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PAX EAST 2011: Shoot Many Robots (XBLA, PSN) Preview
Posted by John De Large on 03.16.2011

I used to wish that more games were like Metal Slug 3 or Metal Slug in general. Fun, fast paced shooting action that let you feel like you're taking on the world (for just a quarter a pop!), but not without a sense of humor. The only thing missing from Metal Slug was the ability to freely change equipment at will and not die after being hit once or maybe even restore your own life.

That was before I discovered Shoot Many Robots. Job Stauffer from Demiurge (what up, playa?) hit me up on Facebook to let me know personally that this game was going to kick my ass, but only if I came and checked it out at PAX East.

As expected, he was right.

Shoot Many Robots puts you in control of Pickles Tugnut, also known as Walter. Walter can best be described as a bullet stockpiling hillbilly drunkard, also known as my kind of hero. When an army of maverick robots starts to mobilize and ring in the apocalypse, something inside Walter snaps and he decides to use his bullet cache for something else besides arts and crafts.

2 players local (4 players via online play) can engage in a Metal Slug-esque adventure, collecting bolts and nuts along the way. Nuts are divided between players, which leads to friendly competition. Players can equip a variety of weapons from machine guns, shotguns, rifles and handguns (all of which will have infinite ammo, a la Marco's Handgun from Metal Slug) to rocket launchers, grenade launchers, chain guns and lots more than I haven't even seen yet.

If you want more equip-able items, you're in luck! Walter can be equipped wearing seemingly ordinary things that will actually have an effect on how he performs against the malevolent machines. For example, if players decide they want a serious version Walter and they slap a soldier's helmet on him; he'll become more adept at using machine guns. Another example, gym pants let players slide while wearing a tutu into battle improves mobility. Weird.

Using Walter's RV (which also serves as home base for both Walter and the player) players can visit stages in a linear order, but also backtrack freely a la Super Mario Bros. 3. Just like Mario 3, bosses like FatBoy (depicted below) await players at the end of levels.

And if cutting FatBoy down to an appropriate portable nut based size is too easy for players there is one more mode that will appeal to experienced gamers: Survival Mode.

"But JDL, I've played Survival Modes in other games before! How hard can this be?!"

Really damn hard, smart guy! Players are required to survive 6 waves of robots, which is a lot more than it sounds like. Job and company explained that only one duo of gamers cleared Survival Mode at all for all 3 days of PAX East. When me and another journalist teamed up to take on the horde and made it to the 4th Wave, the Demiurge guys were so impressed that they all called each other to go "Holy crap, they got to Level 4!" "Level 4?! WTF?!" It was pretty intense.

THE 411
Shoot Many Robots is fackeen oresum. SMR is like if Metal Slug and Borderlands had a baby and let their kid play Mario 3 all day long. If you loved any of those games that I just mentioned or you're looking for something else to shoot besides zombies, then you need to Shoot Many Robots.

No release date announced yet, but I'll be sure to let everyone know when I hear something!


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