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411mania.com Interviews: Joe Lauzon and Urijah Faber   (11.12.2011)  - Jeffrey Harris

411mania.com speaks with top ranked UFC fighters, Joe Lauzon and Urijah Faber, who we caught up with at the THQ UFC Undisputed 3 event in Las Vegas. Both men talk give their thoughts on new, highly anticipated UFC videogame.
Splatterhouse Interviews   (08.06.2010)  - Jeffrey Harris

While in San Diego for Comic-Con, Jeffrey Harris caught up with the producer and art director for the video game update of the Splatterhouse series. The classic franchise returns in bloody victorious fashion to consoles later this Fall.
411 Interview with Blacklight: Tango Down Lead Designer Jared Gerritzen   (07.08.2010)  - Adam Larck

See what to expect from their recently released downloadable title inside.
Inside the Numbers - The January 2010 NPDs   (02.13.2010)  - Chris Lansdell

411's Chris Lansdell goes in-depth with the January sales figures and looks at what February will bring us!
411 Interview With Supreme Commander 2 Developer Chris Taylor   (02.10.2010)  - Adam Larck

Get new information about the upcoming RTS game inside.
What 411 Staffers Are Playing - February   (02.05.2010)  - Sam Pow

From Mass Effect 2 to NBA Jam and Guitar Hero 5, the 411 staff shares the games they are playing, the games they are looking forward to and what they recently have achieved in the world of gaming!
Inside the Numbers - The December 2009 NPDs   (01.15.2010)  - Chris Lansdell

411's Chris Lansdell takes an in-depth look at the sales figures for December, makes some predictions and talks about what the numbers tell us. Get the full story inside!
Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Developer Diary   (12.22.2009)  - Marcos Aranda

The 3rd installment gets into the new gameplay elements that we can expect, as described by the game's director Jun Tokuhara.
New Super Mario Brothers Wii Launch Party at Rockefeller Center!   (11.17.2009)  - John De Large

Not even monsoons could stop 411 writer John De Large from getting some hands on time with the New Super Mario Bros. game!
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Launch Event   (11.11.2009)  - Jonathan Yaghoubi

What went down in New York City to kick off the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Well read on to find out!
JDL @ GameX in Philadelphia   (11.03.2009)  - John De Large

JDL visits Philly to check out some games, some steam punk goodness and to meet the man behind Zero Punctuation.
Gdgt Event @ The Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom!   (10.06.2009)  - John De Large

Games and technology galore! JDL breaks down the NYC gdgt event!
411 Interview With Reigning Pinball Champion Keith Elwin   (09.22.2009)  - Adam Larck

From his beginnings in pinball to some of his favorite tables, Elwin talks about his life involving pinball inside.
NHL2K10 Conference Call Report   (08.31.2009)  - Mark Salmela

411’s Mark Salmela sits in on a conference call about the upcoming NHL2K10. Look inside for a full report on this year’s features.
Save The Arcade Event With Zachary Quinto   (08.22.2009)  - Jeffrey Harris

Stride Gum's Save The Arcade campaign was in full swing at the Video West Arcade with Mr. Spock making an appearance to show his support.
Gameboy: 20 Year Anniversary Special   (08.21.2009)  - Lee Price

The celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the Nintendo Gameboy continue with this look back at the highlights of the little handheld's gaming existence, and the revolution in handheld gaming that it helped bring about.
411mania Plays A Little UNO For Charity   (08.12.2009)  - Ramon Aranda

We drove to San Francisco to play in an UNO tournament, have some drinks, play the downloadable versions and grow some 'staches!
SDCC 2009: Splinter Cell Conviction Preview   (08.02.2009)  - Jeffrey Harris

SDCC '09 First Look: Ubisoft invites 411mania to the Omni hotel for a night of drinks, haircuts, backpacks, and vengeful execution.
SDCC 2009: Bayonetta Preview   (08.01.2009)  - Jeffrey Harris

SDCC '09 Hands-on: BURN WITCHES! Well, not this time. 411mania checks out SEGA's Bayonetta at Con.
SDCC 2009: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Preview   (08.01.2009)  - Jeffrey Harris

