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New Images And Details For Batman: Arkham Origins
Posted by Joseph Lee on 05.20.2013

Hero Complex has revealed six new images for Batman: Arkham Origins, as well as an interview with Senior Producer Ben Mattes which provides more details about the game.

The photos reveal how the Joker will look (voiced by Troy Baker), along with images of Anarky, filling the role of The Riddler from the previous games. Bane is also in the game, and it's said he will be "more like the comics." Here are highlights:

On the new gameplay mechanic for investigating crimes: "Generally speaking, they follow the same core mechanics. You digitally re-create the crime scene, you identify the clues, you scan in the clues, which allows your cowl and bat computer to digitally recreate the events as they took place. You scrub through those events in order to find the key piece of information, in which you have to do that fast-forwarding and rewinding in order to understand how a piece of evidence went from one place to another. Then you need to go over there to scan the next piece of evidence in. It's not just follow the bread crumbs."

On where the story could go in sequels: "There's five years between ‘Arkham Origins' and ‘Arkham Asylum. There's a long arc where we can explore why this gadget doesn't exist here or there. We feel that was the right choice. We're ensuring players have the empowering Batman game play they're looking for with lots of opportunities to solve those narrative challenges along the way."

On why the game is a prequel: "That's the time in his career we loved, and we believe it dovetailed very appropriately with being a player in a video game — that feeling of raw empowerment that comes from knowing the people you're fighting in the world are scared of you. They are genuinely worried about what happens when you get your hands on them. That creates a very strong feeling of power that we want to put in the hands of the players. There's all sorts of fun things we can do with that," he continued. "When we introduce Bane to the mix — the big masked enemy — he can take that feeling of power away from you very quickly because of his physical size and his intelligence."

The game will be released for the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 25, 2013.

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