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Listing of User Achievements in WWE 13
Posted by Larry Csonka on 09.10.2012

Credit: Mike Johnson and Pwinsider.com

- Here is the listing of achievements for the WWE 13 video game, which will be released on October 30th

A winner is you! (10 points) -10 victories in ranked matches.

The Streak Ends (50 points) - Beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania with a Custom Superstar on Legend difficulty (single player).

King of the world (50 points) - Achieve the maximum rank on Xbox LIVE.

Gold standard (45 points) - Earn the WWE, WCW, and ECW Championship belts with a single Superstar.

Invincible man (40 points) - Win at least 20 matches on hard difficulty or higher (single player).

A man who wastes no opportunity (35 points) - Cash in a Money in the Bank and win using a Custom Superstar in WWE Universe (single player).

Established veteran (30 points) - Achieve the rank 10 on Xbox LIVE.

Berserker (25 points) - Break a total of 50 tables, ladders, and chairs by attacking with them (single player).

Mr. Money in the Bank (30 points) - Win Money in the Bank using a Custom Superstar in WWE Universe mode (single player).

Comeback! (20 points) - Successfully perform a Comeback Move (single player).

A once in a lifetime event (20 points) - Appear in WrestleMania using a Custom Superstar in WWE Universe (single player)

A winning combination! (25 points) - Use a wake-up taunt, land a Finisher and immediately pin your opponent (single player).

One of history's greats (25 points) - Exhibition (Legend difficulty) - Defeat a Superstar with his Attitude Era version (single player).

I just keep evolving! (20 points) - Exhibition (Legend difficulty) - With a Superstar, defeat his Attitude Era version (single player).

A legend begins (20 points) - Win at least one match on Hard difficulty or higher (single player).

Fighting smart (15 points) - Exhibition - Attack the same body part 10 or more times in a single match (single player).

Negotiatior (15 points) - Exhibition - Force an opponent to quit in an "I Quit" Match (single player).

All original baby! (15 points) - Compete as a Custom Superstar in a Custom Arena for a Custom Championship.

The ring is my home! (15 points) - Play a match in an arena created in Create an Arena mode.

Rising star (20 points) - Achieve the rank 5 on Xbox LIVE.

Made-up original story (15 points) - Create a story including a Custom Superstar or a Custom Arena.

Yes! Yes! Yes! (10 points) - Defeat Sheamus with Daniel Bryan (single player, Exhibition Mode only).

Reached the ropes! (10 points) - Crawl to the ropes during a submission (Single Player).

A Superstar is born! (10 points) - Win a match using a Custom Superstar in WWE Universe mode (single player).

Arena designer (10 points) - Create an arena in Create an Arena mode.

Check out my Entrance Video! (10 points) - Create an entrance movie in Create an Entrance mode

Paint tool magician (10 points) - Use the paint tool to create and add an original logo to any original creation.

This is special! (10 points) - Create a front, top-rope, and corner special move.

The champ is here! (10 points) - Create an original championship belt in the Championship Editor.

Create and destroy (15 points) - Exhibition (Title Match) - Attack your opponent with a custom belt (single player).

Awesome! (5 points) - Take a screenshot in Create a Highlight mode.

A fresh beginning (5 points) - Play in an Xbox LIVE match (Player match/Ranked match)

Welcome to the creators' circle (5 points) - Your Community Creations content has been reviewed at least 5 times.

Critic (5 points) - Review 5 or more user-created content items in Community Creations.


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