SDCC '09 Hands-On: Sonic is off to the races in a game that could be the next Mario Kart series.
UPDATE: Twilight The Video Game   (07.30.2009)  - Scott J. Simpson

The people behind Twilight The Video Game tell us more about the upcoming title.
SDCC 2009: Tekken 6 Preview   (07.30.2009)  - Jeffrey Harris

SDCC '09 Hands On: 411mania gets a try at the new Tekken game co-promoted with Tapout. Are you prepared for the absolute awesomeness that is Tekken Campaign Mode?
SDCC 2009: Dante's Inferno Preview   (07.30.2009)  - Jeffrey Harris

SDCC '09 - Hands On: 411mania finally goes to Hell with one of the most awesome games of all time in an exclusive preview for new ultimate badass game, Dante's Inferno.
SDCC 2009: THQ Booth Preview   (07.30.2009)  - Jeffrey Harris

SDCC '09: The folks at THQ run us through some of their upcoming offerings including Darksiders, Dragonica, and Marvel Super Hero Squad.
NHL 10 Developer Blog   (07.17.2009)  - Ramon Aranda

An overview into some gameplay refinements from producer Sean Ramjagsingh.
FIFA 2010 Developer Blog   (06.19.2009)  - Ramon Aranda

The game's Line Producer, David Rutter, takes us through what we can expect from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions before it releases this August.
B3yond the Special: Top Ten PlayStation 3 Titles   (06.17.2009)  - Mark Salmela

411’s Mark Salmela is sick and tired of hearing people say that there are no good games for the PS3. In this edition of B3yond the Special, Mark counts down his top 10 PS3 games! From Infamous and Uncharted to Killzone and even Metal Gear, see which games made the top 10 and in what spot! Plus, leave your list of favorite PS3 games for all to read!
411 Games Pre-E3 Podcast 05.29.09: A Look Ahead at Next Week's Show   (05.29.2009)  - Ramon Aranda

We bring back our podcast to give you a look ahead into what's coming up and what we hope is showing up at E3 next week. Tommy Coloma, Alexandra Pusateri, Jacob Lopez and Ramon Aranda start a roundtable discussion into what we're looking forward to at the show.
Nintendo Fans Duke It Out In A Punch-Out!!! Boxing Challenge   (05.18.2009)  - Jonathan Yaghoubi

Punch-Out!!! is launched at the World Store in NYC and our own Jonathan Yaghoubi checks-in with his full report.
Guild Wars: A Brief History   (05.04.2009)  - Joe Richardson

Joe Richardson touches on the history of one of the most successful MMO's on the market; Guild Wars. Where has this series taken gamers, what has it done differently, and where is it going? He also gets to ask NCSoft representative Chris Lye some questions about this wildly popular franchise.
411 Game Features 4.23.09: Build Your Own: Wrestling Game   (04.23.2009)  - Jonny Richardson

It’s a dream many wrestling and gaming fans have had. If you had the chance to create the ultimate wrestling game from scratch, what would you do? Refraining from using phrases akin to "Like a cross between ‘No Mercy’ and ‘Fire Pro Wrestling’", 411’s Jonny Richardson answers the question to the best of his meager ability. Check out the full column for all the details!
Lineage II Developer Diary #2   (04.23.2009)  - Ramon Aranda

Changes to Combat with Gracia Final.
Konami Gamers Day   (04.14.2009)  - Ramon Aranda

Some impressions from last week's event in San Francisco.
Rhythm Heaven Event @ Scratch DJ Academy   (04.13.2009)  - John De Large

Plus, I got to talk to Marc Franklin, hit the turntable and best of all..... free swag!
The Nintendo DSi Launch at Universal City   (04.07.2009)  - Bayani Domingo

Our own Bayani Domingo checks out the handheld's launch on Saturday night at Universal City Walk.
The Battlefield Series 04.02.09: Where We've Been and Where We're Going   (04.02.2009)  - Joe Richardson

