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B3yond the Report 11.17.09   (11.17.1969)  - Jon Seddon

Discussion of Final Fantasy XIII’s release date, Ad Hoc Party finally coming to North America, Just Cause 2’s PS3 specific features, October NPD numbers with Uncharted 2 taking the top spot, DJ Hero’s failure and more!
411 Games Fact or Fiction 10.19.09: The Simpsons Arcade, WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010, DSi Update, More   (12.31.1969)  - Ramon Aranda

Would you buy The Simpsons Arcade game if it was re-released? Will the best game of the holiday season be an Xbox 360 exclusive? Are you a fan of iPhone gaming? Find out what Sean Garmer and Todd Vote think in this week's edition of Fact or Fiction.
Angry Gaming 07.17.06: Kiss & Spell - The Growth of MMO Dating   (07.17.2006)  - Damian Sarcuni

At first, it was cute. Then, it started getting silly. Now, it’s an epidemic. And very soon, it might just be the future of romance as we know it.
The Greatest Stories Ever Told 07.18.06: Legacy of Kain   (07.18.2006)  - Brad Garoon

Vampire movies wish they could be this relevant.
Ask 411 Games 07.18.06: Peach/Toadstool, Mario vs. Sonic, & More   (07.18.2006)  - Jamie Lyons

Tally ho chaps! And welcome to the premiere edition of Ask 411 Games, with me, your host, Jamie “Mighty” Lyons. This week we discuss Mario, Sonic and find out who has appeared in the most video games!
Working Title 07.19.06: Welcome to Next Gen - Overview   (07.19.2006)  - Jordan Williams

In the first ever issue of Working Title, we examine the overview of what is Next Gen
Second Chance Glance 07.20.06: Unreal Championship 2 - The Liandri Conflict   (07.20.2006)  - Derrick Seabrook

We kick things off with a look back at Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict for the Xbox...
411 Games Retro Review: Virtua Fighter 2 (SAT)   (07.21.2006)  - Steve McHugh

It was awesome 10 years ago but how will it fair today?
Angry Gaming 07.24.06: We’re Kind Of Running Out Of Ideas Here   (07.24.2006)  - Damian Sarcuni

Need A Supporting Character? Grab An Injun’!
Working Title 07.26.06: Welcome to Next Gen - The Playstation 3   (07.26.2006)  - Jordan Williams

Sony is running at 2-0(depending on who you ask) do they have what it takes to go 3-0? And SIX-HUNDRED DOLLARS!?
Great Moments in Video Gaming History #1: Perfect   (07.27.2006)  - Chris Pilkington

"Perfect" means so much more when you've just kicked someones ass.
411 Top 5 Games Edition 07.28.06: Week 1   (07.28.2006)  - Steve McHugh

Top 5 Best Games Ever
Gaming Trends 07.29.06: Consoles That Failed   (07.29.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

Many consoles tried stepping up against the big boys, and lots of them failed miserably. Will the PSP and Evo: Phase One be next?
Angry Gaming 07.31.06: And On the Next Episode   (07.31.2006)  - Damian Sarcuni

Game developers and Pepperidge Farm cookies have got us by the balls.
The Greatest Stories Ever Told 08.01.06: Choose Your Own Adventure   (08.01.2006)  - Brad Garoon

It's only my second column and I'm already sliding. Sigh.
Working Title 08.02.2006: Welcome to Next Gen - The Xbox 360   (08.02.2006)  - Jordan Williams

Last year Microsoft jumped into the fray and made a big splash, this year it's the first one in the pool. Does it have what it takes to keep Nintendo and Sony away?
411 Games Retro Review: Exhumed (SAT)   (08.03.2006)  - Steve McHugh

The better name for Powerslave.
411 Top 5 Games Edition 08.04.06: Week 2   (08.04.2006)  - Steve McHugh

Top 5 Super-hero games.
Hardcore Haven 08.04.06: The Rise of the Casual Gamer   (08.04.2006)  - Joel Beggs

How Sony has managed to airbrush MY greasy face out of THEIR bigger picture.
Angry Gaming 08.07.06: How The Hell Did They Miss That? Round 1 – Blizzard Must Die   (08.07.2006)  - Damian Sarcuni

Play along with us from home!
Great Moments in Video Gaming History #2: GoldenEye - The Dam Level   (08.08.2006)  - Chris Pilkington

The level which brough the Sniper Rifle to the masses and changed guns in gaming forever.
Working Title 08.09.06: Welcome to Next Gen - The Nintendo Wii   (08.09.2006)  - Jordan Williams

In the final installment of Welcome to Next Gen, we take a look at the granddaddy of all gaming companies, Nintendo. With the N64 and the Gamecube both having a rough time making it to the top, can the console voted best of show in this year's E3 make a comeback?
411 Top 5 Games Edition 08.10.06: Week 3   (08.11.2006)  - Steve McHugh

