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Exclusive Interview with Atlus' Tomm Hulett   (09.25.2006)  - Shawn Struck

The Project lead for the Wii launch title Trauma Center: Second Opinion sits down to give 411 an exclusive interview. He gives us the scoop on Altus' first Wii game, insight into writing game dialogue, his tips for getting a job in the video game industry, and more. Read on for the full interview!
The New Console Wars 411 Roundtable: Part I   (10.16.2006)  - Armando Rodriguez

In Part I on our exclusive feature, 411 Games writers tackle a series of questions about the little things that can make or break the new consoles.
The New Console Wars 411 Roundtable: Part II   (11.28.2006)  - Armando Rodriguez

Part II features our "experts" general thoughts on each system.
411 Mania Games Exclusive: An Interview With The Angry Video Game Nerd   (01.05.2007)  - Shawn Struck

411 sat down with James Rofle, a.k.a. The Angry Video Game Nerd, to find out what inspired his review series that have made him an Internet celebrity, his favorite game he loves to hate, and more. Check out this feature for an exclusive video clip and interview!
411 Game of the Year Awards 2006: Part 1   (01.25.2007)  - Steve McHugh

It's the 411 Game Awards! Check out the full column!
411 Game of the Year Awards 2006: Part 2   (01.26.2007)  - Steve McHugh

This time we take a look at the awards for each gaming genre.
411 Game of the Year Awards 2006: Part 3   (01.27.2007)  - Steve McHugh

The final part with the winners for each console as well as the Developer and Game of the Year.
[All] MLB2K7 Developer interview   (02.27.2007)  - Ramon Aranda

Ben Brinkman speaks on what's new for this year's edition.
Exclusive: Interview With Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja's Localization Lead   (03.02.2007)  - Shawn Struck

411 Mania recently got the chance to sit down with Atlus' Nich Maragos, the man who put words in Izuna's mouth. See what HE has to say about the game inside...
Exclusive Interview With Atlus' Izuna: Legend of The Umemployed Ninja Project Lead   (03.21.2007)  - Shawn Struck

411 Mania talks with Atlus USA's James Kuroki about the new old-school dungeon RPG with a new-school attitude.
411 Games Roundtable: April 2007   (04.04.2007)  - Sean Garmer

Check out the winners and losers of last month with the staff. We also give our thoughts on the games coming out in April. Trust me, you are going to want to read this, or you just won't be video game savvy.
411 Games Roundtable: May 2007   (05.14.2007)  - Sean Garmer

Come read about games such as, Touch the Dead, Forza Motorsport 2, Mario Party 8, and more. Also, which game won for the month of April? And who are the winners and losers overall? Find out right here as the staff brings you the May roundtable.
411 Games Roundtable: June 2007   (06.14.2007)  - Sean Garmer

What's the Darkness? Ninja Gaiden Sigma ring a bell? How about Big Brain Academy? Still not making any sense, well if you read this roundtable you will know. Join the 411 Games Staff as we look at the games coming out this month and answer questions as well.
411 Games Roundtable: July 2007   (07.10.2007)  - Sean Garmer

Hey, it may be the summer, but that doesn't mean video games don't come out. See what we say about games such as, Mario Strikers Charged, Guitar Hero 80's, and a whole lot more. We guarantee you will enjoy it.
Microsoft E3 press conference: LIVE blog   (07.10.2007)  - Ramon Aranda

411mania's coverage of the Microsoft media briefing.
Nintendo E3 press conference: LIVE blog   (07.11.2007)  - Ramon Aranda

411mania's coverage of the Nintendo E3 media briefing.
411 Games Roundtable: August 2007   (08.17.2007)  - Sean Garmer

Heavy Hitters are coming out this month. Join the 411 Staff as we discuss the biggest winners and losers of last month. As well as games such as, Metroid Prime 3, Blue Dragon, Bioshock, and Madden 08.
NHL 2k8 Conference Call Highlights   (09.03.2007)  - Dan Owen

411 got a chance to chat with NHL 2k8's developers, see what they had to say inside.
411 Games Roundtable: September 2007   (09.11.2007)  - Sean Garmer

Here we are once again with another table. This one is short on staffers, but not short on big games. Halo 3, Heavenly Sword, and EA sports games headline another big month in gaming.
NBA 2K8 Conference Call Highlights   (09.29.2007)  - David Redkey

2K Sports gave 411mania the opportunity to hear what is going into this year's NBA 2K8. Read on to find out what they said since the game will be out on October 2nd, 2007.
Orcs & Elves (DS) Developer Diary #1   (10.08.2007)  - Ramon Aranda

Katherine Anna Kang documents how they brought a cell phone game to the Nintendo DS in the first developer diary.
Developer Diary #1 - 10.11.07: Guild Wars 2   (10.11.2007)  - Ramon Aranda

ArenaNet's James Phinney talks about developing Guild Wars 2
Developer Diary #2 - 10.12.07: Tabula Rasa   (10.12.2007)  - Ramon Aranda

