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Batman: Arkham Knight to Delve Into Bruce Wayne And His Allies
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 06.30.2014

Batman: Arkham Knight producer Dax Ginn spoke with AusGamers about the upcoming game and working with DC on the project. Check out the highlights:

On working with DC on the game: "There's a lot of back and forth with DC, because those guys just have the final say and the first point of creative inspiration for so much of the stuff that we do. Whether it's the layout of Gotham City itself, the location of key locations, designing the Arkham Knight, we're in daily contact talking about the creative directions and the creative license that we can take with things."

On the game taking a closer look at Bruce Wayne's lifestyle, including a new location: "Areas like the penthouse at the top of Wayne Tower which is Bruce Wayne's private office that was something that we feel is a space that hasn't been deeply explored, so that we could design the location of where the Bat Pod goes, for his change of clothes from his suit into the Bat Suit. We put a massive bar in there, because he's always entertaining. So little things like that, that fit the way that we've interpreted Bruce Wayne. It's awesome for us to just let loose and really come up with a creative space that we feel is true to the Arkham experience, but also true to Batman."

On the game's themes and supporting characters: "We delve deep in terms of characters and characterization, because a Batman game isn't complete with that sense of real depth in terms of the villains that you come up against, but also the allies and the support that Batman has. So delving deeply into the relationship between Commissioner Gordon, his daughter Barbara thinking about the connection that Batman has with these people that he loves was a really big part of it. Those characters have been part of the Batman Universe for so long, but we, in the telling of this part of the story, wanted to ask ourselves: what happens when Batman goes to war? What happens when the people that he loves start to pay the price for the decisions that he makes about his war on crime?"

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