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PAX EAST 2011: Duke Nukem Forever (XBox360, PS3, PC) Preview
Posted by John De Large on 03.17.2011

While at PAX East, I grabbed some hands on time with Duke Nukem Forever. Did a 12 year hiatus stop his latest game from kicking a metric ton of ass? Hell no! The rather raunchy trailer for Duke Nukem includes violence, gore, one liners and personal assurance from the man himself that the game would be good after 12 years of development.

Once the trailer was done, I was able to actually get hands on time with Duke Nukem Forever, that way I can assure our readers that Duke Nukem Forever WILL be coming out and that this preview isn't a hoax. The game is coming and it will be excellent.

The graphics are much nicer looking than your common FPS, but then again Duke Nukem Forever isn't exactly THE common FPS experience. Once you've taken in a bunch of breathtaking sites and a minigame where you piss into a urinal (no, really), you're thrust into combat against an invading alien that is much bigger than Duke. Once you fell the alien with missiles, you can field goal the bastard's eye, through a nearby goalpost for some post fight fun.

After the first level was completed, I got to skip all the way to level 15, which involved driving a monster truck into aliens and into bridges, doing as much damage as possible. Once the car runs out of gas, it's up to Duke to settle the rest of the fight on foot. Using rocket launchers, railguns and a Shrink Ray Duke and I decimated some pesky porkchoppers in search for a can of gas that also involved some minecart action and squishing some big honking bugs. Once I laid waste to everything in sight and got back to Duke's ride, the demo ended, leaving me and my need for all things Duke Nukem satiated.

I had a fun time and I can confirm that gamers won't be disappointed with Duke's big return or these exclusive screenshots, courtesy of 2K Games:

You can settle the score and kick some alien ass on May 3rd 2011, when the game is released on the 360, PS3 and PC.

All 6 Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots


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