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Modern Warfare 3 Elite Premium Getting More Maps Today   (06.19.2012) - Dan Watson
Find out what the maps are inside...
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Getting New Mode on Xbox 360   (05.10.2012) - Dan Watson
New Mode launches on May 15 with maps included
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC Dated for PC   (04.29.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
When can PC users get it?
Modern Warfare 3 Sales Behind Black Ops   (04.17.2012) - Adam Larck
Down about 4.2 percent according to analyst.
Modern Warfare 3 Still Tops Feb. NPD   (03.09.2012) - Adam Larck
Hardware and software sales down from 2011.
MW3 Content Collection 1 On XBLA March 20   (03.01.2012) - Adam Larck
Will include four maps, two Spec Ops missions.
New Call of Duty: MW3 Multiplayer Maps for Elite Members This Month   (02.20.2012) - Jeffrey Harris
Activision drops new maps for the Elite premium members for the nine month content season starting later this month.
New MW3 DLC For Xbox 360 Elite Members Coming February 21st.   (02.09.2012) - David Porter
New map will be on top of a skyscraper.
Modern Warfare 3 Elite DLC Calendar Released   (01.25.2012) - David Porter
Calendar gives information on content every month through September.
Details of Modern Warfare 3\'s DLC Plan Revealed   (01.10.2012) - Todd Vote
The plans and a trailer for the Killing Fields.
First Screenshot From Modern Warfare 3\'s DLC   (12.22.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
Check out the first picture...
First Modern Warfare 3 DLC Coming Jan. 24   (12.21.2011) - Adam Larck
Will be on 360 first for Elite subscribers.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition (PS3) Review (0.0)   (12.19.2011) - Jeffrey Harris
World War 3 has begun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. 411mania.com takes a look at the special Hardened Edition for the PlayStation 3. This is the full review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Hardened Edition.
New Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Modes Added   (12.18.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
Via community playlists...
Modern Warfare 3 Reaches $1 Billion Milestone   (12.12.2011) - Adam Larck
Was reached within 16 days of launch.
Call of Duty Maker Gets Teabagged at VGA   (12.11.2011) - Adam Larck
See the video inside.
One Million Paying for Call of Duty Elite   (11.22.2011) - Adam Larck
1.4 million played the game on launch.
1600+ Users Affected By Modern Warfare 3 Bans   (11.22.2011) - David Porter
Cheaters never prosper.
Modern Warfare 3 Breaks Five-Day Sales Record   (11.17.2011) - Adam Larck
Sales now topping $775 million.
Activision Donates $3 Million To Call Of Duty Endowment   (11.11.2011) - David Porter
A very special donation for Veteran\'s Day.
Modern Warfare 3 Has Biggest Day-One Ever   (11.11.2011) - Adam Larck
Sells 6.5 million.
Call of Duty Elite Founders Getting Free Month   (11.10.2011) - Adam Larck
Service still facing problems.
Call of Duty Elite Experiencing Problems   (11.08.2011) - Adam Larck
Capacity trying to be increased.
Modern Warfare Pre-Orders Near 9 Million   (11.08.2011) - Adam Larck
According to analyst, that is.
Promo for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Online   (11.07.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
Starring Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill...
6K Copies of Modern Warfare 3 Stolen   (11.07.2011) - Adam Larck
French delivery truck gets hijacked.
PC Call of Duty Elite Delayed   (11.04.2011) - Adam Larck
Developer notes it is an \'insecure platform.\'
New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Trailer   (11.03.2011) - Jeremy Thomas
Check out the social experience trailer...
Multiplayer Modes Shown Off for Modern Warfare 3   (11.02.2011) - Adam Larck
Check them out inside.
Modern Warfare 3\'s Dedicated PC Servers Unranked   (10.24.2011) - Adam Larck
Admin can control unlocks.
Modern Warfare 3 Gets Launch Trailer   (10.22.2011) - Adam Larck
Check it out inside.
Modern Warfare 3 Strike Packages Trailer   (10.21.2011) - Todd Vote
Click on to see how they work.
Nielsen Lists Most Anticipated Games Of The Holiday Season   (10.03.2011) - David Porter
Modern Warfare 3 tops the list.
Modern Warfare 3 Getting No Prestige Edition   (09.19.2011) - Adam Larck
Only special edition will be Hardened.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360) Preview   (09.07.2011) - Jeffrey Harris
Hands On: Modern Warfare 3, one of the most highly-anticipated games of the year, is set to release on November 8th! But how is Activision\'s latest looking so far? 411\'s Jeffrey Harris checks in with his full hands-on preview!
Analyst Expects Big Numbers for Call of Duty Elite   (09.06.2011) - Adam Larck
Expects program to generate over $50 million in revenues.
[VIDEO] Call of Duty: Find Makarov Operation Kingfish   (09.05.2011) - Jeffrey Harris
The Call of Duty: Operation Kingfish video debuted at Call of Duty: XP. Get a look at it here.
OpTic Gaming Wins Big at Call of Duty XP Tournament   (09.05.2011) - Adam Larck
Group walks away with $400,000.
Modern Warfare 3 Gets Multiplayer Trailer   (09.02.2011) - Adam Larck
Check it out inside.
Modern Warfare 3\'s Hardened Edition Reportedly Revealed   (09.01.2011) - Adam Larck
See what it will contain inside.
Modern Warfare 3 Getting Dedicated Servers   (08.17.2011) - Adam Larck
Only coming to PC.
Call of Duty XP Reveals Ticket Sale Times   (07.14.2011) - Adam Larck
Event map also shown off.
Modern Warfare 3 Using Glitchers to test for Glitches   (07.13.2011) - Adam Larck
Trying to put \'multiplayer through its paces.\'
Modern Warfare 3 to Feature Color Blind Assist Option   (07.08.2011) - Todd Vote
So says Sledgehammer.
New Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Rumors Leak Out   (06.01.2011) - Adam Larck
Next entry reportedly losing nuke, gaining new killstreaks.
Call of Duty Elite Releasing Alongside Modern Warfare 3   (05.30.2011) - Adam Larck
Paid subscription will give stats, map packs.
First Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailer Released   (05.23.2011) - Adam Larck
Check it out for yourself inside.
GameStop Offering Modern Warfare 3 Posters   (05.17.2011) - Adam Larck
Pre-orders get tease of upcoming game.

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