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Working Title 08.30.07: Working Spotlight- Web Comics
Posted by Jordan Williams on 08.30.2007


Sorry I missed last week folks, as anyone over 20 knows; real life tends to happen at the most random moments. But this week I am back with not one but TWO very short Working Rants. I'm going to stick with the column-to-column rants for awhile, at least until the big fall games start to drop so I actually have news to talk about. Until then you get this...please don't go.

This one might as well be called a mini-rant due to how small it is, but it's actually pretty well thought out and something I've wanted to write on for a long time. If anything, reading this will get the respective artists some hits and gain them some new fans.

Let's get on with his.

Working Spotlight: Web comics

When it comes to the internet, there are three things that will always remain constant; Porn, Chat rooms, and Web comics. One of the most popular genre of web comics actually revolve around the 'geek' genres such as gaming and technology, and I know most gaming comics are usually taboo when it comes to discussions, but I actually want to shine a spotlight on three of the gaming comics on the web that I REALLY enjoy reading. If it gets these people more traffic and encourages them to continue, I'm all for it.

First up is a new favorite of mine, F@nb0y$ by Scott Dewitt. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

Note: Strip may not be the most recent update.

F@nb0y$ follows the (obscenely random) lives of three self proclaimed fanboys living under one roof. There's Lemmy, the most rabid Nintendo Fanboy in existence. He actually goes into a berserker rage when anyone mentions that Nintendo is "kiddy". There's his best friend and sometimes arch enemy Paul, the Sony chain smoking Sony fanboy who takes great pride in his friends pain, and then there is Sylvia the Xbox Fangirl, already an anomaly in her own right she stands out because she has never played another console before the original Xbox. Paul and Lemmy are astonished by this.

The comic is usually just a series of random (and I literally mean RANDOM) and sometimes topical strips while sometimes
adopting a story arch to flesh out the characters a bit more. It's a great look at how sometimes fanboyism can be really annoying, and sometimes where it's it actually might have a deeper purpose (the most recent arch on Paul is a great example). Dewitt is very humble and isn't afraid to let readers know that sometimes he feels his comic might not be the best. To put it plain and simple it's a very humble comic that doesn't take itself too seriously to the point where it seems like it's trying too hard to be funny. I definitely recommend reading it. If not only for the fact that you will immediately recognize Lemmy, Paul, and Sylvia as one (or more) of your friends.

Dueling Analogs by Steve Napierski. Mondays and Wednesdays.

Note: Strip may not be the most recent update.

Dueling Analogs is pure gold in my eyes, started back in 2005 this comic is a tad bit more random than F@nb0y$. Dueling Analogs still has a main cast, but they appear so infrequently that it's not even really an issue to mention them here. DA deals more with pointing out some of the he humorous aspects of video games and in the 'geek' genre in general, as the above comic points out nicely.

Napierski also has many series within a series in the DA universe, without a doubt the two most popular are "Rejected Megaman Villains". Each one showcases a set of three rejected Robot Masters from the original Megaman series. Some of them have been rejected due to being ineffective (Hangover Man) while others...well...let's just say there is one named Bukkake Man and leave it at that.

He also has another series where he thanks the Gods that certain games were never made. You'll get a good laugh out of him being so happy that Super Mario Bros: The Movie: The Game was never made, or Battletoads: Hard Version. Because we all know the original Battletoads was just for scrubs and REAL men play the hard version!

All in all Dueling Analogs is another great gaming comic, it's definitely geared to those with more a more random sense of humor and don't necessarily need characters to tell the story for them. The art is amazing and the comments below the comics sometimes help make the original comic even funnier. Go read it. Do it now.

VG Cats by Scott Ramsoomair. Every Monday(hopefully).

Warning: Large Comic Ahoy!

Note: Strip may not be the most recent update.

Out of the three listed here, VG Cats may be the one people recognize the most. Its right up there with Ctrl Alt Delete and Penny Arcade in the hallowed halls of gaming web comic greatness. VG Cats is usually a series of video game, movie, and anime spoofs where the two main characters Aries and Leo(Known to most as the Pink and Blue cat) replacing the lead characters. One thing many people like about this comic is that it doesn't tend to pull its punches. If a game sucks, it'll tell you it sucks via its parody. Although it doesn't update nearly as much as I like it to.

The comics are genuinely funny, although some of the humor usually has to stem from personal experiences with the game that is being parodied rather instead of being more immediately available to the masses as one would expect it to. Either way, the comics are HILARIOUS whether he is bashing a topic or praising it. Even though I secretly disagree with his parody of The Transformers movie, I couldn't help but laugh at it.

His art style is by far the cartooniest of the three but he does one thing that so far none of the others have been able to accomplish. The Cartoon Dramatic pause. In some of his comics the way he usually holds a frame and makes a character due a dramatic pause(complete with hilarious face) MAKES the comic. I can't tell you how many times I have laughed at a comic I didn't understand at all simply because of the dramatic pause.

Well, there you have it. One the Mini-Rant done. Although I really want to show two more comic sites some love.

Bob and George by Dave Anez. Usually hailed as THE granddaddy of all Sprite Comics. While it may not be the first, it is definitely one of the most successful. Boasting a whooping 7 year run and finally ending last month. The comic right now is doing 'reruns' from the beginning. I highly suggest any fan of Megaman to check this comic out NOW.

The Digital Pimp Comics by various. DPO doesn't house just one comic, it actually houses five, and every single one of them is worth the read. It'll take too much time for me to explain all five of them right now, so just do yourself a favor and read 'em. Do it. You know you want to.

Working Feedback

We only got one this week, and it's from my new best Workaholic Phil Watts, Jr.:

The Virtual Boy...Well you gotta applaud Nintendo for trying to think outside the box all these years. While I liked what they tried to do with it, some of the execution could've used some work. Maybe if they gave it some more time so that developers could've tried to make the most of it and pushed it to its limit. Oh well...

I read what you said about why Superman is in your list of villains. You've also said that you're not really the best versed on DC in general. I'll admit that I'm more into the animated version of the DC universe (which MY Clark would be based on), since they do a much better job with all the characters than the comic because most of the people doing the comics are a bunch of hacks who can't think of what to do other than hit a giant reset button (whatever BIG-BIG-BIG MEGA-SUPER-MUTHAFUCKIN' Crossover event that usually has the word "CRISIS" in the title) and start over again. How many continuity-changing crossovers have there been anyway? I count 5, plus they're about to hit us with a 6th pretty soon (FINAL Crisis? Please.)

By the way, about that Oswald character I brought up a few weeks ago? Here's a vid with most of his combo and his juggles: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Jrqabq3wNl0 (You might have to mute it, though.)

Now let's hope that they actually put out King Of Fighters XI like they're supposed to.

My thoughts exactly on the Virtual Boy. I think Nintendo got way too jumpy with it and decided to drop it right out of the gate. While I don't know if it would've been huge or not, I would've loved to see what sort of killer app someone could've made for it given enough time. I guess we'll never know now.

You so far are one of only three people who haven't demanded my head on a pike for putting Superman on the villain list. For that, I thank you.

And holy sweet mother of dogshit. Oswald looks positively broken...but in a good way. Maybe it's a good thing I don't pride myself on my skill at KoF. He looks like the type of person who'd make me cry if he was being used by a super skilled player.

That's all, folks!

Well that ends another short Working Title. Next week will most likely be another rant, we'll see how that goes. I have almost finished my conquest of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas(boy, am I late on that one?) so we might get tales of my travels. We'll just have to see.

Until next week, I'm Jordan Williams...and Catalina needs to be playable in San Andreas Stories(make it happen, Rockstar!).


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