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WWE 2K14 Gets Release Date   (05.13.2013) - Jeremy Thomas
When will the latest WWE game be released?
411 Games Fact or Fiction 02.21.13: New Vegas Sequel, Starcraft 2, PS4 controller, and More   (02.21.2013) - Daniel Anderson
Is the new PS4 controller a positive step for Sony? Are we excited for Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty? Is it disappointing that Yukes is still making WWE\'s video games? 411’s Adam Larck and Gavin Napier debate these topics and more in this week’s Fact or Fiction: Games!
411 Games Fact or Fiction 01.31.13: THQ Memorial Edition   (01.31.2013) - Daniel Anderson
Will 2K Sports license AKI\'s engine for their WWE game? Are we surprised Vigil did not sell during the THQ auction? Is it surprising that Sega bought Relic? 411’s Adam Larck and Gavin Napier debate these topics and more in this week’s Fact or Fiction: Games!
WWE Video Game Partner THQ to be Auctioned Off January 22nd   (01.08.2013) - Larry Csonka
Details inside…
More Bad News For WWE Regarding The THQ Bankruptcy   (01.05.2013) - Larry Csonka
More details on the situation….
[VIDEO] Check Out The Entrance And Finisher Videos For Final WWE 13 DLC Pack   (01.05.2013) - Joseph Lee
You\'re welcome in five languages...
WWE \'13 Makes ESPN \"Best Of 2012\" List   (12.27.2012) - Joseph Lee
For Best New Feature...
UPDATED: WWE Video Game Partner THQ Files For Bankruptcy   (12.19.2012) - Larry Csonka
WWE issues a statement...
Update On WWE 13\'s Sales   (12.13.2012) - Joseph Lee
How is the latest wrestling game doing?
New DLC Content for WWE \'13 Now Available   (12.04.2012) - Larry Csonka
Ryback, Tensai and more available…
Average Gamer 12.4.12: Top 5 Fighting Game of 2012   (12.04.2012) - Dan Watson
From WWE ’13 and Tekken Tag to UFC Undisputed and Street Fighter X Tekken, 411\'s Dan Watson takes a look at the top fighting games of 2012.
411 Games Top 5 11.30.12: Top 5 Holiday Gamer Gift Ideas   (11.30.2012) - Sean Garmer
From WWE \'13 and the Nintendo Wii U to Far Cry 3, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Halo 4 and more, the 411 staff takes a look at the top 5 holiday gamer gift ideas for 2012!
[VIDEO] Steve Austin Congratulates WWE Games   (11.25.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
For its Facebook success...
Want A Guide On How To Get Unlockables In WWE \'13?   (11.16.2012) - Joseph Lee
Now\'s your chance...
WWE 13 (Xbox 360 & PS3) Review (0.0)   (11.12.2012) - Sean Garmer
THQ brings back the Attitude Era as their story mode does it make you want to say Hell Yeah or Hell No? Come read on to find out.
THQ Releases Patch For WWE \'13   (11.08.2012) - Joseph Lee
Fixing several issues...
[VIDEO] Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett Play WWE 13   (11.06.2012) - Larry Csonka
Another video for the game…
THQ Reportedly in Trouble   (11.05.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Right after releasing WWE \'13...
[VIDEO] CM Punk, Sheamus, AJ Lee and Others Discuss WWE 13   (10.30.2012) - Larry Csonka
The game is out today!
The Average Gamer 10.30.2012 Holiday Buying Guide Part I Edition   (10.30.2012) - Dan Watson
With the holidays around the corner, Dan Watson, takes a look at the holiday shopping season for a gamer.
Paul Heyman Calls Attitude Era Feature in WWE \'13 Disrespectful   (10.28.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Plus CM Punk speaks on his impressions of the game...
New WWE \'13 \'Inside the Ring\' Video   (10.26.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Showing off Daniel Bryan vs. X-Pac...
THQ Announces New WWE \'13 Promotion   (10.24.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
In support of their new Facebook app...
