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Asteroids Do Concern Me (XBLA) Review
Posted by Trace Aber on 12.11.2010

Asteroids Do Concern Me is the third game released in the Indie Games Winter Uprising and, while it doesnít quite live up to the quality and depth of the first two titles, it does possess a certain charm to it that might win some gamers over.

Asteroids Do Concern Me takes place in a world where humans throughout history have sacrificed their lives to travel beyond the edge of the universe. This seems like a pretty worthy cause until you realize that the odds of surviving are 3720 to 1, and even then is it really worth it? At some point people have to stop caring, right? Well, apparently not, as the constipated-sounding announcer tells us in the gameís opening trailer. That may have sounded like a knock against the game, but itís a compliment.

Gameplay is similar to the popular helicopter flash games you can find online, where you hold down a button to make the ship go up, and it goes down when you release it and you collect orbs to increase your velocity. Itís a delicate balancing act as you dodge asteroids (which concern you) and other various enemies looking to crash into you because, well, youíd have to imagine the celestial wilderness would want to keep their winning record against humans intact.

Realizing that this isnít the most riveting game experience ever, developers Evil Robot Logic added a few extra modes to spice things up a bit, though your mileage may vary. You have the classic mode, which has standard graphics and sound effects. Thereís also retro mode, where everything is green and blocky, with accompanying music, while notebook mode makes everything look as though itís been sketched in a, you guessed it Ė notebook. My favorite mode is Double Rainbow mode, which replaces the orbs with hot air balloons, unicorns fill your screen and your ship is powered by rainbows and happiness. Itís an interesting visual experience, to say the least.

The game also features multiplayer support, where players take turns trying to beat each otherís high scores. Up to four players can do this, and considering most of the games donít last all that long itís not a bad way to kill a few minutes. Changing the difficulty increases the speed of your ship, and once you get to the higher levels itís a true challenge if you want to make it to the top scores. And for those who really like to brag, there is a planned update coming that includes online scoreboards.

The 411
Asteroids Do Concern Me is the weakest title in the Indie Games Winter Uprising released so far, but then again it never claimed that it was the best. Itís an alternate take on the helicopter game that features four different skins, which gives it a bit of variety. I doubt many people will be playing this game for hours on end, but for 80MP itís a great choice if youíre a fan of the helicopter games. But if the simplicity and lack of depth ruin it for you, itís almost worth the dollar alone just to see the double rainbow mode.

Graphics7.0Though the game has a variety of different skins, considering how few objects there are in the game you'd expect them to be a bit better 
Gameplay7.0It's a very simple formula, but ADCM gets it perfectly 
Sound7.0Each mode has its own music and the sounds really help add to the charm of the game 
Lasting Appeal5.0It won't take you that long to explore everything this game has to offer 
Fun Factor 6.5The purchase comes down to whether or not you like one button games. If you do, then you'll love this unique take on it. If not, you might want to pass. 
Overall6.5   [ Average ]  legend


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