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The Digital Pulse 07.17.06   (07.17.2006)  - Joshua Richey

We open the Games section in style! Microsoft has an MP3 Player, UMD's aren't selling, and several game licenses change hands. Plus we have ourselves some revealing pictures of Morgan Webb.
The Select and Start News Report 07.18.06   (07.18.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

Consumers hate Sony's pricing. Sony hates black people. Everybody hates Take-Two. Europe loves Nintendo DS.
News From Bitopia 07.20.06   (07.20.2006)  - Caleb Newby

Mario likes it on top, Neverwinter Nights 2 gets delayed, Hitman is on the rebound, and some unexpected thoughts on the Final Fantasy series (Cloud rules all). Just one click and you can be a part of the debut of Bitopia!
The Digital Pulse 07.24.06   (07.24.2006)  - Joshua Richey

The PS3 goes into production, Microsoft confirms the Zune, and Germany doesn't like you killing Zombies.
The Select and Start News Report 07.25.06   (07.25.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

David Jaffe tries making pure gameplay experiences. Cartoon Network tries MMO gaming. Activision tries to impersonate Take-Two and EA in a bad way. And more.
News from Bitopia 07.27.06   (07.27.2006)  - Caleb Newby

Sony sucks, Blex was ahead of his time, NCAA football rules all until Madden hits the shelves, and GTA: Wilmington, Delaware?
The Select and Start News Report 08.01.06   (08.01.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

What does Mario really think of the PS3? Is there anything he actually hates? And does Wario have any real relation to Waluigi? Find out!
News from Bitopia 08.03.06   (08.03.2006)  - Caleb Newby

Why you should play Suikoden (except 4), Blizzard lays the smacketh down, government doesn't want you kids playing GTA anymore, and much more.
The Digital Pulse 08.07.06   (08.07.2006)  - Joshua Richey

Is E3 dead? What developers aren't touching the PS3? What is Microsoft's answer to the PS3 launch? Can I make a successful teaser by just asking multiple questions?
News from Bitopia 08.10.06   (08.10.2006)  - Caleb Newby

We've got news on the Halo movie, the Wii's possible price at launch and more! Plus, I've discovered the Guitar Hero addiction.
The Casual Gamer News Report 08.11.06   (08.11.2006)  - Steven Masters

The Wii-tastic debut edition.
The Digital Pulse 08.14.06   (08.14.2006)  - Joshua Richey

Is there a more enjoyable word to pronounce than Wii? No.
The Select and Start News Report 08.15.06   (08.15.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

What will be the next big gaming event? Who will make the next best Xbox 360 game? Who's the next company messing with stock options?
News from Bitopia 08.17.06   (08.17.2006)  - Caleb Newby

Console news galore including a rumored price on the Wii in Japan! Also inside I try to stay positive (and fail) much like Tommy towards Sony. Cross your fingers that Steven will be optimistic come Friday.
The Casual Gamer News Report 08.18.06   (08.18.2006)  - Steven Masters

Trekkies rejoice, Sierra rules, and WiiConnect in this slow week in...GAMING.
The Digital Pulse 08.21.06   (08.21.2006)  - Joshua Richey

Madden Mania, EA gets Unreal, and Snakes on a Plane!
The Select and Start News Report 08.22.06   (08.22.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

If no one is going to be optimistic about Sony, I will! So what if the PS3 isn't manufacturing yet? That's actually GOOD for YOU!
News From Bitopia 08.24.06   (08.24.2006)  - Caleb Newby

Come in for the latest Wii pricing news, stay for the Guitar Hero 2 updates. This slow news period can't last forever and it's slowly starting to break! And you'd never believe it but Sony might get some good buzz for a couple days.
The Casual Gamer News Report 08.25.06   (08.25.2006)  - Steven Masters

Brought to you by motherf*ckin snakes on a motherf*ckin plane!
The Digital Pulse 08.28.06   (08.28.2006)  - Shawn Struck

Oh my! Who is writing? SHAWN is writing? How can this be? Read all about it, along with Jack Thompson's latest legal defeat, a $10,000 video game scholarship and MORE, in the guest-hosted edition of the Digital Pulse News Report.
The Select and Start News Report 08.29.06   (08.29.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

A little something of everything this week. New Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer, why Nintendo are idiots, PS3 cures cancer, and everything is turning PINK!
News from Bitopia 08.31.06   (08.31.2006)  - Caleb Newby

We've got game news (how many copies of FFIII did Square sell in Japan?), system news (price changes to the 360?), and zombies! Some thoughts on what we learned from the Nintendo DS/Sony PSP battle and how that could impact the future of the Wii!
The Casual Gamer News Report 09.01.06   (09.01.2006)  - Damian Sarcuni

No HD for you one year, Timeshifters shifts, and Tecmo is going to, well…do..something….
The Select and Start News Report 09.05.06   (09.05.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

Jayne Hitchcock sucks at dealing with bullies. 3D Realms sucks at making games. I suck at reviewing games.
News From Bitopia 09.07.06   (09.07.2006)  - Caleb Newby

