into a Bar - They have a few beers, and walk out with a new Silent Hill that is supposedly going to make you "sh*t your pants". I, for one, cannot wait!

John Cash (Reader Voice, Occasional Contributor to Four Player Co-op)

5. Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One Exclusivity... At First: If you wade through the Sony tears far enough in, you will find that the exclusivity is not permanent. It just means it will come out on Xbox One first, which by now you'd think a marketing department would've come up with a new term for that, in order to protect the fragile hearts of the gaming community. Then again, the only bad press is no press.

4. Forza Horizon 2: You Can Actually Drive Anywhere This Time: So, pretty much the only complaint I heard from most people about Forza Horizon was that it wasn't clear where you could go and where you couldn't go. There were some fences you could break, while others wouldn't. Some fences would break, but then you'd just in an invisible wall if you went more than 20 feet off the road. After seeing the demo footage from Gamescom, it seems this has been fixed, as cars are shown driving through fields and vineyards, as well as cutting corners that may not have been possible in the first iteration. Solving the one main problem of an otherwise fantastic game for the sequel is something you'd think would be obvious, but the fact that people are excited about something as seemingly small as this tells a different story.

3. Mortal Kombat X Details; Beyond Intense Fatalities: Neatherrealm Studios actively said during the show that MK9 was mostly fanservice, and a proof of koncept for some of the tech and things they weren't able to do under Midway. With MK9 behind them, they are breaking new ground (and bones) with a large roster of what will apparently be debuting characters for the franchise, with the story mode taking place in parts of five, 10, and even 25 years after the events of MK9. While some old skool fans will kry fowl at some of their favorites being left out, it seems as though some of the new kharacters will be so-kalled "legacy" fighters, like Cassie Cage, which will at least bridge the gap with some familiarity. And the Fatalities! Oh the fatalities; they seem to be even more disturbing than in previous entries, which is saying something, particularly Kano's mind-blowing finishing move.

2. The Return of Hawke... and maybe The Warden? The newest Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer had quite a lot going on in it... BUT WHO CARES HAWKE CONFIRMED and maybe also the Warden could happen BUT HAWKE IS DEFINITELY THERE IN SOME CAPACITY and that is just wonderful, as someone with bad taste and actually enjoys Dragon Age II more than Origins (I absolutely love Origins just not as much as DA2.) There were moments where they talked about "the Elder One" and showed a dude who looked like he was made only of light, okay but Hawke was there. There was a seen where the Inquisitor is about to be chomped by a dragon and another dragon (which people are already asking if it's Flemeth) attacks it, okay but Hawke showed up! I know I am in the tiny minority of people who are optimistic when it comes to DAI, and I know most people are saying this is the final nail in BioWare's coffin (even though Disney is asking them to make a Star Wars game and they have three studios making two hugely popular franchises and a new modern-setting MMORPG), but surely people can at least understand why BioDrones like myself are so hyped about this.

1. P.T. / SILENT HILLS: You know its a big deal when a returning protagonist in a Dragon Age game plays second fiddle to it on an "exciting announcement" list from a BioWare fanatic. For those who were late to the game and heard about Silent Hills before hearing about P.T., basically P.T. was announced as a PS4 indie title from a no-name developer, and like most indie titles from no-name developers, it was a first-person horror exploration game. In the game, you are stuck in a house, and you have to experience events in a certain order to continue through the game, which includes everything from walking into a bathroom, leaving, looking at a radio, and then going back into the bathroom to see a ghost in the mirror, that kind of thing. Well, one lucky person just happened to be streaming on twitch as she was playing, and with the help of two chat members, stumbled into the right sequence after hours of trying different things, and were thus the first three people outside the company to witness the teaser trailer for a upcoming game involving Hideo Kojima (whoa factor achieved), Guillermo del Toro (goosebumps begin), and starring Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), titled SILENT HILLS. A fantastic way to introduce what is assuredly going to be a breath of fresh air for the series.

Daniel Anderson (Co-Host of the Official 411 Games Zone Podcast "Cooperative Multiplayer," Games Fact or Fiction Organizer)

5. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: It isn't always evident, but I tend to be optimistic about things. The Call of Duty series was testing that optimism. I generally enjoy Call of Duty, but I get tired of the similar feels of the games. Advanced Warfare does not look like the same Call of Duty game. The gameplay looks different from what I have seen. I know it doesn't feel right to give Activision credit, but from what I have seen so far (granted this is just from demos and trailers) it seems that Activision has listened to people complaining about the Call of Duty games feeling similar and set out to change it. Only time will tell if it happens.