Over its history the Battlefield franchise has had some huge hits, and some near misses. What has the series done well, where has it gone wrong, and what can it do to return to prominence.
411's Games Feature 03.26.09: Sloppy Seconds for the PC   (03.26.2009)  - Jonny Richardson

All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us.
The Top 8 Boxing Video Games of All Time   (03.19.2009)  - Ryan Bates

In conjunction with our Games staff, 411 Boxing's own Ryan Kaye ranks the top 8 boxing video games of all time. Now grab those controllers and get ready to let those punches fly!
You Dirty Great Cheat!   (03.11.2009)  - Jonny Richardson

You may make the rules, but we will make sure that we find a way to break them! 411's Jonny Richardson looks at the curious relationship between video games, their players and cheating!
WWE Legends of WrestleMania Q&A   (03.05.2009)  - Ramon Aranda

Some of your questions answered by THQ for the highly anticipated title.
Major League Baseball 2K9 Developer Call   (02.25.2009)  - Ramon Aranda

We check in with the developers for details on the latest title from 2K Sports.
Why Being the Hero Never Pays   (02.19.2009)  - Jonny Richardson

According to some people, being nice doesn’t get you anywhere. Nowhere does that ring truer than in the digital realms of the video game. In this 411 Game Zone Special Feature, 411’s Jonny Richardson analyzes why being the good guy, at least when it comes to video games, is fundamentally pointless. Check out the full column for all the details!
An Ode to Ingenuity 02.12.09: They Don’t Make Them Like They Used Too   (02.12.2009)  - Jonny Richardson

It’s easy to be pessimistic about the state of modern games. They certainly don’t make them how they used too, but 411’s Jonny Richardson aims to show why that’s not a bad thing. Some titles you may well know, some you may not, but right now, it is time to step right up and admire the beauty of modern ingenuity with a look at seven special games!
411 Games Interview: Jack Thompson   (02.04.2009)  - Greg Bruno

After reading the latest edition of 411’s What If, Jack Thompson contacted 411 so that he could set the record straight in regards to his involvement with Take-Two Interactive. Check out 411Mania's exclusive interview with Jack Thompson for all the details!
Game-oholics Anonymous   (01.31.2009)  - Jonny Richardson

Gambling, Sex, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Cigarettes, Food….video games? Like it or not, gaming addiction is a problem that’s real. We’ve all read the crazy news stories, but why is it that we’re so susceptible to the lure of gaming?
411 Games Presents: Game Awards Part 3: Platform Awards   (01.26.2009)  - Sean Garmer

Well the day is here where we crown the awards for System of the Year, Game of the Year, and all those Platform awards too.
Rescuing Wrestling Games from ‘Parts Unknown’   (01.25.2009)  - Jonny Richardson

It’s often said that the glory days of wrestling games are firmly in the past. With ‘WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 09’ being more of the same, and the less said about ‘TNA: iMPACT!’ the better, what steps could developers put in place to return this fine genre to the promised land?
411 Games Presents: The 2008 Game Awards - Part II: Genre Awards   (01.22.2009)  - Sean Garmer

The 411 Games staff brings you part 2 of the Game Awards. Best Action Adventure, Driving Game, RPG, Fighter, and many more are given out.
411 Games Presents: The 2008 Game Awards (Part 1)   (01.19.2009)  - Sean Garmer

The wait is over because the 2008 411 Year End Gaming Awards are here! The 411 staff is here to bring you the best and worst from 2008! Today the 411 Games staff hands out the Worst Game of the Year, Soundtrack of the Year, Most Anticipated Game of the Year, Over Hyped Games of the Year, Worst Decision of the Year and more! Check out part one of the awards for all of the details!
Are We Drowning in a Sea of Sequels?   (01.19.2009)  - Jonny Richardson

It’s a problem faced by anybody who has ever tried to do anything remotely creative for money. It’s the sin of the song writer, the folly of the film director and the demon of the game developer - Repetition. With 2008 being a year dominated by high profile sequels, and 2009 looking to continue this trend, now seems the time to ask: is gaming drowning in a sea of sequels?
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