Top 5 One on One Beat Em Ups
Hardcore Haven 08.11.06: Gaming for Grandparents   (08.11.2006)  - Joel Beggs

Wii wants you. Wii wants you. Wii wants you for a new recruit.
Gaming Trends 08.12.06: Grown Up Characters   (08.12.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

Did going beyond the E rating pay off for characters that once appealed to kids?
Angry Gaming 08.14.06: The Names Of The Game   (08.14.2006)  - Damian Sarcuni

It's time to beat egos into a hole. Get your aluminum bats ready!
Game Rants 08.15.06: The Death of PC Gaming   (08.15.2006)  - Will Scott

Is PC gaming killing itself? Take a look and find out.
411 Retro Review: Virtual Hydlide (SAT)   (08.16.2006)  - Steve McHugh

It's almost Rise of the Robots bad.
The Retrospective 08.16.06: Legend of Zelda (Part 1 of 3)   (08.16.2006)  - Sean McCabe

Debut Column here, so don't eat me! Just let me sooth your soul with some Zelda goodness.
Working Title 08.17.06: Fanboys and You   (08.17.2006)  - Jordan Williams

That's right, you either hate them or hate them more. It is time for Working Title to venture into the land of the FANBOY. Being a day late never hurt anyone!
Hardcore Haven 08.18.06: Games Are For Kids Too?   (08.18.2006)  - Joel Beggs

Come inside, before you get pwned by a 12-year old with a plasma pistol and a handgun.
411 Top 5 Games Edition 08.18.06: Week 4   (08.18.2006)  - Steve McHugh

Top 5 Scariest Games
Gaming Trends 08.19.06: 15 Years of Sonic Characters   (08.19.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

Another game, another character, even another alternate universe. Some good, some bad, and some as forgotten as Ray the Squirrel.
Angry Gaming 08.21.06: I Want My MMA   (08.21.2006)  - Damian Sarcuni

Take your Day of Reckoning and Smackdown VS Raw and shove them up your ass.
The Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda (Part 2 of 3)   (08.22.2006)  - Sean McCabe

In the second part of the retrospective on the Legend of Zelda, I take a look at the few games in the series not actually made by Nintendo themselves, and shaking some dusty old skeletons in the closet while I'm at it.
Game Rants 08.22.06: Comic Book Games Don't Work   (08.22.2006)  - Will Scott

Sure, there's been a couple good comic-book games, but why do most of them suck?
Cheap Gaming 101: America's Army   (08.23.2006)  - Armando Rodriguez

Because I am so cheap, I play free games!
Working Title 08.24.06: Underrated/Overrated - Fighting Games   (08.24.2006)  - Jordan Williams

First edition of U/O and we look at the Fighting games. I'll give you two hints, one of them has drunk guy and the other has a kid with a REALLY big bat.
411 Retro Review: The Sega Dreamcast   (08.24.2006)  - Steve McHugh

The once mighty Sega's last stand.
Great Moments in Video Gaming History #3: FINISH HIM   (08.25.2006)  - Chris Pilkington

The perfect way to put a full stop in the sentence "You just got your ass kicked".
Hardcore Haven 08.25.06: Ten most hardcore gaming moments of all time #10 - #6   (08.25.2006)  - Joel Beggs

Are you hardcore enough to have done the deeds?
411 Top 5 Games Edition 08.25.06: Week 5   (08.26.2006)  - Steve McHugh

The Top 5 Games That Should be Remade for NextGen Consoles
Angry Gaming 8.28.06: Gamer Civil War   (08.28.2006)  - Damian Sarcuni

Here come the bastards!
Gaming Trends 08.28.06: Drunk Uncle Games   (08.28.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

When Triple A franchises get Grade F games, it's an embarrassment we'd all like to forget.
The Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda (Part 3 of 3)   (08.28.2006)  - Sean McCabe

The final part of the Retrospective on the Legend of Zelda covers the last of the games in the series, looks to the future and evaluates just what this great series did for gaming.
Game Rants 08.30.06: The Death of PC Gaming Part II   (08.30.2006)  - Will Scott

Are the consoles starting to muscle in on PC exclusive territory? Can you come up with a better name for the column? Check inside!
Working Title 08.31.06: Underrated/Overrated - Platform Games   (08.31.2006)  - Jordan Williams

Tropical Storm Ernesto is to blame for this weeks lateness. Stupid Florida... Anyway, this week Working Title looks at the most overrated and underatted games in the most generic genre on Earth (and not Pluto). Platforming.
411 Top 5 Games Edition 09.01.06: Week 6   (09.01.2006)  - Steve McHugh

Top 5 Games that should get a sequel.
Hardcore Haven 09.01.06: Ten Most Hardcore Gaming Moments of All Time #5 - #1   (09.01.2006)  - Joel Beggs

The five moments in gaming history that define what it is to be "hardcore."
Angry Gaming 09.04.06: Hate Club Mail Box – August ‘06   (09.04.2006)  - Damian Sarcuni

Step back! Angry Gaming has a feedback column!
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