4. Alien: Isolation: After the disaster that was Colonial Marines, it is nice to see great praise being given to Alien: Isolation. So far, I have not seen any give any negative impressions of the game. Which is good considering it will be releasing in around two months. The Alien franchise has so much potential, and it is good seeing the potential being potentially lived up to. That doesn't mean I am saying the game is perfect or anything like that, I still have some concerns, but I think it is safe to say it will not be a Colonial Marines disaster.

3. Return of Silent Hill: If you listen to the Cooperative Multiplayer podcast (cheap plug), you know on Tuesday after the Sony press conference, I said that I thought that PT was going to be Silent Hill before they showed the name. I love the Silent Hill franchise, and I want to see it return to its glory days. I think there is still a place for survival horror games, but they have to be well made, because if the horror is not in the game, they are painful to play.

2. DragonAge: Inquisition: Every time I type Inquisition, I keep having the song from History of the World: Part 1 running through my head. Anyway, I loved the first DragonAge, played the second and, while I didn't hate it, I didn't love it, but I cannot wait for this one to come out. Everything I see just makes it seem like a game I am going to play a lot.

1. Rise of Tomb Raider: Holiday exclusive or console exclusive, Microsoft came out swinging at Sony in their press conference. They know they are behind in console sales, and they want to create reasons for people to get their console, and I think that this is a good step to take. Getting a sequel to a GOTY winner exclusive for the holiday season is big, and is a big move. I like to see big moves made that shocks people and takes people by surprise. No one saw this coming. Now, the thing to watch for is Sony's counter to this. If I had to guess, I would say a timed exclusive window for the new Kingdom Hearts game, but that is just a guess.

Sean Garmer (Games Zone Reviewer, Games Top 5 Organizer, Co-Host of the Official 411 Games Zone Podcast "Cooperative Multiplayer," WWE PPV Roundtable Organizer, Co-Host of Wrestling 2 the MAX Podcast)

5.Quantum Break Shows us Something: I am a huge fan of both Alan Wake and the Max Payne series of games. So, when Quantum Break was announced from Remedy, I was all ears. At Gamescom, we got to see gameplay of Quantum Break and I really liked what I saw. I love that he can take advantage of time lapses and do certain things. It reminded me a little of Alan Wake in setting with Max Payne gameplay. That's a combination I am totally in favor of seeing more from in the future.

4. Sony Unveils Sharing Component to PS4: This was something that Sony discussed when they unveiled the PS4 long ago. I was happy to see Sony finally showed us how this would work and I can totally see this one component selling people on the PS4. You can let people play your games, as long as they have PS Plus, from wherever there are. I'm afraid there is going to be a much bigger catch to this though and it may not be as simple as Sony showed. However, from what we learned I'd love to be able play games with my friends they don't have yet.

3. Far Cry 4 Gives Out Keys to Kurat: As if we needed another reason to play Far Cry 4? Sony tried with their "keys to kurat" initiative, where you have 10 free keys to give to friends so that they can play co-operatively with you. Sure, it's basically a way to get more people to buy the game, but at least they would get to enjoy what looks to be an awesome game for themselves.

2. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a Timed Exclusive: I still don't know which next-gen system I want to buy, but like many, I was completely surprised when this game was announced as a Xbox One exclusive. This along with my #1 were probably the biggest announcements of Gamescom. It didn't take long for Phil Spencer to reveal it was a timed exclusive, but I just think this is stupid. Making a game that was multi-platform into a timed exclusive makes little sense for Square and Crystal Dynamics, especially Square who always complains about how they need money. I know it will eventually show up on the PS4 and PS3, but I just hate the way this was done. Basically lieing at a press conference, to then have to reveal the truth later in talking to the media is stupid. This honestly should be outlawed. Why not say "Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive" and that be it. Hopefully Rise of the Tomb Raider continues what made the original great and the 411 Game of the Year even better.

1. P.T. & Silent Hills Surprises us: I really liked the idea of P.T. an interactive horror game trailer that allowed you to experience it from a different perspective. John Cash outlined how the teaser trailer for Silent Hills was discovered and now that I've watched it, I WANT THIS GAME!!! Kojima and Del Toro together can only mean an awesome game. Norman Reedus as a main character gets me even more excited because he is great in the "Walking Dead" TV series. I really like being surprised at these big conferences and Kojima did that with Silent Hills.


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