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EA Sports Team Talks Detail Put Into EA Sports UFC
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 03.26.2014

MMAjunkie recently interviewed the development team for EA Sports upcoming EA Sports UFC game. Below are some highlights.

Technical art director Richard Burgess-Dawson on the game characters looking natural and lifelike: "In a lot of video games, the characters look like action figures. For this, we've tried to pay so much attention to detail that we don't even want players to notice the characters. We want this game to feel so natural that absolutely nothing comes into question."

Art director Jenny Freeman on their efforts to make this the most realistic UFC game ever: "The efforts we've gone through to make this the most realistic UFC game ever were extraordinary. You can see blemishes in the skin, wrinkles in the face and all the ridges in the skin. It's got that feel that you can almost reach into the screen and feel the texture of it all."

Creative director Brian Hayes on the game being an all-new game written from scratch: "From a technological standpoint it's all new from scratch. Not having any code that we built from the past has really allowed us to focus on making this a next-gen experience. All our stuff is brand new from scratch – the latest and greatest."

Hayes on how you apply submission moves in the game: "It's not as easy as pressing a button and you have it all the way locked into an armbar. There is securing the arm, breaking away from the body, proper positioning of the legs – we tried to bring all that to the forefront. We want to bring everything to life in the game. A lot of people love jiu-jitsu for the battle, the chess match. There is stuff that brings that to life, stuff that comes out in this game where you can see the battle happening."

Hayes on individualizing fighters' gameplay: "If you're a guy like Pat Barry, you want to do everything possible to avoid the ground because just like in real life, that's not where he wants to be. If you get taken down you want to get up as quickly as possible, because once the submission game starts you'll be at a distinct disadvantage."

Burgess-Dawson on creating the characters surrounding the Octagon: "We have 100 guys, and then all the stuff right around the octagon. We have the crowd, the octagon girls, the commentators and all the rest that we want to have look authentic. We have these very detailed, highly recognizable characters. The guys around the octagon are actually reacting to what's going on in the fight. The cameramen are tracking the action. All that makes it much more natural."

Burgess-Dawson on how they used the hardware for the game: "As a game developer in general, I'm excited how we've used this hardware for the game. It'll show we not only have the character likeness, but when you press play it keeps going. The number of PS3 games and Xbox 360 games that look great in screen shots and aren't the same in the game are limitless. For this, you won't ever break the illusion of a real UFC experience."

All 4 EA Sports UFC Screenshots


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