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Four Player Co-op: Silent Hills, Gamescom, PS Share Play, More
Posted by Stephen Randle on 08.20.2014

John Cash has joined the game.
Daniel Anderson has joined the game.
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Quizmaster Greetings, and welcome to another edition of Four Player Co-op, where all we talk about is WWE Supercard. No, no we don't. Focus, man! There are other things in gaming to talk about! Granted, none of them are anywhere near as important, but we've got a job to do!

Start the game!

QUESTION ONE: It seems like it's been a while since we celebrated a console anniversary, so it must be time for one. And indeed, the Sega Genesis turned 25 this week, and with it comes a reminder that the console wars used to be between Sega and Nintendo. Anyway, are any of us old enough to have Genesis memories at this point? I mean, besides me. I'm old.

John Cash - I look back quite fondly on the Genesis. I never actually owned a 16-bit console, but my best friend growing up had a Genesis, and I was over at his house pretty much every weekend for a long time. Whether it was getting destroyed at Mortal Kombat, agonizing over continuing in Contra Hard Corps, or simply trying to figure out how to beat X-Men 2: Clone Wars, the Genesis was a great machine for its time.

Daniel Anderson - I won't say you are old if you don't call me old.  I didn't have a Genesis until the system was almost dead, but I did have several games including the Sonic games and MK2 and Maximum Carnage (loved the Spiderman game).  I was always a fan of the Genesis, even if I tended to lean more towards Nintendo.  My Genesis was at my grandmother's house, so whenever my sister and I visited we would rent some games (I say my sister and me, but it tended to be me renting them and her playing for 15 minutes or so).  I played Vectorman, Earthworm Jim, and a lot more.  Fond memories of the system and I wish I still had it so I could go and play it again.  It gets boring in a secret government base in the Southwest US.

Todd Vote - Yes. I am old enough to remember Sonic's first game. I remember the 32X, I have a spot in my brain that seems to be able to remember every fatality from the first MK game, plus the blood code (A,B,A,C,A,B,B), as well as the debug code for the same game. I was one of those guys who chose my 16 bit console based on which one was going to give me the blood on Mortal Kombat. That's not to say that the Genesis didn't have plenty of other fantastic games. Comix Zone being one such game. I loved the adventures of Sketch Turner. Who could forget when Sega tried to get in on the big fighting game craze of the early 90's with Eternal Champions? The Genesis had some lows as well, some member of my family got me Shaq-Fu for Christmas one year... I loved my Genesis, I wish Sega had been better at marketing their systems and utilizing what they had. Many fond memories of my first 16bit console. 

Jeremy Thomas - Holy shit, Sega Genesis is twenty-five?  (I know you included me this week so that you could have reassurance that you're not the only old one, Randle.)  Man, those were the days.  I was a Nintendo guy at the time, but a friend had a Genesis and there were some damn fine games.  Sonic, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Revenge of Shinobi, Space Harrier II...

Excuse me, I have to go find some ROMs.  Back later.

Quizmaster - The important thing to take away from all this is that we are all really old. That's comforting, in a way. And frightening in many, many other ways. 539 points to all us old folks.

QUESTION TWO: Well, the biggest gaming-related event in Europe, Gamescom, is over, and Sony, Microsoft, and EA, among others, used the show as a platform for several reasonably sized announcements related to future releases. While there was little new information on the AAA front, a large number of smaller/independent games were announced and/or detailed. So, did Gamescom give you enough new stuff to look forward to in the months ahead?

John Cash - The only new games that attracted my attention were PT/Silent Hills (which I'll talk about in the next question) and inFamous: First Light. Everything else that I liked out of Gamescom was for games that we already knew about, like the new Dragon Age trailer, the new Mortal Kombat X footage, and more Forza Horizon 2 gameplay. That seems to be pretty par for the course for Gamescom, being the second look for games we saw at E3.

Daniel Anderson - I think there was enough AAA game news to keep me interested in the next few months without even considering Indy games.  I mean we got Quantum Leap- I mean Quantum Break gameplay footage, DragonAge Inquisition gameplay footage (which was good considering it is coming out this year), more on Sunset Overdrive (Oct 31st release date), a new Silent Hill, Tomb Raider news, Alien: Isolation impressions, and a lot more.  In a way, I enjoyed news coming out of Gamescom more than E3, simply because more games are further along in development.  Now if we could only hear about a AAA Dr. Who game, I would have really been happy.