The Latest Details on WWE 13, Game Modes, Paul Heyman’s Involvement, More   (10.23.2012) - Larry Csonka
More on the game…
AJ Lee Discusses WWE \'13   (10.22.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
AJ talks to Inside Gaming...
[VIDEO] Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks WWE 13, CM Punk and The Attitude Era   (10.19.2012) - Joseph Lee
The game comes out October 30...
Overall Attribute Scores For Every Superstar and Legend in WWE 13   (10.17.2012) - Larry Csonka
Guess who is at the top?
411 Games Fact or Fiction 10.09.12: NBA Live 13, WWE 13, Assassin\'s Creed 3, and More   (10.09.2012) - Daniel Anderson
Will the arena build feature be a bigger attraction than the Attitude era roster in WWE 13? Will you get an Assassin\'s Creed 3 Season Pass? Are you suprised NBA Live 13 was canceled? 411\'s Sean Garmer and Gavin Napier debate these questions and more!
[VIDEO] A Look at Universe Mode on WWE 13   (10.08.2012) - Larry Csonka
Take a look…
New Trailer and Screenshots for WWE \'13   (10.03.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Check out more about the announced DLC...
WWE 13 Adds Pillman, Cesaro, Rikishi and More as DLC   (10.03.2012) - Larry Csonka
Check out who will all be available…
Paul Bearer & Ricardo Rodriguez Added to WWE \'13   (10.02.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Plus Paul talks about who\'s better than John Cena and more...
[VIDEO] New WWE 13 TV Ad Featuring CM Punk   (10.01.2012) - Larry Csonka
Take a look…
First Part of WWE \'13 SummerSlam Panel With CM Punk and Steve Austin Online   (09.26.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Plus Mike Tyson, Dolph Ziggler and AJ...
New Trailer for WWE \'13 Shows Off DX   (09.24.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Are you ready?
[VIDEO] The Rock’s Storyline in WWE 13   (09.17.2012) - Larry Csonka
Do you smell what the Rock is cookin?
Listing of User Achievements in WWE 13   (09.10.2012) - Larry Csonka
Check them out...
[VIDEO] WWE \'13 Video Featuring Mike Tyson   (09.04.2012) - Ashish
Tyson talks WWE \'13 and the Attitude Era...
411 Games Fact or Fiction 08.28.12: GTA V, Diablo 3, Ubisoft, and More   (08.28.2012) - Daniel Anderson
Should WWE ‘13 have focused more on gameplay issues instead of just having a large Attitude Era roster? Is Rockstar making a mistake not releasing a release date for GTA V? Will you play Plants vs Zombies 2? 411\'s Stephen Randle and Todd Vote debate these questions and more!
[VIDEO] WWE \'13 Attitude Era Trailer   (08.24.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
See what the game mode will be like...
WWE \'13 Roster Video Released   (08.20.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Check it out inside…
WWE \'13 Developer Q&A Online   (08.08.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Find out more about the Attitude Era gameplay…
[VIDEO] \"Austin 3:16\" Teaser Released For WWE 13   (07.16.2012) - Joseph Lee
A collector\'s edition...
Check Out Mike Tyson\'s WWE \'13 Character   (06.20.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Giving the D-X salute…
WWE \'13 Release Date Revealed   (06.05.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Coming this fall…
THQ Reveals How Breaking the Ring in WWE \'13 Works   (06.04.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
A la Big Show vs. Mark Henry or Lesnar…
WWE \'13 Roster Confirmed   (05.31.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
Including Mike Tyson…
WWE.com Reveals New Features for WWE \'13   (05.29.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
You can relive the Attitude Era and more…
WWE \'13 Trailer Gets Leaked   (05.25.2012) - Adam Larck
Check it out inside.
Sean Waltman Thinks He and Others Are Being Screwed On WWE \'13 Contracts   (02.29.2012) - Jeremy Thomas
The former X-Pac is upset that he\'s been lowballed...

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