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 411mania » Games » Batman: Arkham City
Batman: Arkham City To Be Available On Playstation Plus   (03.28.2014) - Joseph Lee
Next month...
UK Version Of Batman: Arkham Origins Collectors Edition Revealed   (08.07.2013) - Joseph Lee
With a collectible statue...
Batman: Arkham City Follow-Up Coming This Year?   (02.12.2013) - Joseph Lee
News revealed in conference call...
Cryptozoic Entertainment Announces Batman: Arkham City The Board Game   (11.28.2012) - Jeffrey Harris
From the makers of The Walking Dead board game...
[VIDEO] Launch Trailer Released For Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition   (11.19.2012) - Joseph Lee
Out today for the Wii U...
Screenshots Revealed For Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition For Wii U   (09.13.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Coming during the holiday season...
Batman: Arkham Asylum Writer Not Returning For Prequel   (08.05.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Paul Dini wasn\'t asked back…
Batman: Arkham City Coming to the Wii-U   (06.05.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
The Armored Edition…
Batman: Arkham City Wins Game Of The Year At Stan Lee Awards   (05.19.2012) - Joseph Lee
Check out the full list of results...
[VIDEO] Full Trailer Released For Harley Quinn\'s Revenge   (05.17.2012) - Joseph Lee
The new Arkham City DLC...
[VIDEO] Behind-The-Scenes Video Looks At The Sound Effects Of Batman: Arkham City   (05.16.2012) - Joseph Lee
Game of the Year edition coming May 29...
[VIDEO] Teaser Released For Arkham City: Harley Quinn\'s Revenge   (05.10.2012) - Joseph Lee
Play as Robin...
[VIDEO] New Trailer And Artwork From Batman: Arkham City Game Of The Year Edition   (04.23.2012) - Joseph Lee
Lots of new content...
Arkham City News Teases Announcement   (04.22.2012) - Adam Larck
See the image inside.
Harley Quinn Possibly Getting DLC in Arkham City   (04.04.2012) - Adam Larck
Trophy list may have ousted.
New 1/6th Scale Action Figure From Batman: Arkham City Getting Released   (02.28.2012) - Joseph Lee
A new collectible...
Batman: Arkham City Ships Six Million Copies   (02.09.2012) - Mike Malloy
Revealed during Financial report.
411 Feedback: What\'s the Best Game of 2011?   (12.26.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
Arkham City, Skyrim, Uncharted 3 or something else?
New Batman: Arkham City DLC Trailer   (12.22.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
Check out the challenge map...
Arkham City Getting Free Skin, Unlock Code   (12.20.2011) - Adam Larck
New DLC on sale today.
[VIDEO] 2011 VGA\'s: Interview With Rocksteady Game\'s Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker   (12.19.2011) - Jeffrey Harris
The Batman: Arkham City developers speak at the 2011 VGA\'s after Arkham City wins Best Action-Adventure game.
Batman: Arkham World Teased at VGA Awards   (12.11.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
Mark Hamill hints at a new game...
Batman: Arkham City DLC Costume Pack Now Available   (12.06.2011) - Jeffrey Harris
Get all the details for the first DLC pack for Batman: Arkham City.
Batcave Coming to Arkham City   (11.28.2011) - Adam Larck
Look for the DLC Dec. 20.
Batman: Arkham City (PS3) Review (0.0)   (11.11.2011) - Armando Rodriguez
The Dark Knight rises(pun intended) in a spectacular sequel that surpasses Arkham Asylum in every way and is a serious contender for Game of the Year.
Batman: Arkham City on PC Dates Confirmed   (11.08.2011) - Jeffrey Harris
The hit game will be hitting PC later this month.
[VIDEO] Check out the Batman: Arkham City Nightwing DLC Trailer   (10.26.2011) - Larry Csonka
Check it out!
Batman: Arkham City Sells 4.6 Million Units   (10.25.2011) - Larry Csonka
Big time for the game…
Nightwing Shown Off for Arkham City   (10.17.2011) - Adam Larck
Will cost $6.99 for DLC.
Arkham City Online Pass Unlocks Catwoman   (10.14.2011) - Adam Larck
Not needed to complete game.
GameStop Reportedly Reveals Arkham City DLC   (10.11.2011) - Adam Larck
See some of the skins inside.
Times Square Toys R Us Selling Arkham City Early   (10.07.2011) - Adam Larck
New trailer with Robin inside.
Batman: Arkham City Gets Another New Villain   (10.05.2011) - Dan Watson
Click to find out who will join an already large roster of enemies.
New Trailer Released for Arkham City   (09.23.2011) - Adam Larck
Check it out inside.
Batman: Arkham City PC Gets a November Release Date; Plus New Screenshots   (09.20.2011) - Jeffrey Harris
Get all the latest on the PC version for Batman: Arkham City and new screenshots that were just released.
Exclusive Skin Offered For Batman: Arkham City   (09.20.2011) - David Porter
For Gamestop Powerup Rewards Members.
New Villain For Batman: Arkham City Revealed   (09.16.2011) - David Porter
Big man with a gun.
Batman: Arkham City Adds \'New Game Plus\'   (09.07.2011) - Todd Vote
Hoping to add to replay value.
Batman: Arkham City Won\'t Include Bruce Wayne   (08.21.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
Batman only...
Mr. Freeze Trailer for Batman: Arkham City   (08.15.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
Check him out…
SDCC 2011: Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360) Preview   (08.02.2011) - Jeffrey Harris
Hands On: Batman: Arkham City buzz is building like crazy. At this year\'s San Diego Comic-Con, Jeffrey Harris got a chance to get an exclusive hands on preview of the game. Check out the 411mania.com exclusive preview of one of the hottest and most anticipated gaming releases of the year.
SDCC 2011: Batman: Arkham City Interviews   (07.29.2011) - Jeffrey Harris
At the San Diego Comic-Con, 411mania got an exclusive preview of Batman: Arkham City, one of the most anticipated videogame releases of the year. Check out our exclusive interviews with lead animator, Zafer Coban, and Rocksteady\'s Dax Ginn
Batman: Arkham City Writer Talks Batman and Catwoman\'s Relationship   (07.26.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
He says it\'s heated…
First Look at Penguin and Talia al Ghul in Batman: Arkham City   (07.24.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
A trailer and a promo image...
Arkham City Collector\'s Edition Appears on GameStop   (07.18.2011) - Adam Larck
Edition will reportedly retail for $100, have statue.
Riddler Gets New Trailer for Arkham City   (07.11.2011) - Adam Larck
See it inside.
New Batman: Arkham City Gameplay Footage   (07.06.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
Check it out…
Concept of Robin Shown Off for Arkham City   (06.21.2011) - Adam Larck
Check it out inside.
Arkham City Pre-Order Features Robin   (06.13.2011) - Adam Larck
Available at Best Buy.
E3 2011: Batman Arkham City   (06.11.2011) - James Lewis
First Look: Batman is back in a brand new adventure.
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