Producer Starr Long talks about Control Points and new screenshots available inside!
Fire Pro Wrestling: A History Lesson   (10.16.2007)  - Ramon Aranda

As we countdown to the release of Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the PlayStation 2, we take a quick history tour into one of the best wrestling game franchises.
Mass Effect: Meet the Crew #1   (10.17.2007)  - Ramon Aranda

This week we take a look at team member Ashley Williams. Who is she and how can she help you?
Developer Diary #3: Tabula Rasa   (10.19.2007)  - Ramon Aranda

Mission Designer Rebekah Tran highlights one of the many missions in the game: Caves of Donn.
411 Games Roundtable: October 2007   (10.24.2007)  - Sean Garmer

We are here again folks, with games such as, Guitar Hero 3, Eye of Judgment, and the Orange Box. Also the bigger winners and losers of the month. Included in all this is 411 Games staff, please come join us.
[PC] Empire Earth 3 Q&A   (10.24.2007)  - Morakoth Tang

EE 3 Questions Answered!
TimeShift Q&A   (10.26.2007)  - Ramon Aranda

Ben Serviss hosts a Q&A session for the upcoming title "Timeshift".
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns: Match Types   (11.10.2007)  - Ramon Aranda

This week we take a look at the various match types in Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the PS2.
411's Holiday Games Roundtable 2007: Holiday Buyer's Guide   (12.21.2007)  - Sean Garmer

Come join us for the 411 Holiday Buyer's Guide.
Condemned 2: Developer Diary   (12.21.2007)  - Ramon Aranda

Senior Producer Dave Hasle talks about the upcoming sequel to SEGA's Condemned.

The 411 Gaming Roundtable 1.22.08: Gaming in 2008   (01.22.2008)  - Chris Evans

The year is 2008. The place is 411 Mania. The topic is gaming. What do some of the best writers in all the world think of the gaming year ahead? Read more to find out!
Bionic Commando Rearmed Developer Diary   (01.22.2008)  - Ramon Aranda

Director Simon Viklund talks about working on Bionic Commando.
Bionic Commando Rearmed FAQ   (01.23.2008)  - Ramon Aranda

A little Q&A session for the remake of the NES classic Bionic Commando.
Bionic Commando Rearmed FAQ, part 2   (01.28.2008)  - Ty Huston

The follow up to the earlier Q&A session with the director of Bionic Commando Rearmed.
Viking: Battle for Asgard: Profiling of a Goddess   (02.02.2008)  - Ramon Aranda

The developers give us an inside look at the Goddess Hel.
Supreme Ruler 2020: Developer Blog   (02.08.2008)  - Ramon Aranda

Read up on the history of the Supreme Ruler franchise.
411 Gaming Awards 2007 - Part 1   (02.11.2008)  - Sean Garmer

I know its about a month or so later than other sites may have it, but we wanted to take a long time to think about it. Regardless, come join the staff, to see who they've selected for some big awards for games released in 2007.
City of Heroes/City of Villains Q&A   (02.13.2008)  - Ramon Aranda

Developer reveals revamped combat user interface.
411 Gaming Awards 2007 Part 2   (02.14.2008)  - Sean Garmer

Its Part 2, complete with the Game of the Year, and all the system winners.
411 Games Interview: Frank Klepacki   (02.18.2008)  - Chris Evans

Frank Klepacki - Universe at War, Red Alert, MMA and much more!
Burnout Paradise Media Day Recap   (02.19.2008)  - Caleb Newby

Recently, EA was gracious enough to extend an invitation to 411mania to visit their headquarters in Redwood City, California to play the newest entry to the Burnout series, Burnout Paradise. This journalistic opportunity also carried the chance to win prizes for above average play. That is the good news. The bad news is I am 411ís representative. Here is my storyÖ
Major League Baseball 2K8 Conference Call Highlights   (02.26.2008)  - Ramon Aranda

We speak to producer Ben Brinkman on what's on tap for 2008.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Developer Interview   (02.27.2008)  - Ramon Aranda

Chunsoft Developer Speaks on the newest Pokemon Adventure.
Tabula Rasa 'Sanctus Grotto' Instance Developer Retrospective   (02.28.2008)  - Ramon Aranda

Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa World Builder, Tom Potter, discusses creation of the Sanctus Grotto instance.
Condemned 2 Developer Diary #5   (03.04.2008)  - Ramon Aranda

Senior Producer Dave Hasle talks about the Beta to Certification Push.
Alone in the Dark Developer Diary #1   (03.11.2008)  - Ramon Aranda

Lead Designer Herve Sliwa, talks about the beginnings of designing the latest Alone in the Dark.
Wipeout HD Q&A   (03.13.2008)  - Ramon Aranda

Lead Designer, Colin Berry answers some boiling questions.
EIEIO 2: Austin, Texas   (03.14.2008)  - Ramon Aranda

Cold rain didnít stop this gamer from having a kick ass time at EIEIO 2008. Ready to check out some of the most in-depth coverage of the event? (Warning: Some videos may self-play.)
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