Todd Vote - Maybe not so much new stuff, but we at least got a better idea about what to expect from some of the stuff we already knew was coming. I was happy to see some gameplay from Quantum Break. Granted they didn't give us much, and in the video I saw, they didn't really give any context to what was being utilized by the player, but the game looked good. I am very interested in the concept they are trying to achieve with this game. The whole game and TV show that are sort of co-dependent of one another intrigues me. Also, super interested in what Kojima brings to Silent Hills. 

Jeremy Thomas - Dammit, another question?  I'm in the middle of playing Battle Master!  Ah, okay.  Gamescom didn't have any earth-shattering new announcements for games, but we got more stuff on some games I'm looking forward to.  The Kano reveal trailer for Mortal Kombat X jazzed me up, as did the Quantum Break gameplay and Alien: Isolation cinematic trailers.  The rest I was fairly "meh" about.  It wasn't a bad Gamescom, just a somewhat uneventful one in my mind.

Quizmaster - Really? Daniel expects a AAA Dr. Who game? I'd give him 1285 points for undying hope against incredible odds, but that's so ridiculous that I don't think I'm allowed to. Also, I hope that Quantum Leap slip doesn't turn into some sort of running bit. That would be so lame.

QUESTION THREE: Speaking of new stuff out of Gamescom, Sony aired an interesting trailer during their presentation for P.T., which it turns out stood for "Playable Teaser", and represented a game that led into the announcement of Silent Hills, a new entry into the popular horror franchise that will be a collaboration between Hideo Kojima (of Metal Gear Solid fame) and film director Guillermo Del Toro, starring a character played by The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. Did you get a chance to try out P.T or see what it was about? What do you think about how it attempted to market Silent Hills? Does this entire thing interest you at all?

John Cash - This AB-SO-LUTELY interests me. I didn't even hear about PT before I heard about Silent Hills, but I did manage to watch the archive video of the person who figured out the mystery of PT first on Twitch. It was very compelling as an entertainment program, seeing this person discovering new parts of the "loop", then going through the door and something different happens and the person playing started flipping out, it just made it feel that much more special. Guillermo del Toro being involved in video games period is something to get excited about, but especially so with Silent Hill, considering his wonderful grasp on creature visuals displayed in Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth. It's exciting for Hideo Kojima to be working on this as well, because I feel that while Silent Hill is mostly known for it's scares and overall creep factor, there was also a certain level of camp to the original three games that has been lost, and Kojima is definitely the guy to call to bring some of that back, while also bringing a new cinematic flare to the series.

Daniel Anderson - I think there is a good base for the game, now we just have to see how development goes.  So far the game is promising, but then again so was Colonial Marines.  My big fear for Silent Hill is what I saw out of the Metal Gear demo that they dedicated 10 minutes to talking about different things you could do with the cardboard box (and on that note, has anyone been fooled into thinking a painted figure on a cardboard box is actually a real woman?  Anyone?  My buddy Al tried it when he tried to escape a Vietnam POW camp and it didn't work) and they then turn the Silent Hill game into a Metal Gear lite. 

Todd Vote - I have not had a chance to play P.T. yet, but how can you not be at least somewhat interested in a Silent Hill game that is being collaborated on by these two men with Reedus as the playable character? Hell, there is a chance this game will only be on the PS4, and I am still anxious as hell to get my hands on it. 

Jeremy Thomas - I did not get a chance to check it out, but I am all for another Silent Hill game.  That was a franchise that really captured my appreciation and while it dropped off heavily through the various iterations, the talent involved has me very hopeful for this one.  That was an interesting way to bring about the whole reveal, and I don't know if I would have had the patience for it but hey, those who did got us to the cool part so more power to them.  Give me all the Norman Reedus-starring Silent Hills.  All of them.

Quizmaster - I think the funniest part is that they literally reproduced Norman Reedus for the game. I mean, it's a video game, they could have designed the lead character to look like anyone, no matter who voices him, but they just chose to digitize Reedus exactly instead. This is absolutely the right choice and I completely approve. However, having watched P.T., I don't think I'll be able to play Silent Hills for longer than five minutes without having a complete psychological breakdown.

QUESTION FOUR: Sony also used Gamescom to announce their upcoming PS Share Play system, which will allow users to let other people on their friends list play their PS4 games over PSN, even if their friends don't own a copy of the game. This will be native to every PS4 game and won't require third party developers to do anything to their games. The bad news is, you'll only be able to share games for a limited period at a time, making them something like a time-locked demo. Still, it's not the worst idea they've ever had, right?

