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Alien: Isolation Creative Lead Says They've Learned From Colonial Marines
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 01.27.2014

Alistair Hope, who is the creative lead on Alien: Isolation, recently spoke about the game's development and more. Check out the highlights:

On their goal with the game: "We are big fans of horror games and big franchises like Resident Evil and Dead Space, particularly the earlier games. But the guys behind those titles probably felt they were only a couple of degrees off being the next Gears of War, so there was an opportunity for them to try that out. And that was their direction. We wanted to deliver on that Ridley Scott Alien, that enormous, incredible creature that I was adamant would look down on the player and you couldn't just sprint past. A monster that didn't have to be a bullet sponge at the end of the barrel of your gun."

On making the alien a greater threat: "Before we had anything on screen, I remember asking the guys: ‘We are going to release Ridley Scott's Alien in the room. What are you going to do?' We then started having fun conversations about crouching down behind the desk, making sure it couldn't see us, and then working out how to reach the fire exit. That basic idea we felt would be amazing to experience. So a couple of us put together a tech demo in the space of about six weeks. It was mainly for us to work out what we are trying to do. But it became a mood piece, in which the climax was this enormous Alien coming down before the player. It was the wow moment we wanted to achieve, something truly unique. And thankfully everyone we showed it to agreed and got very excited."

On the failure of Aliens: Colonial Marines: "When Colonial Marines was released, we weren't completely cut-off, we were aware of some of the comments… And a lot of people were saying: ‘Can we have a survival horror Aliens game?' That was the plus for the team here and we really wanted to tell the world at the time that this is what we are doing. You saw that there is a very vociferous, passionate and intelligent fanbase out there that really loves this franchise. That's why everyone on the team has a massive smile on their face, because we've seen since the announcement that people are responding really, really well to what we are proposing."

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