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E3 2011: UFC Undisputed 3 Preview
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 06.10.2011

Right before E3, the UFC and THQ announced their next videogame which looked to be a huge step up from UFC Undisputed 2010 especially since there was no UFC Undisputed 2011. That is UFC Undisputed 3. Unfortunately the game wasn't ready to have a hands on play demo version at E3, but the developers gave us a special look at the game at the UFC Theatre at E3.

So the new game will have all the seven current weight divisions of the UFC in the game including bantamweight and featherweight. This includes such former WEC guys as Urijah Faber and Scott Jorgsensen who now fight in the UFC. Graphics and details look amazing, and it looks like they even got Jorgensen's skin tone and various tattoos right. What else? Pride Fighting Championships will be in the game with Pride rules which includes head stomps, soccer kicks, and knees on the ground. We got to finally see some video of the in-game fighters utilizing the Pride rules and strikes which is awesome. Now, there was no confirmation on if we will or will not see Strikeforce fighters currently under contract with ZUFFA as well as other Pride legends. My guess is we will mostly be seeing Pride fighters that are still under contract with ZUFFA or Pride fighters that have friendly relations with ZUFFA and are not under contract with other videogame organizations.

So to clarify the Pride and UFC type fights will all be separate. You can only have Pride fights with Pride rules in the ring and not the Octagon. So don't expect to be able to customize the rule settings and set up Pride fighting and striking rules inside the UFC cage. UFC Undisputed 3 will also boast two control set-ups. There will be a more expert controls setting and a new amateur control settings. The new beginner control settings will have a simpler set of controls for certain things such as submissions. You don't need to do quarter-circle on this control scheme but tap the controller analog stick up or down. More new features include ring entrances for all the fighters. So fighters can now enter to the cage or ring. In addition, gamers will be able to customize ring entrances and even entrance songs with pre-loaded music. That I think is pretty cool, and I hope King Mo can make it into the game with all the King Mo girls.

I'm really excited. This looks to be like the best and most immersive UFC game yet. It looks like they really took the criticisms of the last two games and are really stepping their game up at THQ. Pride fighting looks amazing and I even like the idea of a secondary control set up as well. The game is currently set for release in January 2012 on XBox 360 and PS3.

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