John Cash - Well it ain't the boomerang controller, the Move system, or the Vita, that's for sure. I actually think its a pretty fair deal. It can be one of the most difficult things to sell to someone; a game that you like to your friend who is also a gamer. This way they can play like the first hour for free and see if it suits their fancy. I think a smart idea would be to tack on a 5-10% discount if they immediately buy the digital version once the time-lock pops up, but otherwise I think its a good system to introduce. It could potentially even get some money that would otherwise go to used game sellers.

Daniel Anderson - I can't help but think there is going to be some angry people out there who thought, completely irrationally (but not like gamers are irrational right?), that they would be able to play a game that their friend owned without having to have the disc. I am also curious as to if the saves from that time you are able to play stay on your system or is erased when the "demo" ends.  There isn't enough out right now to know, but it is an interesting idea, that will probably fall short of many people's expectations.  Props for Sony for trying something new though.  I like the idea, but I get the feeling that if the game companies are not supporting this, it could end badly.

Todd Vote - This actually sounds sort of similar to Microsoft's original idea with the Xbox One, with game sharing. Sony seems to have a much better grasp on how to handle it and announce it to the masses. Of course it helps if you don't plant this one good idea in the middle of a shit sandwich of all the bad stuff Microsoft had planned. But hey, hindsight and all. I think this is a fantastic idea and if it works the way it should, it will lead to more gamers trying out and buying new games they wouldn't normally be interested in. This is a good thing, and honestly something I hope Microsoft revisits. It is a good idea in theory. 

Jeremy Thomas - Interesting concept.  It's a cool way to promote games and give people a chance to try them out outside of the limited nature of demos.  That's always my thing with most demos, you only get to do one particular kind of fight or a short amount of time, and that doesn't give you a true feel for what the whole game is about.  This is a smart way to do it and the social aspect of it means could help too, because...well, peer pressure.  So yeah, I hope Xbox gets on this and comes up with a similar idea.

Quizmaster - I actually like Cash's idea for giving the player an option to buy the digital copy of the game when you finish, so 2384 points for him. It's such a good idea that if Sony doesn't come up with something similar, I'd be absolutely shocked. Although if they don't, maybe we can see John's idea to them for enough money to buy a small island somewhere. Oh, they could afford it.

BONUS QUESTION: Have you tried out WWE Supercard, the new free-to-play mobile card game for iOS and Android? Could you help me stop playing? Or, if you'd rather, you could talk about the roster and screenshots released for WWE 2K15.

John Cash - I don't have a smart phone. I'd probably be in debt if I did from all the in-app purchasing stuff (I have an iPod touch and that can be troublesome enough these days.) Outside of Sting being playable, WWE 2K15 is pretty much what you'd expect; the same tired out focus on graphics, the lack of a compelling career mode, and the same boring gameplay that people will learn to exploit in the first week of playing the game so that you can never win online matches unless you play with friends. I must admit I got a great chuckle out of the Neanderthal Cena pictures, though, which is more entertainment than I got from 2K14.

Daniel Anderson - Oh, boy.  Quick, my name is Sam Beckett.  I don't have long.  I leap from body to body trying to correct wrongs from the future.  The person I have leaped into played Magic until the Urza Saga, Star Wars (from Decipher), Star Trek (just dabbled), the short-lived X-men card game (which was actually decent), L5R, and WWE Raw Deal (that got screwed over by WWE not even acknowledging the game when it existed, was it too hard to even have a superstar come down wearing a Raw Deal shirt WWE?).  He has been steadily disappointed at electronic card games, because you generally have to spend a ton of money to play it, and don't even have the physical cards to hold in your hands afterwards.  Plus, it will get to the point, like in every card game, where there is one undefeatable deck that everyone builds, and the game either nerfs the cards or bans bards in the deck, or the next expansion makes that type of deck useless.  Trust me, in the end, you will have spent way too much money on the game, and be ultimately frustrated for it.  Ziggy and Al says that the only way to avoid this future is to not play it and save your money for other interests.  Got to go.

Todd Vote - I downloaded the game Sunday night while watching Lesnar not leave Cena in a pool of "blood, and urine, and vomit", when with the lies stop, Brock? Sure, you decimated the champ, but I was really looking forward to the whole pool of excrement scenario. I haven't had a chance to play it yet though, but I look forward to giving it a go. 

Jeremy Thomas - I would help you stop playing, but I'm too busy training up my Ultra-Rare Dolph Ziggler and Super-Rare Nikki Bella so they stop getting their ass beat by Epic Xavier Woods and Cameron.  Because losing to Cameron is the worst thing ever.



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