The PS3 launch faces turmoil, Japan continues to get the good deals on the 360, the shortest review of Hitman: Blood Money ever, and I finally beat Cowboys From Hell (ok, it was on hard). Now on to expert...
↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A (Start)   (09.09.2006)  - Shawn Struck

Half-Life is educational, EA shows some retro goodness, and zombies, zombies, zombies! Plus, how YOU, dear reader can contribute to this column. All this and more in the very first edition of ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A (Start)!
The Digital Pulse 09.11.06   (09.11.2006)  - Joshua Richey

Because nothing in life is better than making fun of other people!
The Select and Start News Report 09.12.06   (09.12.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

First it was fake gameplay. Then it was the $600 price. Then it was the Blu-Ray diode shortage. Now PS3 news have reached an all-time low.
News From Bitopia 09.14.06   (09.14.2006)  - Caleb Newby

More Sony controversy, PS3 game prices, and why you will never have to turn off your Wii. Somehow that sounds dirty and it wasn't even supposed to.
The Casual Gamer News Report 09.15.06   (09.15.2006)  - Steven Masters

After two weeks, 1200+ miles, three states, and a rabid turkey, the CGNR returns...Giant-Sized!
↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A (Start) News Report 09.16.06   (09.16.2006)  - Shawn Struck

This week's edition of ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A (Start) features Google possibly taking over the video game world, how to get a job in the video games industry, and it's only my scond column and I'm generating CONTROVERSY! I smell RATINGS~!
The Digital Pulse 09.18.06   (09.18.2006)  - Joshua Richey

Wii got you covered on all the Wii news this week. See what I did there? You liked that didn't you? Don't lie.
The Select and Start News Report: 09.19.06   (09.19.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

First it was the name. Then it was the Virtual Console. Then it was the Wiimote. Now Wii news has gotten to the part wii've been waiting for!
↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A (Start) News Report 09.23.06   (09.23.2006)  - Shawn Struck

Games as Art, No Pants For Security, and the Super Columbine RPG, plus the GREAT TITLE DEBATE CONTINUES.
The Select and Start News Report 09.26.06   (09.26.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

The Tokyo Game Show Special Edition of The Select and Start News Report
News From Bitopia 9.28.06   (09.28.2006)  - Caleb Newby

Bill Gates wants to thrash, Master Chief still sucks as a character, Doom invades the Xbox, and a trip down memory lane, courtesy of Sierra!
↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A (Start) 09.30.06   (09.30.2006)  - Shawn Struck

Pac-Man for fun and science, a reason to visit Hot Topic, and... my last Saturday column for 411 ever.
The Select and Start News Report 10.02.06   (10.02.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

Jack Thompson fantasy fights, Energy drinks based on drugs, and my secret plan to rule this site for today's new looking news report.
The Digital Pulse 10.03.06   (10.03.2006)  - Joshua Richey

The final edition of The Digital Pulse... for now.
The Code Games News Report 10.06.06   (10.06.2006)  - Shawn Struck

A reader of my column wins a free PS2 game, video games coming to a library near you, reader feedback, exclusive screen shots of my wife, and MORE.
The Select and Start News Report 10.09.06   (10.09.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

Senators who get it! Sony vs. Immersion continues! Final part of my CGI recap! And why Deal or No Deal is quite possibly the worst game show ever!
The Code Games News Report 10.13.06   (10.13.2006)  - Shawn Struck

Okami and God Hand developers are no more, Sam and Max RETURN, two new feature debuts and more in this edition of The Code.
The Select and Start News Report: 10.16.06   (10.16.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

Sony exec from Australia says dumbest things ever, Capcom closes another of it's studios, and I went to the DigtailLife expo for lots of game demos.
The Code Games News Report 10.21.06   (10.21.2006)  - Shawn Struck

Lots of ways to get free stuff, what makes the Wii Remote tick, and a giant Moogle stuffy.
The Select and Start News Report 10.23.06   (10.23.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

Sony and Microsoft point and laugh at each other, while both point and laugh at Nintendo, and I point and laugh at UK retail chain Currys.
The Code Games News Report 10.27.06   (10.27.2006)  - Shawn Struck

Lik-Sang vs. Sony, Strong Bad Appears in Guitar Hero II, MC Chris heckles Square Enix, and more in this week's The Code!
The Select and Start News Report: 10.30.06   (10.30.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

"Sony should be proud of having such a die-hard import gamers community rushing to buy their products and supporting them with a passion. Instead, they march all over us."
The Code Games News Report 11.03.06   (11.03.2006)  - Shawn Struck

PS3 Midnight Launch Details, A New Street Fighter Movie, Sony Helps Out Katrine Victims and more in this edition of The Code!
The Select and Start News Report: 11.06.06   (11.06.2006)  - Vincent Chiucchi

Wii launch titles, Mystery at Mansfield Manor, and why you shouldn't try stealing someones Steam account.
The Code Games News Report 11.10.06   (11.10.2006)  - Shawn Struck

Mario Bros. in Vice City, Real Life Guitar Heroes, Sonic The Hedgehog Protoype Unearthed, and more!
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